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  1. Transfer Deadline in the Works League?! Please tell me you are joking. It truely is a sad indictment of our game if a lad can't get a game in the works league due to such needless bureaucracy.
  2. In terms of 1st teams, there isn't a lot to choose between Whalsay, Spurs and Celtic. Where Whalsay have the edge is in terms of leaders and characters who can drag them through when things are going badly. This has been Spurs problem for years, and Celtic are very similar, with the loss of Webb increasing their problems as he was someone who they looked to when they were struggling. With Whalsay getting the Thomson brothers onboard, I think they should be considered clear favorites. All the other teams will be battling for 4th in my opinion, with Thistle and Whitedale best of the rest.
  3. Absolutely! Come off it Penfold, lighten up! On a serious note, I heard Josie Kay has been training with Scalloway as he is fed up with the 'Galactico' mentality at Spurs.
  4. So.... in order to win the 7 team Madrid cup, a team will have to play 8 matches?! Worth trying something different i suppose tho.
  5. Hahahaha, that's brilliant!!!! Great call Del!!
  6. Having watched plenty of shetland football since I moved here 4 years ago, I would have to say the best current strikers are Stuart Shearer and Jaime Wilson. It is rather strange how neither were in the county team that struggled to create anything against Orkney. Wilson would be classed top purely on his goalscoring over the past 4 years? I didn't see much of him this year but he always seems to be a real handful for defenders.
  7. That can't be true! If Jaime Wilson signs for Celtic they will be unstoppabble next year. They seemed a bit light in the striking department last season, with only really Aitken and Web getting goals so if they signed the best striker in the league they would win everything.
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