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  1. I just hope he is adept at handling councillors as he has no powers to get rid of them! No he doesnt have any power to get rid of them, but we do. Just a shame we have to wait two years...
  2. We can only hope that the present enquiry will expose the trouble makers on the council enough to knock some hubris out of them. If not, we're just going on the merry-go-round yet again, this time with a different tune playing. As far as I can see from the last two days, it seems there are three real problems. 1) the Convenor is far too weak to control his councilors, 2) Jonathan Wills is exercising his own brand of anarchy in that power vacuum and 3) the councilors dont seem to understand their own job roles or the legal limits of their authority. One obvious improvement would be to get a much tougher convenor in place. One who cant be bullied by his Up Helly A squad for a start.
  3. I hope you all found some time to sit in the gallery and watch the elected numbsculls squirming under the spotlight. What I said at the start of this discussion was hammered home by Dave Clarke this morning who basically stated for the record, "There would have been no settlement if it had not been for the negative press campaign by Jonathan Wills". In short I was right, Jonathan's big mouth DID cost us 250,000. He, was warned several times to keep quiet but he could not control himself. Also Jonathan really showed his true colours on the stand yesterday. Puffed up, vainglorious, spiteful, argogant, condescending, verbose and totally rediculous. Do you think he's learned anything from what happened? Not a chance.
  4. No, he could have got a heck of a lot more.
  5. I like the idea of marrying them all off to the Americans, as long as they start as soon as possible, with Fergie. They could do with a bit of crusty old fringe tugging thrust upon their Godfearing, free asses. Once they're gone, we can build a theme park based on them and feel quaintly sentimental. Like we do about the Middle Ages.
  6. You mean like The Duke of Edinburgh does?
  7. Just as the quality of school leavers exam results might fall under public suspicion in this time of 30% A achievement. I wonder do the queens accolades mean anything any more? If any Mr Plod can pick one up after a completely average (or even less so) career in politics, what is the point of them? In fact what is the point of British Royalty? Are they not an outdated, rediculous, Anglo-imperial, out of touch means of controling public appeal? Moreover, does everyone who gets an OBE actually deserve one? If not, then they are effectively meaningless? What do you think about this topic?
  8. I have no idea how I became the author of this topic. It seems to have been going on for years. I only joined Shetlink this month....
  9. That I don't know the Auditor. I don't even know his name. Understanding how much training, ability and dedication it takes to become an Auditor I'm fairly sure he's done an excellent job and doesn't deserve what's happening. I was just merely speculating about what leverage they might use and what weapons they have. Not having unified the accounts would be one. They are bound to go for someone's throat. However, after thinking about it a bit further, if I was him, I would stand firm. I dont believe they can sack him. Shetland needs him to stay where he is, so I hope he wears his iron underpants to the hearing.
  10. I understand your fears on this but having the politicians sit on their hands while Civil Servants burn at the stake is no solution. If they dont want the accounts to be unified they should fight it out in Hollyrood or in the high court. The problem is they will lose because the charities are linked to the council. They fund projects that councils normally fund and the Trustees are Councillors. If they really want to have them unconnected then they will have to change how they are doing things now. Doing nothing is not going to work for much longer. They could lose their charitable status and have to pay tax. Thats a whole lot of tax if the goverment really wants to play dirty.
  11. (** mod edit - topic merged to existing - please use the "Post Reply" button and not the "New Topic" button! **) The percentage of council workers per head of population on Shetland is well above the national average. In fact the council is the biggest employer on the island. It's obvious that, in this time of financial crisis, Shetland Council will be a soft target for job cuts and that it will have an impact on life here. I've read and heard a lot of angry rhetoric recently mostly aimed at council workers. Yes, I agree with some that a few at the very top who are not actually earning their pay, probably deserve to be let go. Insert your own favorite here...... But the fact is many innocent hard-working people will also be out of a job. Instead of all this in-fighting and political bickering shouldn't our politicians be doing something help develop or attract new jobs to the island. What have they actually done for us in the last 6 months (apart from gossip with press)? Lets see some real results.
  12. (** mod edit - new thread merged with existing thread **) There will be an Inquisition held on the 28th of June regarding Shetland's Council's failure to unify their auditied accounts with those of the Shetland Charities Audited accounts. The problem is as follows:- After many years of arguing that the charities are seperate legal entities and can not have their accounts unified with the council's the Scottish Governing body has ruled that they must be unified and wont discuss it further. All other council linked charities around Britain seem to have accepted and complied but Shetland has so far refused. The problem is. The heavies from the mainland are arriving on the 28th to exert pressure on various council staff for failing to unify those accounts. They could even force staff to quit. The Auditor would seem to me to be an obvious potential victim here. However, the council staff have no legal authority over the charities. The trustees of the charities are actually the elected members of the council and they dont want to unify the accounts. They understanably dont want to put their necks on the line for a change that seems to have no benefit to the charities and, despite confirmation from the Charities Commission than no harm will happen, some unknown future risk. Civil Servants have no authority over politicians, therefore, how can they force the charities to unify their accounts with the council's accounts? As far as I can predict the outcome seems to be that Shetland might lose its Auditor and then be completely unable to find another, since which auditor would willingly ruin their reputation by taking on an absolutely suicidal job such as this? The problem is rediculous really if you stand back and look at it. The politicians in Scotland are demanding unified accounts and are hitting the Shetland Island civil servants on the head with a stick hoping if they do it long enough and hard enough somehow it will solve the problem, when in fact what they need to do is go directly to the trustees (i.e. the politicians of Shetland) and hit them long and hard until it they do as they are told. I predict a bloodbath followed by a protracted court case and in the end the Charities will unify but along the way, it will cost the Shetland people millions. The politicians yet again, by sitting on their hands and failing to apply their brains to finding a solution that both complies with the audit laws and protects the charities further have caused another rediculous event. This one will not be cheap.
  13. When the contract is complete can they leave the barge for us?
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