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  1. I hear a pod has been spotted off Hoswick about an hour ago, anyone know hwere they are now
  2. Think this years John Lewis advert will take some beating Speaking of Christmas, saw me 1st Christmas decorations in a house window tonight
  3. My sons girlfriend went to exchange their tickets today. She was asked for ID so good so far, but my son wasn't there and they handed over a wristband....... I rest my case. This system is flawed.
  4. Went to exchange my tickets for wristbands for this weekends concerts. Was just handed them and told to put them on before the concerts. Surely they should have been put on myself and the 2nd ticket holder. Whats to say the other person was over 18 or to stop me selling or passing on to someone not 18. Thought it was worth mentioning with so many folk being about.
  5. I can only hope that if someone knows anything about this, they shop the lowlife, this crime is just despicable.
  6. Date on carton 9th April, state of milk, off, yep I agree with the rest of you it's not lasting at all. As for the seals, need a knife to get to the milk, I cannot get them off!! Just told OH not to buy anymore, back to supermarket milk for me sorry.
  7. staffy

    tall ships

    Thanks Davie for keeping us informed at first I thought all the gigs were going to be ticketed, you have allayed (sp) my fears. I'd gladly pay for a bit of Bjorn Again, good feelgood dance music and I'm sure the whole event will be a success.
  8. Had no idea they did a delivery service. Have had a family member in hospital (driver) and have been walking to and from the hospital and stopping off at Tesco to pick up supplies, but can only carry so much, would have been one less worry to know I could have had it all delivered in one go. Oh well you live and learn
  9. Was meant to go the other weekend, but never made it, this weekend will be a defo. Really looking forward to seeing them.
  10. Thought it was as usual brillaint, apart from the rek and sparks of the torches and John was an excellent Guizer Jarl par excellence (exscuse my french)
  11. staffy

    tall ships

    One of the brilliant things about 1999 was that you could go with family and just wander from gig to gig it was a brilliant event, surely if we now have to buy tickets for gigs, tourists and locals alike will miss out on the spontaneity (sp) of the whole event
  12. Not a fan meself, but its good that we're getting such big names coming here, loved Bill Bailey and Kevin Bridges, it's good to laugh, how about we try for John Bishop or would I be really pushing it asking for Michael McIntyre?
  13. Anyone know why there's no tree outside the hospital this year?
  14. Was on da street today and what a poor show the Christmas lights are. Some weren't even working last year and here they are again strung up and hardly a twinkle amongst the. (***Mod Edit - Merged with existing thread***)
  15. Think you'll find that's been done and by a past manager with an unblemished inter-coonty record to boot (pardon the pun)
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