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  1. We do not have a Post Office on Papa Stour, and our Postal service is often delivered by unknown volunteers, or our post is left on the pier in an unlocked box while the postman goes to the mainland , leaving the post unattended. Many letters just never arrive.
  2. The human brain can work out faster than a calculator. Just needs developing !!
  3. The Police could ask the Teachers in the schools to check the handwriting of the students, and start to narrow the search.
  4. Prof Latham as a teacher. What was his specialist subject as a teacher?
  5. Names have been changed to protect identity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43OFjvTiNDg
  6. The children of Skerries have spoken without parents or council workers around to the BBC Shetland reporter (Mike) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/scotland/10509305/Tiny-island-community-fights-to-save-Britains-smallest-secondary-school.html They also voted to keep the school open when the SIC closed all the other schools because of the weather forecast. They obviously value their school and love it.
  7. Closing Skerries School that is delivering an excellent education, and saving no money. This could only happen in Shetland??
  8. Looks like all the Skerries houses are about to drop in value. What a way to treat a hard working community? £5.5 million to the Shetland economy. Biggest laugh is the SIC will save the Tax payer NOTHING by closing the Skerries Secondary as the teacher educates both Primary and Secondary. Saving what saving?
  9. Today is the right day for closing schools!!
  10. We are all in the Lerwick catchment area these days LOL Correction on previous postings My ex neighbour purchased his croft for £220,000 and sold it for £54100. Lost £166,000 approx.
  11. Many of the Rural community in Shetland are not only remote, but fragile and vulnerable,many know how expensive living in the remoter Islands, never mind children being educated in the same age group.( this does not improve their education) One of the many biggest damage to a childs education is poverty. If the SIC cause poverty to the fragile community of the children,and especially the childs parents, grand parents etc this will be one of the biggest negative effects on the childrens education. A background of poverty effects a childs education more than being in the same age group. I believe closing a School like Skerries, Unst,Yell,or Whalsey, would effect the economics of these beautiful Islands as per the various socio economic reports indicate. I give you these research links that back these poverty findings http://www.esrc.ac.uk/news-and-events/features-casestudies/features/15263/The_gap_years_education_and_social_immobility.aspx End of the day we do not want these Islands ending up like St Kilda, or Papa Stour?
  12. I see the Skerries closure meeting is delayed because the first survey was not 100% accurate. Why should the Skerries folk have todo yet another survey that may be tampered. Send your views to Helen Budge or her email, yes that is a real incentive to share your views. The first lot of figures being published looked false. 101%? Skerries should be able to share their views knowing they will be heard and counted. This is about their school, community and all the long term causes and effect. Bottom line is they have genuine concerns that their views are not heard or counted. Can Skerries community trust sending their views to Helen Budge?
  13. Right now, the timing is wrong to commit to a new School. I appreciate the offer from the Scottish Gov of some funding, but it is still tax payers money, and right now Shetland can not afford or justify this new school. Yes it is good to reduce costs of running various SIC depts, but cutting the rural schools to the bone on a reason of finances, and then committing to another £40,000,0000 project. I am sure if you did ask most tax paying adults in Lerwick and children at Anderson High School they would suggest Status Quo should be the best and fairest outcome. Just wait until the finances are in order then you can really deliver a sustainable education for life.
  14. Disruptive works on the existing site is still better than over stretching the SIC to the cost of a new school. At the same time the SIC Education dept is wanting the budget cut by 3.286 million pounds over a medium term period. How can you ask for cuts to the Rural Education areas, and then justify a new school in Lerwick? Are the Anderson High School children under achieving in the current working environment? Is this old building doing the job?
  15. Shetland does not need another Anderson High School, what a waste of tax payers money. Shetland can not afford another school You can not justify this cost. Get real Shetland.
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