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  1. Hi all, Need a recommendation for a drainage firm please We have drainage ditches surrounding our house that runs into a main pipe under next doors driveway. The pipe has become blocked (think an animal made its home in it) so thanks to said blockage we have lovely stagnant water building up! Need a firm to blast it for us as we've tried rods etc etc but had no luck. Any info will be gratefully received Jackie & Tim
  2. Thank you Stoom-on I'll give him a call on Monday
  3. Hi Sharney, We discussed this as an option for our kitchen. One of our neighbours recommended it to us due to our rooms being so small….. They love theirs!
  4. I must admit I'm a 'put a jumper on' kinda lady…. Have always lived in cold houses, which means I'm coping rather well with just 2 storage heaters and my trusty oil rayburn (can't run heating from it) My electric bill wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, thankfully! This is mainly due to me being tight I'm still undecided, as we've coped really well with what we have…. Many thanks for all your replies. Jackie
  5. Hi, I need an electrician asap... Any recommendations Many thanks in advance, Jackie
  6. At Last: My friend told me to call SBS Logistics in Lerwick, they took my order etc etc - EASY PEASY!
  7. Thanks for the info much appreciated….
  8. I'm as confused as you :/ I went to do the order as normal - 'No deliveries to Shetland'. I called Argos as I know there's an Argos depot in Lerwick I was then instructed to find out the info for 'Ship to Me', ring Argos back to place my order, they get in touch with 'Ship to Me', I then have to wait for a phone call to be told the order is on the island…… ermmmmm I found the info for the Channel Islands but what on earth have they got to do with Shetland? Totally Bonkers!
  9. *Bangs my head in Frustration* Asking for help once again! I'm trying to place an order through Argos….. Apparently I need the address, postcode and phone number for 'Ship to Me', why don't Argos have it Any info gratefully received. Many thanks, Jackie
  10. We do have double glazing and the walls are well insulated - I'll go on the hunt for the size you've advised Thank you so much for your help. Jackie
  11. Firstly, I apologise because I know I'm being lazy by not googling for the answer I got a bit bogged down with all the info! I have 2 rooms 4x3.5 metres, what size/wattage storage heaters would be suitable for this size of room? Thanks for any advice given xx (***Mod Edit - Moved to Consumer Advice & Resources***)
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