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  1. Copied from another thread. (Closed by admin) "this is yet another thread bogged down by your bickering. If you have no interest in someone else's posts then please make use of the 'Manage Ignore prefs' function you'll find by clicking your username at the top right of the page." I respect the right of admin to monitor and close threads and don't have a problem with them doing so, but I don't feel managing preferences, by hiding individuals posts is the best way forward. I for one want to see if someone is misquoting me etc. Nor do I believe that only seeing half of what is being said on a thread makes it worthwhile taking part as it would be like having a three way conversation on the phone but each can only hear one of the other two. Hardly worth taking part if that's the case. To be honest I don't know what the answer is, other than not take part. I'm not the first to feel this way. So as I feel the comments were directed at myself I believe the best way forward is to call it a day. I have enjoyed my time on Shetlink and have met some nice folk whilst taking part in many of the threads, but now feel its time to say farewell and wish you all the best. I would be obliged if you would now close my membership. Thank you Owre-weel
  2. Noo is du happy du's got da last wird, or did du? Snooooozzzzzeeeee!
  3. Can I 'YAWN' as well, please.? My yawn is directed at even more waffle and sprootle from SP... Feel free, yawning is very infectious.
  4. No the yawn is because you miss the point I was making then as usual go off in a ramble. And " alas " I'll let you have the last word as I don't want to waste time breaking things down to clarify and end off away from topic. Keep up the good work.
  5. Yip, that'll sort the problem. Or will it just move it on. I would rather see them answering to the court for their crimes and being appropriately punished. By that I mean, made to fully repay the garage and church through working for free, then having to live in and face the community they have let down. But no doubt they will just get a slap in the wrist.
  6. Cheers Heimdal, all channels back up full strength this morning, someen must've screwed up a pot at da Bressay transmitter ! ( noo five HD channels ! )I would think it was connected to the same power issue on Bressay which meant Radio Shetlands late night programme could not be broadcasted on Friday night.
  7. In my opinion just buy your road tax as you would normally. All this second guessing is just that. I doubt that the SNP knows the answer, just like they know little else. Of course wee Eck will just tell us how he thinks it will be, without having this confirmed by those he has yet to get any agreement from. What's new. I would think whatever happens prices will remain on par with England for a while, after that well, if were landed with independence, your guess is as good as mine.
  8. Interesting to see that no one so far reckons they are worse off. So I suppose you could consider this to be a reasonable budget despite the country still in recession and little goodies to give away.
  9. What did you think about the budget? Do you think you'll be better off, worse off or see little difference Obviously he didn't have a lot if cash to play with, but I was expecting a lot worse. Not had much time to look at the detail, but was glad to see fuel will not rise. Need to study detail about pensions etc. but overall I suppose it seemed more positive than negative.
  10. I must admit that I got hooked and was keen to see the second part and I enjoyed that as well. Looking forward to the next one next week. It's a good piece of fiction with the benifit of having lots of local scenery, which has to be good for Shetland. But the new catch phrase on da street has to be " whars du fae"
  11. I see, according to the news, that the OFT has decided not to continue with its investigation into the extortionate fuel prices in Shetland. This is nothing other than a blooming disgrace. Watch our fuel prices creep up again now that the suppliers are off the hook. When they can justify the difference between the cost south and cost here, allowing for the extra to get fuel to Shetland, I will eat my hat! Until then we have no alternative but to be seen for mugs every time we fill up.
  12. I personally don't have issues with boats hiring Filipino fishermen or fishermen from anywhere else. But it does beg the question, why are they not hiring local people?
  13. Numbers in statistics are one thing, but it would be interesting to have more detail about the accidents. For instance I can recal at least two accidents that were caused by cars reversing out of parking spaces and hitting pedestrians. So if you were to remove all the accidents, which would still have happened regardless of a drop in the speed limit, then how many accidents are we now speaking about. I'm not against making things safer, but feel unless we chalange some of these proposals, we will soon be living in a world where we have to ask permission to use our own toilet. I'm just not convinced this is currently justified, but I am convinced there are likely to me more incidents with the return to Zebra crossings. Now ask yourself why with the proposal to introduce zebra crossing, do they want the speed limit reduced, kinda answers it's own question!
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