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  1. sounds about right. unfortunately the hydro is one of the better places in terms of deals. other places you could try would be Bolts (in the Tollclock) or George Robertsons (across the road from the Golden Coach). You'll probably find though that they are very much more expensive than sooth, and not that interested in matching prices - "freight charges" apparently. Littlewoods certainly used to deliver anything you wanted to your door for £3.95. They had a nice little disclaimer that said delivery to the isles might take longer than the quoted time - it was very hit and miss, sometimes you got it quicker than you thought you would, other times it took ages longer. I think most of the sooth shops would deliver, just watch what you're going to pay for delivery.
  2. We bought all our cars from the Central Garage in Brae until we moved Sooth. We had a C2 from them last, and had no major problems with it, other than a fuel filter not working properly, which wasn't a big deal. Their overall service is brilliant, no other word for it. The C2 was a great wee car - slightly inconvenient when you were taking passengers in the back as they have to climb in through the front door, but that's just minor. There's a surprising amount of room in them - I got a flat packed dining room table and 6 chairs in our one with tons of room to spare, and I think we managed a washing machine too at one point. We had an SX model, which had the stereo, air conditioning etc, and it was very comfortable - we did look at the basic model too, but it was really basic. As to the comments about Citroens - we've had a Saxo, a C2 and now a C3 over the last seven or eight years, and the only problems we've had have been minor. Hope this helps.
  3. lec


    Was speaking to someone last night who works with people with learning disabilities. Under the single status, they stand to lose £3 an hour. Surely it's people at the sharp end who should be seeing the increases? Having seen what this person does day in day out, I can understand entirely why they are not happy at the prospect. Sadly, they are saying that if it goes through, they will be looking for something else. It's not about the money, it's about your job being valued, and taking that amount off an hour sends a pretty good message about how valued your work is compared to others.
  4. Fjool - have you tried contacting the banking ombudsman about the Smile carry on? Doesn't matter how many times I read it, I just can't work out how they could get away with that. There was a rep from the ombudsman on watchdog and he seemed to be pretty anti bank attitude, so you might get somewhere with that. Only other thing I can think of is contacting some of the national press. bad publicity might do wonders...
  5. I don't see any difference between horse, cat or dog and cow, pig, sheep or hen. It's all meat at the end of the day. Mind you, I grew up on a farm so maybe I had the reality of where meat came from brought home to me at an early age? I think if more people actually realised where meat came from, and what is done to it before it turns up in the nice packet in Tescos, the quality of meat available would improve drastically.
  6. there's also Choi-Kwan-Do in Clickamin - it's similar to Tai Kwon Do. They're very happy to accept beginners - their website is here: http://www.shetlandckd.org.uk/ Have a look at some of the notice boards in Clickamin, they're usually pretty good for information. If you're really brave, there was a climbing club on the go at one point - they used to hang off the cliffs at Eshaness of an evening.... Good luck!
  7. The new one for (I think) Trident chewing gum. It's just a really rubbish advert. Worryingly though, I am finding myself getting more irate every time I see it and I don't know why....
  8. Saw Blood Diamond at the weekend. Very good indeed. Great cast, good plot and no cop out at the end. Made you think too. Pity that Forest Whitaker pretty much has the Oscar sewed up for his Idi Amin - DiCaprio should have got something for either this or The Departed this year (and don't get me started on how he was cheated for What's Eating Gilbert Grape...)
  9. lec


    Hula Hoops! Saw a small child with a packet the other day and the stress he was under trying to eat them off his fingers without biting himself was priceless!!
  10. lec


    Thank you! Tried the microwave method last night, very nice indeed! Next question - what is the correct name for carrots and neeps mashed together? I always thought it was clapshot, but according to the BBC website, tatties and neeps together are 'Orkney clapshot' and they don't mention carrots at all?!
  11. lec


    I like both vegatarian and meat haggis, but didn't know you could do anything other than boil them - could someone tell me how long you roast them for / what temperature etc?
  12. I always mind my granny telling me that she had her left arm tied to her side at school so she had to learn to write with her right hand. That would have been in the 1920s I think?
  13. and will learn to spell Njugle in future - sorry!
  14. Agree with Nugle - they're using a council service so should pay for it. A lot of people who might not want to own / run a car need to have one precisely because the public transport system is not developed enough to cater for their needs. If anyone deserves a reduction in council tax it's them! But I do think that people who do not use council services as much (eg people who mostly recycle so use refuse collection less) should get some form of reduction from that part of the tax. Some sort of "pay as you use" type thing?
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