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  1. 20 odd years ago,i brought all mine with me...and glad I did. I prefer older stripped pine type stuff,and its hard to get here. i have bought settees on ebay,in Aberdeen,and had them shipped over with no problems. I think it depends on your taste/style.
  2. hi Layla, i moved here 21 years ago...it was the best thing I ever did!! please feel free to PM me if you have any questions...no matter what!
  3. my husband suffered from one an few months ago,we called out the GP who sent us into the hospital. We live 33 miles away,so calling an ambulance was not worthwhile (or appropriate). GP had given him a pain killing jab,so it wasn`t too bad.
  4. i have always had excellent service from George Robertsons. Your recourse is with the retailer who sold the microwave...assuming it is within the guarantee period. note what the sale of goods act says "The Sale of Goods Act offers protection against faulty goods even when the manufacturer's guarantee has run out. The act says goods must last a reasonable time - and that can be anything up to six years from the date of purchase."
  5. you were right hector`s house...it has re set itself.thanks
  6. Hector,thanks again...I did not know about re-profiling due to drop.
  7. thank you,that's useful to know. I don`t think an outage can change the IP profile though..speed yes...unless anyone knows differently.
  8. is there a BT open reach engineer on here sometimes? maybe he can explain why my IP profile has suddenly gone from 6.5 to 2.5...i am in ollaberry. BT will be getting a very long phone call on Thursday (no time tomorrow to make my way round the circle of hell!!)
  9. Then you have not studied nature much,most behaviours that humans have are present in animals (after all we are just mammals) such as homosexuality,bullying,murder etc My experience of people is that there are good and bad ones,it makes no difference to a person`s behavior even if they live by the bible. i have personally been conned by a prominent christian in shetland...so where was his "bible living"? I have also experienced ,over a lifetime,bad non believers...you see its bad people...nothing to do with any particular system,or not,of belief.
  10. I would love to hear your version of normal...do you know what every "normal" couple gets up to? i thought not..no such thing as "normal" for any of us. Yes everyone has the right to express their opinion...so we have the right to reply too. A gay dictatorship ? oh really? some of us support the gay community because we believe in equality and justice...not because we have been pressured in any way.
  11. Ghostrider,why do you characterise marriage as religious? on my brief reading round on the history of marriage,it appears to have been established for many reasons,economic,cultural,social...and yes religious...but not solely religious. In fact from an anthropological point of view,it appears the other way round,religion absorbed the practice. maybe they absorbed it too well,and we now can only associated with religious practices. People marry,or not, for many reasons. For most people I have encountered,even those that get married in church,it is for the idea of commitment. As you have stated,it does not always equal that..but hey ho,we all have good intentions.
  12. Its impossible for an MP to canvass on every issue that might come up. I wonder if he knows our views on horse meat,for instance. When we elect someone,we do so from a point that that person roughly is in accord with our views. No MP...even a christian one,is going to have exactly the same views as you. By all means,have a mini poll,I am not sure what you hope to achieve at this point. You could stand for parliament,if you feel that your views are under represented,or maybe start locally,like a councillor for example. There have been christian candidates for these positions recently,but they had very few votes...what does that tell us,do you think? i imagine that living on a tiny island,with a tiny population ensures that you are unlikely to encounter many other view points or life styles...which is a shame. I find hearing peoples stories,trying to empathise with them,understanding that we can`t all believe the same thing (including your view point) helps me try to be a better person. There was a man once,who said something about taking a speck out of one`s own eye first..... even though I think he did not exist....seems a good thing to do!!
  13. how does gay marriage undermine hetro marriage? no seriously,i don`t get it. When women got the vote,did that stop men voting...the ones that were anti womens voting? looking at records from the 1950`s onwards,there were 165,018 divorces in 1993 (no gay marriage,no civil partnerships) what was undermining marriage then? 1993 was a peak year. Where do you get the idea that same sex marriage should "promote " marriage?it is a move to provide equality,it does not seek to bolster,promote or support marriage in a general sense at all. Its likely that less and less people choose not to marry for many reasons,economic,political,philosophical etc we do not live in a world where marriage is an essential. I`m sorry,but cut and paste jobs from christian sites is not going to impress many of us. The fact is, thank the universe! gradually over time,human rights get extended more and more. If in fact there was a general consensus against gay rights,there would not be any....and we would still have slaves! People develop ideas all the time over what is right or wrong,if they didn`t my life as a women,or a non land owner for instance, would be completely different to what it is now. As for your neighbour thing,try to imagine that not everyone thinks like you,has the same beliefs,or wants to do things the way they have "always been done on the island"..things change,you may need to too. its easy to get on with people you like,have things in common with,surely the true mark of a person is helping someone you don`t!
  14. well i for one,am grateful for a change of tone in papa...and spaces in his text..so,onwards and upwards! Pappa,I have made many mistakes in my life (I wouldn`t call them sins,as I do not recognise the nomenclature ),and i try to be a good person,don`t most people? In their private lives,teachers,clergy,marriage counsellors,can think or do whatever they believe is right,according to their beliefs BUT in their occupational capacity,usually governed by a secular body ie government..they must follow the policy directions of that said body. If they feel that body has wrong policies either don`t join it or leave. There are free or church schools (a whole other argument!) there are,I assume religious counsellors. So seriously,is it just the word "marriage" that bothers you? There is a difference in many peoples eyes between a civil partnership and a marriage. I personally find there is enough inequity in life (western world "poverty"V 3rd world poverty) without me denying other people something I can have, but they cannot. Lastly,you bring up love,and you are right,this should be foremost in our thoughts...and i agree,not just the flowers and chocolate kind. When people fall in love( not lust...and that happens to all, heterosexuals included) it is with a person,not their genitals. I have gay friends who have been together over 30 odd years (more than I have ever managed)why should they be denied the office of marriage,do you imagine they are not in love?
  15. well done Gibber....but they will just wheel in another one!
  16. okay..on re-reading..i see the sarcasm...forgive my tired eyes.
  17. also papastour,could you split up your "wall of text" please,it would make it so much easier to read. thank you in debate and friendship...goodnight!
  18. Gulp! you want us to do a cost/benefit analysis of whether theft,murder,homosexuality is useful to us?.....i will get back to you. but..for tonight, "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another." ( John 13:34-35) more love less hate...works for me!
  19. I am so taken aback,that i am not sure where to start.... Just because the gospels (if you believe in them) don`t mention that Jesus had sex...does not mean that he didn`t...there's not a whole lot of information covering 33 years,is there? big gaps in the narrative,i think you will find. Let alone, the cultural context of when they were supposedly written (the earliest being 70 years after his death,I believe) you have not read a whole lot of church history have you? try looking a what priests got up to in the past,including the heterosexuals ones....they had "house keepers"...and I am not just taking about catholic priests. Look,wherever there is a rule,someone will break it...its human nature,and whatever "code" is put in place...it will not impact on transgressions or rule breaking. Churches,priests,nuns...er human beings are not perfect, we make mistakes. You cannot seriously hold the church up as some sort of "superior" model...because any one of us can give you,facts,stories and examples of all religions wrong doings...and non religious people too. we are just people at the end of the day...but hypocrisy ...well that's another story for another day!
  20. it will be a return to heaving stuff over da banks...not good for the tourist trade...and the council will have to pay to clear up fly-tipping any way.
  21. well not all churches condemn homosexuality....and you can have a civil marriage in a registry office.
  22. papastour,why should we hold our views up to you "yardstick"...i could not care less what the bible says about homosexuality. It is an archaic book written for/by bronze age farmers and shepherds. most of it is contradictory,and flawed,and frankly,not useful. Why would anyone use a piece of literature written so long ago,as a means to conduct their life? it is of no more use to me than the " Epic of Gilgamesh"...and thats even older. Any bits that are of any use,in my opinion,such as the words of jesus,on love,turn the other cheek,love thy neighbour etc are of use because the make sense to me...and those sentiments were around for many years before jesus. See "the golden rule" for example. As to your scientific research,i have not the time or energy to refute it,suffice to say,what does it matter "why" someone is gay...again,i don`t care,except that you feel you can use science as a stick to beat gay people. What sort of god is it that gives someone their nature...but does not allow them to express it...a malevolent,torturing god,i would say. if you are quoting Leviticus,what about... "nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together." Are you currently wearing a wool jumper,on top of a cotton tee shirt? ludicrous isn`t it...so you don`t follow that rule. (I`m guessing,you may be a very strict christian) What about ...the admonishment for women to dress modestly...."not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments." As someone who only buys second hand clothing,i regard most peoples clothes as "costly garments"...are you checking for this,including hair styles,in your church? (if you attend one) Don`t forget,"You shall not round off the side-growth of your heads nor harm the edges of your beard." so men,need their hairstyles checking too. of course there is also the oft quoted one on shellfish...do you avoid it? I say things not to ridicule,but so that you cannot cherry pick the bits of the bible that you agree with,and indeed think we should too. Many people choose to run their lives not according to the bible,some are good,and some are bad...but then that goes for christians too,some are good and some are bad. you may believe what you want to,but you cannot come into the world,which mostly is not christian,and ask us to follow your rules or beliefs.
  23. well i thought the op was quite threatening....what with the numbered points...and words in capitals (usually used to indicate strength of feeling or shouting) i have no hatred,except for inequality,and injustice. the opinion is not forced down my throat...but the OP started a topic thread on it in a public space,one assumes they did not expect replies from only people that agreed with them? or why enter into discussion on a forum,one could merely talk with ones peer group,that you choose and tend to have similar opinions. whilst I may tolerate that someone has a different opinion to me,I do not have to treat that position with respect,but i should respect that we can discuss this issue without recourse to insults. perhaps my sarcasm went too far. Equally,I have the opposite opinion to the OP ..if they don`t like it..boo hoo. I do not see this as an issue of being PC..but of equality and justice. Pappastour is correct,there are as many opinions/stances as there are people. As i am personally, anti-monarchy (that equality and justice thing again!) i could not care less if a future king wants to marry a man..in fact pretty pro if it means the end of succession..thus end of monarchy. finally...do you seriously think,gay people cannot have children??...because I have news for you...and many examples I can give you, and who gave birth to gay individuals...yes mainly heterosexuals that's who...so hows that working for you??
  24. also..link..who might be behind Coalition for marriage (they made the video linked by the op) .......http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/gay-marriage-the-fight-is-on-but-who-is-calling-the-shots-7624915.html and a quote re "the slippery slope "argument regarding gay marriage leading to us all marrying animals next...sigh “New Rule: Gay marriage won't lead to dog marriage. It is not a slippery slope to rampant inter-species coupling. When women got the right to vote, it didn't lead to hamsters voting. No court has extended the equal protection clause to salmon. And for the record, all marriages are “same sex†marriages. You get married, and every night, it's the same sex.†― Bill Maher, New Rules
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