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  1. Anybody know where in Aberdeen city centre you can get a Shetland Times?
  2. Need a new suitcase, 4 wheeled, any recommendations?
  3. I heard that Moor Park is open again, is this true? Whats the set up, does it take pound coins?
  4. Any ideas of kick off times for parish cup games tomorrow? Also when and where is the inter county this year?
  5. Whin & whar is da inter coonty dis year?
  6. Any ideas when the semi's/final session will start after the break?
  7. Wha is da players tae watch fur baith sides?
  8. How did 'Shetland' do at Uttoxeter?
  9. Only issue that I have was that the electronic score board could have been bit higher up so that people at the back tables could see it clearly.
  10. Benair, they do the mail flights. My question: What ever happened to swine flu?
  11. Does anybody know when the Solotti's tearoom is closing down? It will be missed.
  12. Anidder chance tae catch yon da night at 11.30 on radio 4.
  13. He would have coped no problem with the whole England team tonight! The Shetland voting public who think that England would win overall may have got it wrong and the English FA may be about to regret the new contract that they have just given Capello. The South American teams seem to be playing the best so far, will be interesting to see how the 'top' European teams are going to cope with them.
  14. The World Cup starts in about a months time, who do you think will win? Its hard to look past Spain. I fancy Argentina to either do well or totally capitulate and have a stinker, its difficult to know with Maradona in charge. My outsiders that could progress past the group stage is Serbia and the Ivory Coast to be the best of the African nations. England anyone?
  15. Really enjoyed looking at the photos of Norway, brings back great memories of past visits to many of the same landmarks. Makes me want to go back again!
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