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  1. enjoyed that mix, particularly the robert hood track, classic. been thinking of getting a house/techno/disco night organised sometime, anyone else keen?
  2. woops sorry, that link will take anyone to their own soundcloud page if theyre logged in, heres the link http://soundcloud.com/marshallbrill/june-techno-mix enjoy!
  3. quick techno mix i did the other week http://soundcloud.com/you/tracks
  4. Shetland becoming independent of Scotland and becoming part of Norway is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. I find it amusing that it's even being suggested. Despite what some people think, Shetland has a lot more in common with Scotland than the Scandinavian country's. There are obviously some cultural links, but nothing with any enough depth to support linking with Norway.
  5. Petrofac are just building the plant, Operators will be Total, they are taking on 5 process operator apprentices a year during construction with the intention of them running the plant. I'm assuming any maintenance will be done by a contractor like woodgroup.
  6. Bcorp


    If you are on facebook search for shetland skatepark assosciation for up to date info.
  7. Bcorp


    Skatepark AGM tonight. ''Just a quick note to let you know that the Shetland Skatepark AGM will take place on Monday 28 February, at 6.30pm in Islesburgh Community Centre, Drama Room. This will be followed by an open meeting to discuss how best to progress the development of a skatepark facility in Lerwick. On behalf of Shetland Skatepark Association, can I ask for your support in spreading word of this meeting to young people you come in contact with. Feel free to forward or print off the attached poster - or post on facebook etc....''
  8. I think the main reason fish is being dumped is due to quotas limiting fisherman to how much they can land. For example if a fisherman is 1 ton away from his quota and he gets a 2 ton haul then 1 ton has to go back, and if not the legal consequences are pretty severe. As the law stands at the moment, the fisherman has little choice but to do so. Also due to days allowed at sea being reduced, if the fisherman has consistently poor quality catches that fetch poor prices then how can he afford to pay his costs let alone go home with money for himself. The government needs to do something without
  9. Very good point. A little fact for you all, when Unit23 skatepark opened in Dumbarton, youth crime dropped by 55% in 3 years...Not bad.
  10. As would a well designed and well made skatepark in a decent location. Skatepark committy has money of its own mind you. Legion not good enough for pool etc?
  11. Yeah excellent idea, use the money for something useful like this which is popular in the whole Shetland especially the villages and isles, instead of a skateboard ramp or something which will be used by 5 people twice. I do belive a skateboard ramp or park would be used a lot more than that and by a lot more people.
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