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  1. Iceland is still doing way better than the UK on pretty much any indicator UN Human Development Index Ranking 2011 Norway No 1, Sweden No 10, Iceland No 14, Denmark No 16, Finland No 22, UK No 28 (just below the Czech Republic and just above Greece!) http://hdr.undp.org/en/statistics/ OECD stats 2012 Total Government Debt as % of GDP Norway 26.1% Sweden 33.8% Denmark 39.6% Finland 41.7% Iceland 81.3% UK 85.5% Higher debt than 'bankrupt' Iceland (and note Iceland's employment rate) Employment rate Population aged 15-64, Q1 2012 Iceland 78.3% Norway 75.8% Sweden 74.2% Denmark 73.1% Finland 69.4% UK 69.5% (last equal) http://stats.oecd.org/ State pension – Replacement Rate for average earners (State + mandatory private) Norway 60.3% Sweden 53.6% Denmark 89.8% Finland 65.2% Iceland 101.1% UK 37.4% OECD Average 67.6% http://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/docserver/download/fulltext/8111011ec019.pdf?expires=1347793346&id=id&accname=guest&checksum=78E9CBE1508F81C940E29B70E8583D3E
  2. http://brightgreenscotland.org/index.php/2011/08/alienation-jimmy-reid/
  3. Which brings wis neatly back to the huge renewable energy resource available. http://www.wired.com/autopia/2012/03/new-diesel-electric-hybrid-ferries-are-a-seagoing-first/
  4. Shetland has a Central Belt problem. not the central belt of mainland Scotland, but the central belt of Shetland. All of the arguments aimed at reducing 'excessive' ferry costs in Shetland, can be applied to the Aberdeen/Lerwick route. Want to go there? National Objectives in Providing Support to Ferry Services 33. “To focus government and public services on creating a more successful country, with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish, through increasing sustainable economic growth.†Like it says: ALL of Scotland. ALL. Shetland.http://www.transportscotland.gov.uk/files/documents/water/ferries/Scottish_Ferries_Review_Consultation_Document.pdf
  5. "Onshore wind industry provided around 8,600 jobs and was worth £548m to the UK economy in 2011" http://www.bwea.com/media/news/articles/pr20120507.pdf
  6. more likely just the civil servants having time to actually get some work done, when the ministers were off their backs and away round the doors! so yes, coincidence.
  7. Remains to be see how 'International Entirety' do. As a regular user I just didn't like Northlink - e.g Hjaltland where they removed the couches (which the cabinless could get a sleep on) and replaced them with unsleepable on chairs. The old Clair had a deck out back that you could sit on in the shelter, all teary eyed, watching the old rock disappear. And the toories could enjoy similar facilities to observe assorted inedible and offensive seabirds desporting themselves AND Tavish Scott should be constantly reminded who was Transport minister in Holyrood when the boats with not enough cabins were specced. Still think the boats should go to Rosyth, that you can actually get in to if there's a bit of swell.
  8. Easy one: SNP want to bury the news that they've dumped the Scottish Calmac/RBoS venture known as Northlink and given the contract the a UK company that has it's finger in many UK pies across the UK....did I mention the UK? Key word there.... And who also has contracts at Faslane...which is rather 'awkward', nay, an embarrassing situation for a political party that wants Faslane closed down. Stuff like that won't go down well with 'Braveheart' voters who prefer romantic pish and myth to political, business and economic reality. They'd choke on their Irn Bru and Tunnocks at the thought of any business going to what they'd see as an 'English' company. What better day to do it than when all eyes are on election results? Dimwits - no political administration directly controls procurement. There are rules to prevent that sort of thing. For very good reasons.
  9. just when you think you're the stupidost guy alive along comes Popped-up corn and proves the opposote. thaunks!
  10. Focus on the timescale. 10,000 years to develop civilisation; 200 to develop industrial civilisation. The heating and cooling periods you refer to are on a much longer timescale, in response to natural forcings (Milankovich, volcano storms). The PETM was a natural event, with methane clathadrates as best guess for proximate cause. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleocene%E2%80%93Eocene_Thermal_Maximum http://www.skepticalscience.com/co2-rising-ten-times-faster-than-petm-extinction.html Mass extinction? significant (by which I mean beyond our capacity to keep building more piers further up the hill) sea level rise? Do we feel lucky? well, Punk, do we? and don't slag WIKI. it's not influenced by academic greasy pole climbing brown nosers.
  11. "Higher gas prices have been the main driver of increasing energy bills over the last eight years." http://www.ofgem.gov.uk/Media/FactSheets/Documents1/Why%20are%20energy%20prices%20rising_factsheet_108.pdf even if you are illiterate and innumerate and can't understand that the overwhelming scientific evidence is that burning fossil fuels is going to result in the end of a stable climate - the price of fossil fuels is headed in one direction only. UP. the cost of the fuel source for renewable energy will remain at current rates - free!
  12. a 1% local temperature increase ANYWHERE in Shetland can only be a good thing.
  13. Ah, Donald, wir Donald http://asairfecht.blogspot.co.uk/ and CATS chose this guy for their backer. Oh right.
  14. Ian Tinkler quoting the Daily Mail - that's your SOURCE???? Jesus on a bike. http://scottishroundup.co.uk/2012/04/29/donald-where%E2%80%99s-yer-turbines/ love the cartoons!
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