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  1. Thanks very much will nip to Streamline this morning
  2. alnangler


    Looking to return a package to Amazon, they are saying to use the local UPS drop off point, can't find any listed. Tried Sound Service station but they deal with some other company, any help, advice would be appreciated.
  3. If you look up the web page listed you can find out the Whereabouts of the elusive bird, heard it down at Quarff the other sunday so has been around for a couple of weeks if its the same bird http://www.nature-shetland.co.uk/
  4. Been down to Sumbrough today, hardly a Puffin to be seen (18.00), unless they are all in burrows, lovely evening though.
  5. JIMs MOT Centre does bikes as well as cars
  6. Dog caught a Mixy Rabbit just the other day at St Ninians, + have seen them in other places too.
  7. Whats all this about buying online from a decent dealer, as Muppet says theres a perfectly good dealer on the Hillhead, and i am sure he has an online presence if thats what you want, shop local.
  8. All the stones hat were getting thrown up, were by cars traveling in the opposite direction, thanks for all the input though.
  9. Today while driving to work -Southend to Lerwick- i happened to pass a council lorry sweeping the road by the Driving Range, hopefully picking up most of the loose chippings from the surface, is it just me or has anyone else had problems with stones being thrown up by other vechiles, this resulted in a broken windscreen last sunday, i have windscreen cover on the inurance but this will still result in me being out of pocket to the tune of £70, can this be claimed back from the Council Roads Dept ? Has any one else had expreince of this.
  10. For anyone connected to the Cunningsbrough exchange we would quite happily swap places with those still using the Lerwick exchange at the old speeds -8.3, try downloading or watching anything with speeds of 0.5 and it costs us just the same.
  11. Moved up with Ian Reid, much cheaper than any mainland company, as they priced it as a "return load" and only for the space we used. Well packed and nothing to much trouble, supplied boxes as well. Every thing was packed into a container Shipping style so there is no need to unpack if they are going to store it as well.
  12. Been looking at building my own Desktop, not just for games but general PC work, when you get it all speced up and priced, its nearly just as cheap to get from the likes of ChillBlast et al, with none of the hassel + including a warranty, so i know where my money is likely to go .
  13. One thing that staggers me about Shetland is the amount of cars as a percentage that have only one working headlight, on a par with running with no lights. Do people never check to see why their lights appear so poor.
  14. Theres no fixed length for the top link, you need to have an ajustable link , prefrebally threaded, this enables the plough to be adjusted depending on the conditions and depth you are ploughing at. Adust the ploughing depth by the Link arms and/or a depth wheel on the plough, adust the Top link to enable the plough to run level, ideally when running true there should be no force on the top link and it should be straight inline with direction of travel. Shorten the top link to assist penetration at the ends.
  15. Any one know how to get up to the Windmills, is there a service road you can walk up? are you allowed up there? just curious. Maybe a walk for the better weather.
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