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  1. Personally I quite enjoy watching videos of the essy kert in operation. But that's maybe just the Asperger's in me. Keep them coming anyway. I also quite like looking at photos of folk drinking in the pub as well.
  2. Having said that, grammar is all but illiteracy is not, Dear Lord, somebody, please, anybody that isn't me, explain it to George.
  3. So, basically, 'Don't upset the snowflakes, regardless of the cost'. No, basically, 1. Don't be a bully, 2. Don't be a troll.
  4. I had hoped, but, to quote the dear departed shetlandpete, alas.... This, ladies and gentlemen, is a classic example of victim blaming. Every single word carefully scripted to excuse the behaviour that led to this situation and deflect the blame onto the victim. EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. Read it again and think about that for a minute. Colin you claim you never intended to cause offence but regardless of that you did. If you are sincere in your claim you will apologise to Fetlar Writer and you will regain some respect, not just from me, but I expect also from most other readers. If you are insincere in your claim you will not apologise. Your actions not your words will display your true character.
  5. The administrators post above is well noted, so I'll do my best to temper what will, I hope, be my final post on this subject. Prior to this week I had not posted on Shetlink for two years, perhaps more I'm not sure, mainly for the reasons the administrator identified above. But this week I was reminded of David Morrison, chief of the Australian Army's address to the international Women's day conference in 2013. It was while expressing his disgust and utter shame at the culture of bullying and harassment which had grown within his organisation, under his watch, that he made his now famous quote: 'The standard you walk past is the standard you accept' I don't accept bullying, I don't accept harassment, I don't accept trolls, and as much as I might have wanted to - it would have been the easiest thing to do by far - I couldn't walk past this thread. Nit picking, pointing out grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, posting of snide emoticons followed by phony insincere well wishing, it is bullying and it is trolling, and I condem it. I make no apology for that. After that came the victim blaming, which I find more repugnant than the original bullying by far. The initial behaviour could perhaps, if you were feeling charitable, be excused as simple ignorance. Victim blaming deserves no such quarter, it is a calculated callous attempt to inflict further injury and at the same time excuse the perpetrators. I robustly condem it, i make no apology for that. Now we have victim playing which is simply pathetic and I will not let it go unchecked. There is one victim in this sorry tale and one victim only and that is Fetlar Writer. Having your own behaviour scrutinised and called out in public does not make you a victim, irrespective of how ashamed it makes you feel. Being labelled with adjectives which describe your behaviours does not make you a victim, irrespective of how uncomfortable they are to wear. The standard you walk past is indeed the standard you accept and if Shetlink is to ever again to be the thriving vibrant online community it originally was, the people who wish it to be that way should not walk past. My work here is done.
  6. In that case the right thing to do would be to apologise and be more thoughtful with your posts in the future. I don't know but i have a hunch Fetlar Writer may still be following this thread so its certainly worth a try. I presume by 'some posters' you mean me, but I guess we'll never know seeing as you've long since sent me to Coventry. I have made what most sensible people would consider to be personal insults to two people Ghostrider and sufferer' but I'm of the understanding that their position is offence cannot be given, only taken, so therefore I cannot have caused them any offence. If I'm mistaken and either of them do infact believe that it is possible to be offended by someone, and either of them are offended by anything i have written, I stand ready to apologise. All they have to do is acknowledge that offence can indeed be given and let me know they are feeling offended. I've pointed out that I believe you to be both a hypocrite and a coward and explained what has led me to those conclusions. I still believe both of those labels to be true and appropriate in your case but if you care to point out how and where my reasoning is incorrect, once again I stand ready to apologise .
  7. Colin Colin, stop digging. You don't have to make excuses or try to justify why you were quite happy to club together with your mates and harass a female poster until she felt she couldn't remain a part of this forum, but all of a sudden you were nowhere to be found when the heat came on. People will make up their own minds, it's writ large in the early part of this thread and your actions speak far louder than words. Your behaviour gives the lie to your excuse - I decided a long time ago not to respond, yeah right. Nice try F-
  8. Buy the boy a bicycle, he's really got the hang of back pedaling. My work with you appears to be done as well.
  9. Yet more proof that illiteracy is bliss. AAAAND - here's George. Hi George I suspected that my previous post to Colin highlighting cowardly behaviours would likely draw you out of hiding as well. What I didn't expect was just how beautifully you'd expose yourself. My work with you is done.
  10. Ah Colin good of you pop your head up from behind the parapet. I though you had taken to lurking in the background and posting the occasional 'like' on posts that made you feel a bit safer. I recommend that if you don't want to have labels attached to you then don't behave in a way that attracts them. If you choose to be part of a group that bullies someone until they quit the forum and then disappear when your behaviour is called out by other posters, only to pop up to post the odd like on posts which make you feel safe, don't be surprised when that's called out for what it is. Cowardice. You are a hypocrite, it's not about name calling, it's a statement of observable fact.
  11. Why don't you 'stoop to that level' and call people names or make personal attacks? Is it because you disagree with this statement and you feel that name calling and making hurtful remarks may for some people be offensive and harmful or cause some people to have unwelcome feelings? Or do you agree with the argument that 'No-one can give offence, offence can only be taken' and if so why wouldn't you call people names and make hurtful remarks about them if it helped make your point? By this logic any offense or negative emotion experienced by the recipient would be nothing to do with you, it would solely be down to the offended party being 'too sensitive for that medium' and unnecessarily taking offense when they could equally as well choose not to.
  12. This is the argument I often see put forward by proponents of extreme free speech, trolls, and other high output low IQ libertarians to excuse their predilection for making vile and hurtful remarks. Now right on cue here's the trollumnist in chief leaping to the defense of his mealy mouthed moll of a missus and coward Colin. The old adage of sticks and stone might break my bones but names shall never hurt me might well be true in the playground or the sewer that Grotesquerider and Mrs Moll inhabit but of course in the adult world, words, either written or spoken, can and do inflict incredible harm. I'm sure if the moderator of this forum should see fit to remove this post for any reason, the two of them will be at the forefront of outrage demanding that it be reinstated and vociferously defending my right to say or write whatever the hell I want to about them.
  13. It wasn't constructive it was precisely the opposite, destructive. An example of constructive would be when a poster introduces refreshing new topics which they feel others may find interesting or amusing to an internet forum. An example of destructive is when trolls come along and criticise their effort until they give up and leave. Trolling is not constructive and it is not legitimate debate, it is trolling. Thats something you and your hypocrite mate Colin don't seem to understand.
  14. Some interesting parallels with the situation on Norfolk Island. I wonder what the UN will say. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-04-26/norfolk-islanders-fight-to-maintain-self-rule/7356994 http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-04-29/modern-day-mutiny-as-norfolk-islanders-fight-australian-takeover/7369434
  15. There is little faith in the Wir Shetland group, I suspect, because of the hysterical, irrational, ill informed and downright nasty ranting of the vocal few on this and other forums. No amount of "I don't speak for Wir Shetland" or "My views are my own" disclaimers is going to change the impression that this is the Wir Shetland MO. The Wir Shetland brand is already trashed by association and I fear that it may well be beyond salvage. If Wir Shetland is to have any semblance of credibility they need to very quickly disassociate themselves from those behaviours and start putting forward, and engaging in, sensible and intelligent debate. Until they do that the suggestion that "Shetland residents are too dumb and stupid to govern themselves" is certainly understandable.
  16. Coming back under a new guise is owerweel we some folk it seems.
  17. I'd have offered but sadly live nowhere near town so can't be much help. I'm sure a few who spoke in the same manner when it came to refugees would also be willing to help if they could. But of course it's easier to feel good about yourself if you pretend they were all insincere... Ho hum... Good of you to excuse(?) yourself whilst offering apologies on behalf of others and then, in closing, you couldn't resist taking a dig at me.. Pretty lame really... As for your assertion that others "would also be willing to help if they could". Well, you must be pretty well connected to have that information but, if they can't help "one of our own" right now, how on earth do they expect to help refugees(?) when the time comes? Oh, and by the way, I wasn't "pretending" anything. I was illustrating (in my own cynical way) that it is very easy to make promises(?) in the heat of the moment. It's "coming up with the goods" that's the difficult bit.. I have no time for people who say one thing and do another either Colin, hence my long standing invitation to you to reconcile the apparent contradiction between Pastor Niemollers poem which you quote, and your own quite palpable intolerance towards disenfranchised people. By all means be critical, but criticise with dignity. Poorly informed and juvenile rambling does damage not only to your own credibility, but also to the good and necessary work which is being done by very many sincere and devoted people who are trying to mitigate as best they can the effects of a truly appalling war in the Middle East.
  18. I did read the post fully. I presume MJ is referring to the fact that in days gone by entirely inappropriate people were allowed to run youth clubs. Hence the reference to Thomas Hamilton is quite understandable. I have not read all of Lord Cullens report from the inquiry into the massacre but I expect that it certainly did make a number of recommendations for updates to child protection laws.
  19. If you had followed MuckleJoannies advice and Googled Thomas Hamilton perhaps you would understand.
  20. EEEEEEEK! What an explosive exposé 'Officials in shadowy boat sell deal. Very small ad in local paper'
  21. Could just be a rumour Magnie, but I heard its been sold to "Refugees" and it's going to be converted into a mosque.
  22. Here is what you said about crash helmets and seat belts. I can't quickly find your position on smoking so I'm happy to concede that point. Perhaps you would like to clarify it for the record. Do you accept that it is beyond all doubt that smoking is harmful. If I have misrepresented your opinion on that I apologise. My point stands. If you are not able to grasp the simple concept that seatbelts in cars and helmets on motor cycle riders lead to increased levels of overall road safety it is unlikely that you will be able to get to grips with the complexities of the 14 century old Sunni/Shia divide that is driving the mass exodus of people to Europe. Instead you may just find yourself thinking that it doesn't add up because they don't just move to the country next door.
  23. The safety benefit of seatbelts in cars and helmets for motor cycle riders along with universal medical acceptance of the adverse health effect of smoking don't add up for you either. Until you're able to get the hang of those you're bound to struggle with anything more complex.
  24. This thread makes for fairly depressing reading. I am heartened though because I am able to understand that a dozen or so ignorant BF type bigots posting on shetlink is not representative of the tolerant and humanitarian character that I know exists in the majority of Shetland's people. Much in the same way that I am able to understand that a group of angry youths throwing rocks, or a desperate father stealing to feed his hungry children does not represent the true character that exists in the majority of refugees arriving in Europe today. Why was your work 'colleage' confounded with such horror and incredulousness Kavi? Is the thought of eight people, most likely four adults and four children who would rather live their lives in peace than die a premature and quite possibly brutal death, getting accommodated in a couple of empty council houses in perhaps Fetlar really so abhorrent to him and to you? Is that the thought that is disturbing you? What would you do Kavi if the known was stay in your home and be butchered along with your family, or if you were lucky, stay for the remainder of your life in a refugee camp in Lebanon or Turkey, a place where you have no access to, work, medical care, justice, adequate amounts of food and clean water, warmth, proper shelter, or education for your children. No access to any hope whatsoever. If that was the known Kavi, wouldn't you be inclined to take a chance on the unknown? Wouldn't you be inclined to 'Traipse past' those refugee camps, and head for a place where you knew the majority of the population are more enlightened, a place where the majority of the population would be sympathetic to your plight, a place where the majority of the population would welcome you, a place which might offer you and your children a glimmer of hope. A place like Germany perhaps, or the UK, or Shetland. Take off your blinkers, you'll see a bit more.
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