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  1. Scotland doesn't have a deficit as it has no power to borrow. Its the UKs black hole. It's up to negotiations about how much we accept in return for the assets we own in the UK such as our share of the gold reserve. Scotland would not have to pay for a lot of things it doesn't want like Trident, the house of Lords and Westminster and there would be a lot of well paid jobs that come to Scotland such as embassadors, home office, passports, MI5, hmrc etc. SNP don't hate salmon and oil etc. They may lean to the green side but they would support all businesses you mentioned other than fracking. The money will come from what we generate in Scotland and we will have the power to borrow just like all other small countries. The broad shoulders of the UK have cost us a national fund the size of Norway's. Unlike Brexit, there will be a white paper that explains everything. Independence will allow Scotland to go in a different direction from the one the Tories are dragging us, back to the Victorian era and greater inequality. Without independence were at the mercy of whatever bunch of fools England selects next.
  2. I would like to hear from anyone who voted LibDem and now has reservations about having chosen to vote for Mr Carmichael after his recent revelation. Would you have voted for him if you had known for sure that he had admitted using the Scottish Office to leak a false memo to the press intended to smear the First Minister of Scotland? What do you think should be done about the £1,4 million inquiry costs?
  3. Because writing an article about poverty and receiving payment for it just wouldn't sit right with me at all, that's why not. Don't worry I'm not getting paid. Its for the Shetland Times.
  4. Thank you Colin and 1Crankymofo, I am writing an article which will be published in a newspaper - which one currently undecided. Its a non political piece i.e. I wont be taking sides or apportioning blame to any party. What I'm looking for is the truth in order that we can understand why it is that Shetland, a wealthy island with less than 2% unemployment, still needs a food bank. I'm interested in what is currently considered to be poverty and the peculiarities of our life in Shetland that make things more difficult and expensive. The reason I want to speak to people who have used the food bank in particular is that I am looking for real life stories. This is a phenomenon of our time and I would like to document it from a Shetland point of view, I also need to understand what it feels like to ask for help and what the process was like. I also am interested in Colin's point of view, someone who is not personally suffering but has his own opinion. Colin, as you feel the need for action, can you tell me what you think has caused the need for food banks and what you think can be done to reduce the need for them? My motivation is partly to document it and partly to see if there is something that can be done to reduce the need. What do people think? NJ
  5. It is possible to use the computer at the library for free though.
  6. Hi, has anyone had to use the Food Bank in the last 12 months, is suffering from fuel poverty or just struggling to get by financially on Shetland and willing to talk confidentially to me about their experience? I'm writing an article and need some information from people who have actual experience. Hope to speak to you soon. NJ
  7. I think yo've hit the nail on the head.
  8. Actually he's more like captain Ahab. The man who destroys everything around him because he doesn't know when it's a beneficial time to let go of an argument. He would rather die, and kill everyone around him in the process than be seen to lose an arguement, even if its obvious to any sensible person that he's wrong. For example, he was wrong to give a Nazi salute but has he apologied the the public for behaving like a petulant and spoilt 16 year old? No, he decides to justify his bad behaviour by saying "everyone does it" when if fact this is obviously completely untrue and beside the point. This it typical of him. I have also observed in this link the tactics used to cover up for him. 1) Deny everything. 2) Admit something happened but it was taken totally out of context. 3) Admit it actually happened as initially described but its in the past and no longer matters. 4) Change the subject. Do Jonathan and his cronies really think the voting public are that stupid? Jonathan is not a hapless whale under constant barage whenever he comes up to breath. If he wants people to stop attacking him, he should get himself under control and stop handing them weapons. How difficult is it really to judge that giving a Nazi salute is not wise in a political environment and simply refrain from doing it? Like Napoleon, Jonathan's hubris is his fatal flaw.
  9. I agree with you. Also was not surprised about this weeks revelation in the Shetland Times that Will's "leaking" to his cronies there bumped the price up of the property he was complaining about. He just cant control himself.
  10. If Wills behaviour shows what an experienced councillor thinks he can behave like, then lets get a whole bunch of new ones.
  11. When I first read Cllr Wills defence of his behaviour (quoted above) I was absolutely astonished. This statement is SO over the top, it wraps round and goes over the top again. He is quite possibly insane.
  12. a) I said Lerwick Hotels and the cheapest was 95. Evening meals while away from home are usually covered as a legit expense. I bet the council does pay either directly or in increased fees. I doubt you could really put consultants up in a 25 a night (inc breakfast) B and B, but lets say you can, thats still 9 grand a year for a single full-time consultant/guest worker. We have several of these workers at the moment. Just paying for one at 25 a night generates more than enough to cover the mortgage payments on a 3 bed house which in the end the council will own as an asset. Is it not better to invest in an asset than to pour the money away?
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