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  1. We think the council should have really thought about this first before making a decission! The councilors also should have asked for our oppinions on it. And before you say we would of all said against it anyway, yes that would be correct but the pupils, teachers and members of the public also have idea's on what we could do about it instead of shutting our school. There is some very bright ideas going around about this and a lot of it is not getting heard at all!! Having bigger classes at the Anderson means the teachers will also have less control over the pupils. What makes people think that this is going to improve or help in anyway? All of the pupils, at the Anderson, Skerries and Scalloways grades could fall, which doesnt look very good for our communities and it certainly doesnt give the pupils the best possible options for their futures.
  2. Firstly, do not patronise us. Secondly, closing the school won't just be about bigger class sizes, it would permenantly damage the community, Shetland should be proud of its good education and junior highs, not trying to close them.
  3. This is not the reason they have been losing money, they probably spend more keeping the leaking Anderson open when there really should be a new school. And dont tell me you've forgotten about the £200 odd million they spent to pay off Dave Clark. Scalloway is a perfectly affordable school, there is no evidence that shows otherwise. The kids at Scalloway are paying for it. We will have to lose our school, and the community will have to pay for it too, what new families will want to move there if we lose our secondary? Least painfull? This will affect everyone, not just kids from Scalloway. As it was said before, the kids at Anderson will have even bigger classes and there will be even more pressure to build a new school quickly.[/u]
  4. The teaching ratio at Scalloway has been affordable for many years. So why has it now been decided we cannot continue to have this education? Probably because the council has run out of money. But why should the children at Scalloway be the ones to pay for that?
  5. Scalloway school is in amongst some of the top schools in shetland. With almost half of the pupils achieving credit grades. Scalloway school gives pupils the best possible chance to achieve the best that they can in later life. With a wide range of extra ciricullar activities, offering a wide range of subjects the pupils are highly educated and happy with the way they are at this moment.
  6. We would like to hear your views on the closure of scalloway school! If you would, please write and comment and say what you would like to happen with this. All your oppinions and ideas are welcome and would help greatly!!! We would also like it if you joined our facebook group. thank you
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