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  1. I see the ‘reclaim the raven’ bill was removed.. how petty! It really is time for female squads to be admitted. This ‘last bastion’ is becoming a bit of a joke, once you start to be seen as a joke then that really is the beginning of the end. It would be nice if the UHA committee were proactive, and stopped being viewed as Dinosaurs, and embraced the future. UHA is now live streamed around the world, do the UHA committee really want to come across as out of date old fogeys.
  2. I live ‘South’ I drive all over the UK and Europe, I like to think I am a considerate driver. On my visits to Shetland, family warn me about this junction, with good reason - it is a tricky one! I do think that it is people who are little used of driving on busy roads that cause the problems. This is not ‘having a go’ at drivers, just a plain statement of fact. If you only drive short distances on quiet rural roads most of the time then you will not always be aware of the faster conditions on some roads. We humans are creatures of habit, so it might be nice if all drivers along that bit of road remember that not everyone is as good and as fast a driver as they are. As always, a little kindness goes a long way.
  3. Firstly, anyone with a modicum of education would have a smattering of religious knowledge. Unless they had spent their formative years under a rock. Religious education is part of the curriculum. Your view is not modern. How lovely that your women ‘understand’ the meaning of equality. You must be so proud of them.
  4. Ahh...Decent Woman.. well, there is a biblical reference if ever there was one! You truly do not see that your view is outdated. If a woman does not agree with your point of view she is automatically a ‘ misandrist’. I comment as someone who has many men and boys in her life and loves and respects everything about them. Luckily for me, non of them share your very narrow and unpleasant opinion of females. In keeping with the topic, they, well the adult males, all think that the current pension rules are unfair and that a more relaxed staging would be better for all concerned.
  5. For one wild moment I thought you might actually have posted something without denigrating women, then I read your last sentence.. you just cant help yourself, can you! The old saying ‘ you are more to be pitied than scorned’ springs to mind. I agree with Sukibind, read your posts and ask yourself if you would like one of your own loved female relatives to read them and think that those remarks might be directed at them. It is easy to be vitriolic from the safety of a keyboard, perhaps you should ask yourself, would I post this to a loved female relative before you hit the post button.
  6. Life expectancy at age 65 years in the UK did not improve for males and females in 2015 to 2017 and remained at 18.6 years for males and 20.9 years for females. A woman can expect to to enjoy 2.3 years more in retirement, not 6 to 8! https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/lifeexpectancies/bulletins/nationallifetablesunitedkingdom/2015to2017
  7. For 40 years, since I started work at the age of 15 I was told I would retire at the age of 60. I paid my stamp, and all contributions - then 9 years ago, I was, without consultation, told my retirement age was now increased to 66. All my planning was worthless. I have been robbed of over £50,000. I have no problems with pension equality, but it should be something you are aware of, not to suddenly have the goal posts moved without giving you the chance to re-arrange your retirement plans. It is not a case of women whinging, but a real kick in the teeth. Also remember that women born in the 50s had no access to company pensions, and often lost out because they stayed at home to raise families. Plus employers would often refuse to employ married women - hard to believe nowadays! Do not look at this problem through 2019 specs!
  8. Its hard to believe its 12+ years since I joined Shetlink, its a great way to keep in touch with Da Auld Rock, we shetlanders might be living at all the 4 corners of the earth, but logging in to Shetlink feels like logging into home. Many thanks to all who keep it going. Long may it continue.
  9. Am I the only one to feel that this is a clssic Father Ted moment. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/newsbites/17069-damage-to-padlock
  10. I was told today, that the pet shop in the scrap store.. or Shetland Home Company.. had closed down. This was from someone who had been in the store and found it shut down. Can anyone confirm this.
  11. I think most people use their phones to post comments, and the small screen combined with auto correct probably has something to do with it.
  12. Just a note on getting to the airport... on the south mainland. A bus to a Town with railway conections 40 + mins. Waiting for train 10 to 30 mins, depending on how brave you are regarding traffic conditions. Train to London 2.15 to 3 hours. Tube to Major airport 1 hour... if you are lucky... usually more and often cancelled a few stops from the terminal. Taxi if you have been chucked off short of your destination.... add in the worry of making your flight alowing for security checks.... Or you drive, and hope for no hold ups, and pay a small fortune in parking charges, and congestion charges... Makes charges at Sumburgh seem small in comparison. No one likes paying parking fees, but compared to the rest of the UK, you are getting off lightly.
  13. Here is the link to the page in question. https://www.facebook.com/HomeFurnishingOfLerwick/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf If the woman had left something why not just say that an item was left in store, If you look at my 'confused' post you will see I only said they were implying she had done something wrong. You are the one using the word stolen in relation to the image. Last time I was in the store I was made to feel as if I was a shoplifter that is why I have never been back. I hope this post is not too confusing for you.
  14. How awful is this! Even by posting the image of this woman they are implying she has done something wrong. Last time I was in the shop I felt as if I was a criminal as I was watched and followed the whole time I was in there, and lets be honest.. there is nothing in that shop that anyone would be bothered to pinch. Needless to say, I have not darkened their doorstep since then. Is this what Shetland has become, or are the owners just a bit over zealous.
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