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  1. Good advice Fionajohn and please stop moaning milkyboy
  2. Just been told there are four or five travellers in Shetland looking to do roof work and any other odd jobs. They apparently give a cheap quote, do the work then demand a lot more money than quoted. Once the work is complete they escort you to the bank to get the catch. Spread the word!
  3. [***Mod edit - thread merged to existing parking issues thread***] I have just been looking at a thread on disabled parking abuse. Maybe a seperate thread may help with this. If you see an offending vehilce either on a disabled bay or double yellow then simply list it here. Time and Place Double or Disabled Make colour and registration number Maybe then something will be done by somebody
  4. let me know what you want to get rid of and I will give a price for dumping it. TEXT 07769173940
  5. Did hear that ICD Scrap Halauge pays the best rates for scrap in Shetland
  6. Been hearing through the grape vine that a few guys have come from south and been searching for scrap metals in Shetland. Also been told that they have been distracting people with a bit of patter while they steal the scrap from under their noses. Please don't get sucked in and keep using local scrap dealers (*mod edit - can anyone back this claim?*)
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