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  1. mikeboy welcome to she...land. dont worrry about it. most of us we are "very polite, culture and nice" kind of "people"...
  2. nebheperure


    poker in scalloway is criminal tango, lady behind a bar dance with her boys together. i strongly advice not to play anywhere in shetland. go to aberdeen or edi to play normal game, not a shetland poker. otherwise you alwayes lose a money. if you have a lot go ahead and have a fun with them...
  3. I am feeling very sorry about you. Some teens listen to loud music and dont care about anything. And some people just have no honesty. Can you search those incidents on CCTV camera?
  4. Do I have to explain that again and again. I was just a person to pick up a car and HE PAID FOR IT(2 days of renting over a phone). After i brought a car to ferry terminalI thought he is comming with me to this rental company and get full resposibility for a car. He told me he had forgotten his licence. I trusted him and drove him around Shetland becouse we had in a proocess to swap our flats. That was a main reason why i met this individual. Now i have an invoice for 44 pounds to pay. This it is seperate case. I am asking you a question about this descrimination statment concern polish peolple. Dont mixed both problems.
  5. "I would be more than happy to stand in Lerwick sheriff court and explain my comments I made against you and other polish people,as what I said was true,you even admitted this to me.the police and the people to deal with and I would be happy to explain my defence to them and the media as people need to be protected and have the freedom of speech.my comments was not made against all polish people but about the bad ones, Perhaps you can tell me what police office you are dealing with,as I will be more than happy to call them and more than willing to travel to see them if need be. Your comments and claims you made against me by email should also be investigated by them too.so would be helpful if you give the police station details,or is it more lies by you." Last email sent by this individual to me ((( What do you think now?
  6. "Unfortunately you are like the rest of your countryman polish,con men liars and thieves and cheats." I have recieved that by email from [***Mod edit - name removed***] from Perth. I have a little argument with him about who pay for petrol and one extra day of renting a car. However I want to know what do you think about what was written by him above. Tell me is this a crime or not?
  7. I want to buy a digital scanner and saving money 4 it. I had uniden 3300xlt and its not working here. Because it is analog system and you can listen to air and water, no ground transmition which i am particuly interested in
  8. be specific otherwise no reply (H=50m) haaa aaaaaa..... read it:As with earthquakes, several attempts have been made to set up scales of tsunami intensity or magnitude to allow comparison between different events.[26] Intensity scales The first scales used routinely to measure the intensity of tsunami were the Sieberg-Ambraseys scale, used in the Mediterranean Sea and the Imamura-Iida intensity scale, used in the Pacific Ocean. The latter scale was modified by Soloviev, who calculated the Tsunami intensity I according to the formula: I=1/2+log2 Hav where Hav is the average wave height along the nearest coast. This scale, known as the Soloviev-Imamura tsunami intensity scale, is used in the global tsunami catalogues compiled by the NGDC/NOAA and the Novosibirsk Tsunami Laboratory as the main parameter for the size of the tsunami. Magnitude scales The first scale that genuinely calculated a magnitude for a tsunami, rather than an intensity at a particular location was the ML scale proposed by Murty & Loomis based on the potential energy.[26] Difficulties in calculating the potential energy of the tsunami mean that this scale is rarely used. Abe introduced the tsunami magnitude scale Mt, calculated from, Mt=alogh+blog R=D where h is the maximum tsunami-wave amplitude (in m) measured by a tide gauge at a distance R from the epicenter, a, b & D are constants used to make the Mt scale match as closely as possible with the moment magnitude scale.[27]
  9. It would be interesting to know how many people would have died if tsunami would hit Shetland(s). Any ideas?>
  10. ...extermination...extermination... extermination... ________ (...............) (...............======O (............... ) ((................)) (((((((((())))))))))))) OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  11. Calling me an idiot it is very unwise. I m not playing with you sweety. Anymore questions?
  12. ...dark windy winter is comming in the near future demons wake up scootyyyy... think about it.
  13. It would be interesting to know how many people would have died if someone like Breivik would commited his/her killing in Shetlands. Any ideas?>
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