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  1. deary deary me and a happy new year to you too
  2. this is interesting. i wonder if Billy fox will want a referendum now? http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2010/12/09/more-people-now-in-favour-of-windfarm-than-against-it-according-to-latest-poll
  3. no need! http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2010/12/09/need-for-council-savings-vanish-as-scale-of-underspending-becomes-clear anybody else think the Shetland Times seems almost disapointed to report this~?
  4. they say it helps if you surround yourself wiht positive thinking, happy people. best not spend much time on shetlink then
  5. it might have carried more weihgt if it wasnt da Flea who is asking?
  6. ^ jz,think he critised the speed planning had dealt with application for ahs. how does critiscising head of planning in public entitle chief exec to pay off?
  7. you would be surprised! would it not have been better to wait for the outcome from those who have real knowledge in these things before accusing him?
  8. That is why I agree with Jimmy Parks. it doesnt matter that you agree with Jimmy Parks. what if the outcome finds Wills did nothing wrong jz? try to answer the question i asked you.
  9. whsat if the outcome finds Wills did nowt wrong?
  10. Indeed..... How are the snow conditions in your neck of the woods ? teh roads in lk are ok. pavements a bit slushy. no sure about anywhere else.
  11. ^ are you Lawrence fae Carntyne perchance?
  12. from that website....... Paul Gatrill started work as a building surveyor 46 years ago and qualified as an engineer 35 years ago. Since then he has worked for blue-chip companies across the world in countries including the US, Canada, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore, as well as Europe. He began project management work in 1972 and international project management work in 1979. He became self-employed in 1997 at the age of 60. if its the same guy that means he must 73 now!
  13. ^^ paulb I'm sure mainlander can answer for her/himself.
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