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  1. Cheers Ghostrider. You've summed up neatly the frustration I have for something that a thermostatic control could easily deal with. As you say, predicting what the temperature will be is one issue, the other is predicting when the hydro will decide when they think we will need more power without knowing how much heat we have stored. Its a license for them to affect our bills outwith our control. Its a mockery of total heat TOTAL CONTROL.
  2. Long standing gripe of mine and still not found the answer. Our dimplex heaters (and hot water) are the hostages to the Hydro and when they want to send power to them. Surely if they are at capacity of stored heat the heater should "refuse" any additional power input that the hydro deem needed to be supplied. Power is fed to them at weird times and I'm never convinced its always needed. I've taken now to only having the water heater on between 05.45 and 07.00 and turning it off to stop it taking in power. To do similar with the dimplex heaters may be counter productive but surely there must be a way to better control the intake. A latest bill of £811 has me considering having meters changed, heater efficiency checked and changing providers. But first, I want to understand the supply of power and how I can manage it without allowing the hydro a license to determine how much my bill will be.
  3. I should have has better faith in the postal service! Souwester arrived today! Thanks for all your contributions.
  4. Found one on Amazon that reckons it can be delivered before Wednesday so I've ordered it. Thanks for all the help? BFG..? I've not got any messages....?
  5. Thanks Frances. Doubtful one will get here in time, and thanks, but I'm looking for one to keep. The hint continues...
  6. using the wonders of google as we speak!!! Ta muchly!
  7. They are still around Rasmie, and I saw them on ebay and Amazon. But can't get it delivered any earlier than the end of next week even using amazon prime.
  8. A famous faith healer was doing miraculous deeds in Lerwick and a crowd was forming. The lame were walking, the blind were seeing; miracles left right an centre. "I'm huvin some o that" thinks wee Tam fae Glesga. "Oi!, big yin. Can ye dae sumthin aboot ma hearing". "Certainly my son, step right up" says the man with the golden hands of healing. He places his hand over Tams lugs, looks up to heaven and mumbles a prayer. Tam starts to shudder as the spirit (probably buckfast) courses through his body. The preacher releases his hands suddenly and exhales a mighty breath, sweat beads running from his forehead. "Well my son, has that made any difference to your hearing?" Tam's shuddering eases and breathlessly he says......"I'll tell ye Wednesday big man, efter i've been up tae the court"
  9. I'm looking for a sou'wester hat (preferably classic yellow) for next week. I thought LHD would be the place, but no. And neither does DH Marine have them. So...where would I buy one in Shetland, or alternatively is anyone selling one (medium)?
  10. Issue sorted. I had no idea it would be so cheap to do it via Shetland transport!
  11. Just shifted some furniture to the daughter in Glasgow and discovered I packed the garden table but not the chairs! Numpty! If anyone is heading that way in the coming weeks/month's and has room for 6 stackable chairs and could help us out we'd much appreciate it. Happy to pay something toward fuel for the kindness shown. PM me or call 07951164837.
  12. I'd always err on the side of "if it says easi-ANYTHING" then there will be a catch. When hiring a car I usually check online for the best deal and then call the cheapest firm up and negotiate it down further. e.g....... 3 weeks ago I go a three day one way hire from Abz airport, dropping the car at Blackpool airport, for £107.00 all in (no additional excess insurance was taken). Great price and proves that there are deals to be had. The lass on the phone applied 2 discount codes that she had access to get it to this, so mind and ask. That was with europcar, but have had similar in the past with Budget and (believe it or not) Arnold Clark by using he same principle of booking.
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