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  1. Been pricing it up. Be cheaper to go abroad !! I find that shocking. We live in Scotland, its not til you start looking within Scotland , you realise the day light robbery upon tourists to Scotland! Rather by it!
  2. That is so so strange! So much for wishing to bring tourists etc...... You would have thought the places would be trying to drag you in , esp at xmas/new year time. so I therefore assume shetland is a no go zone in xmas/new year?
  3. Myself and partner are looking to come up to Shetland over Xmas and New Year. Can anybody pont me in the direction of a good self catering place, prefer in or around Lerwick? Trying to price it up. No doubt be a fortune as during the year we've found taking a holiday within Scotland is a costly! Some places I know and to be honest rather shocked, Robbery for tourists. Thanks
  4. If a Police Officer stops and speaks to you alone, happy days!! In my area so many pcs just on probation, have not go a clue! In the situation given . You're lucky you were not jailed for a Breach. Best would be to give what you are required in law and say nothing, not even no comment!
  5. Never thought of that. However unsure what Tenancy agreement be. Rather annoying that the idea of moving for 6 months to discover if we wish to move up all together is looking rather bleak. I assume the housing register with the council will be jam packed? Somewbody told me to just go and declare homeless!!! As I have medical issues they have to cover me by Law. That option is not one that appeals.
  6. I have managed to trace the lady in question. So happy !!!
  7. Why such stupid money for a one bed place!? I could get cheaper for Glasgow and in my area(Ayrshire). I assume it is down to demand various other factors? Think this will really place a block on us as I would not feel good paying this amount per month for a one bedroom place. another option is a swap as we currently live in a council place. However we've tried this months ago via Home swapper and found that the people in shetland wish to move within Shetland. So that draw a blank.
  8. Myself and my Boyfriend are thinking of moving up for 6 months at first and see. Never been and think the best way is private lket for 6 months and see where it takes us.
  9. you can NOT take a Police Officer to court for harrasment as he/she stopped you all the time. The Law gives Police protection for this! As long as the stop has justification. Cant mind a case, but have came across this as a Law student.
  10. All the police forces have a dog section. They have dogs trained for a specific roles ie drugs, bombs or drugs, guns and cash. At times dogs trained for dual purpose.
  11. Thanks for the replys. I got a PM telling me how much roughly we would be renting a one bedroom in Lerwick, expensive!! As we don't drive we've focused on Lerwick. Any other areas that we could move to that would be fine in terms of Public Transport?
  12. Can anybody help in pointing the right direction to get a private let in Shetland? Ideal Lerwick as we don't drive. Any sites we've looked at it is houses for sale. Also how much do you think it would be a for a 1 or 2 bedroom house/flat? Thanks
  13. Saying it was in that week I had emailed them, that being 21st June. I had a look online buy can not see anything.
  14. 21st June email from Shetland Times said it would be published on the Monday. However tad confussed as was told the paper is out on a Friday.
  15. The Shetland Times got back and said it appeared in last weeks as a letter, anybody got last weeks paper at all?
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