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  1. Hi there, Does anyone know what the points system is for rowing regattas in Shetland? How many points are awarded for first place, second place etc?
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew where to find figures for Total Revenue vs Total Expenditure for the Shetland Islands Council for say the last 15 years? Is this available? I would love to see graphically how the two relate, and at what point the SIC started to spend above its revenue. Being able to see something like the graph below would be really useful: http://extranea.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/uk-debt-continues-to-grow1.gif
  3. I have heard a lot of chat on here about taking your own food into the cinema. What is the deal with that? Who honestly thinks that is acceptable? Genuinely? I lived south for years and you don't take your own food to the cinema unless it was sneaked in. It would be like taking food into a cafe! Both establishments rely on food sales for income. Why would they let you take your own food in? Some of the complaints on this forum are laughable quite frankly.
  4. See link below http://www.polycarbdirect.co.uk/product_list_poly.php?id=50 I thought I had the name correct the first time. Anyway that's not the issue. Whatever it's called I wil try Hays and see how I get on. Thanks for your help everyone! Much appreciated.
  5. I don't think it is 70kg worth, I think you have got your sums wrong somewhere I'm afraid. I think the 35mm stuff I saw online was approximately 4kg per square meter. This meant the sheet I was looking to buy was 8-9kg in total. It is a very lightweight product, basically hollow and full of air!! The firm I look at online just quoted me £70 delivery charge. So yeah, I think trying Hays will be my next port of call (it should likely have been my first!!)
  6. I was wondering if there was anywhere in Shetland that sells polycarbonate sheets. Looking for something approximately 25mm thick if possibly, the thicker the better really. Size of the sheet required is approximately 1.2m x 1.8m Anyone know if there is a local supplier?
  7. I have to say I totally disagree, I like unreserved seating and more cinemas south are starting to use this. It means you can sit wherever you want, and if you get there early enough I am sure large groupes can still sit together. It also eliminates all the hassle of folk sitting in other peoples seats, and cinema staff having to get people to move. (There are always people who either don't like the seats they are given, or just don't seem able to find their proper seats, so take ones which aren't theirs) You just turn up and grab a seat. I think it is a much better idea personally.
  8. I think I will just book two Early Bird tickets and hope for the best!! LCD Soundsystem are awesome, and seeing the film will be the closest I will ever get to seeing James Murphy in concert. Shame he had to call it a day.
  9. Go into the film "Shut Up And Play The Hits" Then click on Book Tickets There are two choices: 1) Early Bird 2) Early Bird Concession The film starts at 2130 hrs
  10. Can anyone tell me what an "earlybird ticket" is? My first thought was that this covered films which were on before say 5pm, but after further investigation I am not convinced this is the case. Is it a cheaper price for tickets which are bought in advance, meaning "early birds" get a discount for being organised? Can anyone clear this up for me?
  11. That could be the issue. It isn't filling with water. I have the instruction manual but it just says that the washing machine should be installed "by a compitent plumber". I'll admit this is my fault, as I didn't hire one
  12. If it was hooked up the wrong way round would this cause the washing machine to malfunction?
  13. I recently bought a second hand washing machine. It has however not been working properly. It is approximately 15 months old and looks to be in great condition. I therefore think I may have plumbed it in incorrectly. Should newer washing machines be plumbed into the cold water supply or the hot water supply? Can anyone offer assistance/guidance? I look forward to hearing from you.
  14. In response to the incredibly negative posts coming from Kavi Ugl, especially with regards to the lack of Norwegian flags flying, I must say that I have seen more of those dotted around Shetland in this past week than I can remember. They are everywhere, from houses and buildings around Lerwick and Scalloway to shop windows. Whether they are on the buildings which he deems to be important I don’t know, but I think Shetland has done exceptionally well in making their Prime Minister feel most welcome.
  15. I also heard on "the grapevine" that the windows had been installed the wrong way round hahaha I guess if a thief wanted to get in then he/she would just need a very long ladder and then they could caually open the window using the handle on the outside. Simples!!
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