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  1. Just a thought... the old john leask travel agent building would make a perfect spot for cafe/bar/shetland products. Probably make a good profit and actualy have a cafe in a good location with a harbour view... good for the tourists and very close. Any one got the capital...?
  2. Playing Skyrim, FIFA12, MW3, Black ops & battlefield3 all on PS3
  3. It surley is pathetic that the police have to do this. I dont understand why the 20 zones went up in the first place?! Has there been Countlless accidents outside our schools...? no. maybe 5-10...? no again. hmmm.
  4. ^^^ i agree withe maxfusion. Its a road/track meant for vehicles.
  5. Yeh, the council does own the road. They bought it to stop youngsters using scramblers, quads, etc... on the road without licenses. Thats why the gates gone and people are using it more freely now.
  6. A priest and a Rabbi are at a wedding. A small boy bends over in front of them to tie his shoe lace. The priest nudges the rabbi and says "God id like to screw him!" The rabbi replies "Out of what?!"
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