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    Moto GP

    truly excellent. Didna see it until Tuesday night as we wir doon at Knockhill fur da BSB races. Really good day oot, canna imagine it's much fun if it rains though... So whit tink you fur dis week in California?
  2. I never did understand why the Cooncil chose to develop Sumburgh at the expense of the Tingwall airstrip. Going back a [good few] years, Manx Air used to fly from Edinburgh to Tingwall, took an hour and a half and then in no more than 3/4 of an hour you could be in Hillswick / Sumburgh or Skeld. Far more convenient than an hour and a half from Sumburgh. I'm a bit biased though, used to bide in Hillswick and did once have to get up for the first flight out of Sumbrugh. NEVER AGAIN!! That's really my main gripe about Sumburgh, that and the "public transport" available if you're heading up and don't have anyone to meet you. You used to be told that the buses waited for the flights, but I've watched more than one head off when the flight was on its descent - it's not as if there's many folk waiting at stops further up that are going to be made late if the bus isn't there on time is it? Suppose it's too late for Tingwall to be resurrected, but agree with Kevin that somewhere west of Lerwick would make far more sense.
  3. lec

    Moto GP

    And Rossi is now riding with a chipped bone in his hand a a dislocated bone somewhere about his ankle after binning it in the free practice this morning... Will any of the top 5 make it to Donington? Hope so, my workmate bought his tickets last week and will be hell to put up with if it goes pearshaped... What amazes me having seen Marco doing a good impression of a hotdog between a Duke and and a Honda is the news that he was going to give free practice a go today and decide as close as possible to the race if he's going to go for it or not. Loris is apparently going for it too - what do they feed them on in Italy, rocks? Seriously, the crash in Barcalona was one a total heartstopper. Every time they replayed it, it got worse. At least we found out that James Ellison has a use though, he was able to tell Randy Mamola what had happened, the Eurosport commentators didn't have much clue. I was told by a mate watching the Beeb coverage that Steve Parish clocked it immediately though. Did you see the fantastic race in Mugello? No wonder Schumaker had an uncomfortable look on his face watching - he wouldn't understand the overtaking principle as entertainment. Biggest compliment I think was Rossi's reaction in the winner's enclosure when he caught up with Loris. Total respect for a great (and clean) battle.
  4. www.shetlandckd.org.uk gives class times, contract details etc oh, and some scary pictures too...
  5. That Sakchai is on his way home. Huge congratulations to Davie, Alistair, Tavish and everyone else who have co-ordinated the huge effort to get this far. I wish you all the very best of luck for the next few weeks, and will be one of the many continuing to send emails to the powers that be to make sure that this isn't forgotten about or swept under the carpet. Would it be possible to put the bank details on this site when it's active?
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