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  1. Here's some interesting info on the proposed power transmission lines and routes - https://3dwtech.co.uk/dashboard/ssen/shetland/exhibition/ You can grab the screen and swoosh it aboot
  2. Try Ross at Hot Gecko in Hoswick https://www.hotgeckomedia.com/
  3. For reference: link to the Sandwick planning application and comments https://pa.shetland.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=QQ3S9ROAGZ400 link to the Scalloway planning application and comments https://pa.shetland.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=QQ2S63OAGYY00
  4. To the best of my knowledge, the following are the usual times the Hyrdo storage heater supply is active (although I've noticed some variation depending on weather conditions) 01.30 to 03.30 08:00 to 11:00 16:30 to 17:30 22:00 to 24:00
  5. @RugyDavy, the limitations you're describing are more the result of design of the 'old style' storage heaters and water tanks rather than supply times / tariffs. I've fitted many of them over the years, and they're inherently basic in principle and limited in terms of controllability - they convert electricity via a heating element into heat stored in either water or clay bricks - but it takes guesswork (and weather forecasting) to figure out where to set the storage heater input controls and water heater thermostats to ensure you'll have the right amount of stored heat and hot water for
  6. Dat's pretty much it in a nutsheel @Ghostrider! It's fair to say you and I have had our disagreements and robust exchanges of views over the years, but I value your opinions, POV and the time you take to consider and write your posts. I'll be honest and say that many a time I've hovered over the 'delete' button , but simply disagreeing with someone doesn't meet any kind of moderation criteria, and it would make for a rather dull discussion forum if everyone just agreed with each other and 'liked' each other's posts.
  7. I assure you you're wrong. If we deleted everything we didn't agree with then there wouldn't be much discussion 'round here! Most moderating goes on behind the scenes, and it's pretty unglamorous stuff - deleting spam and spammers' accounts, sending friendly Private Messages reminding people of T&Cs, merging threads, sending password reminders, dealing with disputes between members etc. Occasionally, for the greater good, the duties extend to removing content we feel is in breach of the community protocols. We started Shetlink over 14 years ago to encourage debate about Shetla
  8. I think it's getting a bit overheated if folk are worried their right to free speech is under threat and we're comparable to China because a comment was moderated. The moderators want the forums to be friendly and welcoming to everyone. If the moderators think a comment is needlessly mean spirited, picks on a group of folk, doesn't add anything constructive to the discussion, is inaccurate and/or any other combination of reasons we feel contributes to the forums being un-friendly and un-welcoming, then the mods will do some mod-ding. If we all keep the Guidelines in mind I'm sure we'
  9. I think it’s quite sweet when folk say “The Shetlands”
  10. I find how some non-Shetlanders* refer to the outer isles irksome, for example, "I was on Yell" or worse still, "I'm going onto Yell". Surely it's "I was in Yell" or, "I'm going into Yell". My theory as to why this sounds wrong is that you go 'into' a community', but you go 'onto' an landmass. Yell is a community, ipso facto you go into it. This theory is kinda backed up by the fact you go 'onto' the mainland, and the mainland is too big to be considered as a community in itself. Or something along those lines....! *IMHO, a Shetlander can be through birth or choice
  11. A good friend of mine spiks broad Shetland wee an Argentinian accent and it's a thing o beauty!
  12. I did the same, but hadn't factored in that I'd only ever hung plasterboard sitting side-by-side on walls, and the taping and filling is easy because of the tapered edges. Attempting to tape and fill end-to-end butt joins on the ceiling nearly sent me ower the edge. I can see da cracks from where Im sitting eenoo!
  13. We've been adding layers of winter blubber with the amount of lockdown cooking we've been doing at Peeriebryan Manor and whilst on the hunt for new recipes I've just rediscovered this thread. We intend on working through a few of the classics here, so in the spirit of sharing the love, here's our contribution: This Banana Bread recipe is now a staple in wir hoose as, despite bein monkeys, we quite often hiv spare bananas. 2 eggs, beaten 3 very ripe mashed bananas ⅓ cup buttermilk, or use normal milk with a 'pyup'* of lemon juice (*pyup=aboot a teaspoon) ½ cup ve
  14. I recommend https://www.flickr.com/ - it's good for bulk uploading and managing collections, and you have a lot of control over who can access and download images. I think the free account is limited to 1,000 images https://photos.google.com/ is good too. It's quite straightforward compared to Flickr but does the job. If you want to upload hi-res images you'll need paid subscription. 'Social' sharing apps like Facebook and Instagram are good if the objective is to openly share low to medium res photos far and wide. You don't have much control over who can access/download the images a
  15. It's a great show, and he's surprisingly coherent for a 73 year old punk who has ticked all the rock-n-roll-lifestyle boxes
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