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  1. Anyone else think gorden Brown looks like the future scottish first minister I had no time for him as pm , but no doubt he won the the battle for the UK Edd millewatsit was hopeless as ever But I think a man is lining up a future job would first minister Brown be a bad thing?
  2. Love the comments from Brian Smith on the shetland times web site today It proves the saying It's best to keep your mouth closed and look an idiot , than to open it and dispell and doubt
  3. Behave Alex and Nicola are Scotland's Arthur scargill they are willing to sell out the people for a a place in history Shetlands vote won't swing the result but it can leave a door open for our future, a high no vote will leave us options to go it solo or rejoin the UK If all the queues of people warning us are correct If we are split 50/ 50 And we do go independent shetland is screwed we will have nailed our wonderful shetland flag to the saltire flagpole Shetland vote no and leave a door a little ajar to peek through
  4. At last it looks like we are seeing the snp smoke and mirrors I was thinking Alex would get to the end without showing his secrets But if anyone thinks only a brass plaque will move down south and nothing else, they will think you can saw a lady in half
  5. According to the SNP there was no need for their MPs to be there as the bedroom tax is an English matter. The SNP has used the Scottish parliament's funds to abolish it in Scotland. That's like saying I don't like something but not prepared to do anything about it or as is also known the white paper on independence
  6. Love b Smith comments on a parliament voting How many of the snp members turned up this week to vote on one of there favourite topic the bedroom tax Was it 2 out of 6 And the last vote in the Scottish parliament was a vote on removing tridant IF it was a yes vote ,so that was a vote for something that might never happen , no wonder 1 in 4 children are in poverty Two lost chance for utopia two more
  7. Well all this talk of default on the UK debts even Wonga won't lend Scotland money after these comments it shows the immaturity of the current Scottish government , if it is a yes vote the S.N.P will be found out no one in Westminster to hide behind , and blame for all the wrongs in the world , if it's a no vote you can bet every small issue will be someone else's fault or lack of powers
  8. I can think of 25 million reasons and one ,why a currency union won't work 25 million English Welsh and northern Irish citizens won't bail out a foreign country banks if the cash machines run dry would the Scots do the same if the situation was reversed And the one main reason is Alex salmon he would have to agree with very strict rules agreed with the rest of the UK and that man would argue a badger was pink even if one was sat in front of him Any way scotland is already threatening to default on it debts would you lend money to someone who said they may not pay you back its bonkers It's
  9. Thanks benjiboy I've told my clan to stay away from it I may ask the council if they are aware of it hate to think something serious happened with kids on holiday its more than an eye sore pleased I don't overlook it Someone else has told me it was his latest raft maybe he's sailing away bigger islands to invade
  10. HI does anyone know what and who is building something at longwell in cunningsburgh it looks like it made from old pallets in the water , I had to warn some children from playing in it this morning it's looks like a bit of a death trap , worried it may hurt some young folk
  11. Are more fancy picture painting , if anyone thinks a new country with no history of borrowing will pay the same as Germany is deluding themselves and others . I don't think it will pay much more but even half of one percent will affect us Then not one mention of Scotland having to borrow money from someone else but want to set up a oil fund Would anyone out there go to your bank manager and ask to borrow money every month to set up a savings account it's utter madness And as ever if's it will just the same as before if we vote yes ,if so why vote yes?
  12. I think that's a poor respond , I also think it will need many more millions pumping in to break even Millions that would have helped poverty Maybe use tax raising powers 3p in the pound would help Maybe use a rise in council tax to help Maybe reduce the r.e.t. to the isles Maybe stop millionaires getting free prescriptions and university education Maybe that whould have no one to blame , wouldn't win votes
  13. Or buy loss making airports and then promise to increase revenues by improving the duty free offer Oh and push for minimum pricing on alcohol If in doubt blame Westminster
  14. Does anyone know the history of Sinclair's yard in Fladdabister a small kale yard with stone dykes Next to the old Sunday school
  15. Try the catalogue company Very the just had a corner suite delivered to cunningsburgh for £6.95 Very happy arrived in under a week also an American fridge freezer for same cost
  16. Hi does anyone know a company that does soakaway percolation tests
  17. just heard Tavish on the radio wanting home rule for Shetland is is the 1st of April early he clearly isnt spending much time on the island lately the council is spending silly even after a full year of cuts this year the overspend is the same as last it takes years to decide if lights need turning off unless its road crossing lights then it takes years to repair try dealing with the council roads or planning takes an age folk deperate to hang on to jobs for a few more years even the councillors cant find out what property they own and rents paid on them in under a year surely that job need to
  18. Just burnt a paper from 13th jan 2012 page 7 is a great articile stating the sic new 1.1 million pound cable will be ready in weeks from lerwick to maywick capable of delivering 25mps download speeds did this ever happen was it money well spend was it weeks as in more than 54 weeks is this happening now and we are missing out i remember being stuck behind the ditch witch for weeks anyone know???
  19. dont waste your time ring the roads dept they are a law unto them self ive never seen so may do so little for so few a boys club
  20. Hi does anyone know what hours the night rate charge for econ 7 im on econ10 that has different hours
  21. tonydog


    40 jobs how many staff what a joke more non jobs paid by the council tax if it cant run off its own back close it , the interveiw on the radio sounded like they were trying to push the council into a corner well let hope they grow a set and push back
  22. its only about money he`s only interested in not paying his way he`s wont have to pay court cost after this loss he wont pay car tax mot etc even credit card debt`s if he wont pay then lets hope he wont use the nhs the roads and all the other things taxes pay for none of us like paying them but we have to grow up stuart
  23. does anyone know if the king of a unnamed island still has an elephant i wont name him or the disputed island or this post may dissapear as well [*** Mod Edit - to make a bit more sense ***]
  24. good luck with building a new house and being a newcommer this council is so anti deveolpment and if the name don`t fit last year the roads dept was to busy with yarl squad planning to worry about pushing for development planning officers are now quite they drag out simple plans to justify drawing a wage and land even a a square foot of land is fought over by neighbours from miles away with fence posts drawn at noon this council is cut 1st (but not staff they are 1 third voters) blame others oh should we think about growth?
  25. look at battery powered ferries large up front cost windpower the charge of them reduce the roads service and planning dept both are overstaffed looking at the time and ammount of people its taken to ditch out around us sub contract road works no Ni tax hols island allowance and no doubt twice the work done with half the workforce reduce planning officers no more plans coming in for sheds small extentions etc they must be sat on their hands stop posting skip lists in shops (stop flytipping from local handymen etc)
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