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  1. Thought provoking point, fina. Whatever brand of faith one has it certainly changes ones view on death. Of itself I am pro medical advances just as I am all the other advances that make life easier. But you are correct in my view that when death is inevitable it should be accepted with good grace. Ghostrider. You are an incorrigible old curmudgeon. I love it, keep flying the flag
  2. Partly agree and so feel suitably admonished. However I would not take the point that it is solely the responsibility of the individual. We live in complex societies and all pay our taxes so it is not unreasonable to expect governments at all levels to make wise decisions on our behalf. i am in a high risk group, age wise, and am philosophical about whatever outcome. Living on one of the smaller islands I thought it would be easier to isolate the whole community rather than selected individuals. This idea did not earn widespread support. I take no relish in others suffering but if those who rejected my plea then suffer personal loss they may care to reflect upon the consequences of their actions as must we all. Now then, a question. If the government brings in self isolation for all over 70s then as a 70 yo am I outside of this category. and, does isolation mean within four walls or can one go into ones garden, Croft or whatever?
  3. “Schools closed for operational reasons”. So much for openness and transparency. I may have to self stop paying my council tax for reasons of international, geopolitical security!
  4. The String is closing. What a loss. Best wishes to the staff. It’s the best eatery in Lerwick. Go there before it’s too late.
  5. How good is this place! Polite service, good food and superior tonic water and good gin. Ticks all my boxes. Makes the long haul from Fetlar to Lerwick for shopping a real pleasure.
  6. Ah rabbits! Another introduced species. Such things seldom end well. Here on Fetlar we have no rats, stoats or polecats. Occasionally rabbits become common but then there’s an outbreak of myxomatosis and for three or four years you’d be hard pushed to find a rabbit. In fact the only ones I’ve seen this year have a small warren on the Tresta Links. The authorities are currently working hard to prevent, or swiftly respond to, alien introductions. The rare bird life on Fetlar could be decimated if stoats got in. As birds account for a lot of our tourist revenue this could be a blow to the community. It is hard though not to feel warmly towards the odd hedgehog snuffling about. A tin of cat food soon sees them on their way with full bellies. Human double standards huh!
  7. Shetland hens are said to be a strain developed from crosses between South American Araucanas and local fowl hence a tappit on the head and the blue green eggs. If I repeat such a mating can I sell the pullets as Shetlands?
  8. Thanks for that. I don't get out much, you know!
  9. Following this topic with interest. Enjoying the diversity of views. Personally I'm always wary of yet more fora, discussion groups and quangos. Do we not already have adequate representation? For example there are 22 elected members on SIC. Three of these are from the North Isles ward. That is a good representation per head of the population. Then each island has a Community Council where those representatives are residents of their respective islands. In both cases the members of the respective groups are both approachable and open to listening to their electorates. Have they been made aware of your concerns? Energy, ferries and school provision are, as the three examples given, all of great importance to island communities. It is my understanding that the ferry plans (so far) propose negligible change. Energy is a Shetland wide concern and it is hard to see that Yell, Unst and Fetlar would have unique issues with regard to this. And school closures are uniquely issues for the communities concerned as these relate to population changes, distance from the next nearest school and the availability of link buses. It seems to me that working with the existing recognised structures is the way forward and only if these fail to meet community needs should we consider new structures.
  10. Not me but as a hen enthusiast I think they have a flock at Burland Croft on Trondra.
  11. Yes. Obviously not the clump of elder behind it. (Thanks for providing that).
  12. I would be only too happy to photograph it were it not in its dormant period. However having never photographed it before then I would not be able to prove it is not spreading. But for anyone who lives in, visits or otherwise has familiarity with Fetlar it is just near the phone box outside the shop. In answer to your theory about the climate I would agree wholeheartedly about average temperatures. But wind speed and duration is much greater here and I think this could be the factor that tempers the invasiveness of such a soft tissued, broadleafed plant.
  13. There has been a clump of JK of about 12 sq.ft on Fetlar for at least ten years. It does not spread and provides a patch of green-ness on a small area of waste land. Though this invasive weed is a problem down South I suspect that the Shetland climate would not allow it to become so here.
  14. DizzyKipper, so glad you said The Waltons. Could never stomach going to church so watched The Waltons every Sunday morning for the spiritual, saccharine-coated equivalent. Drew the line at Little House on the Prairie though. Used to hope when I watched the opening credits that Lindsay Sydney Greenbush would break her neck this time!
  15. Why? We're very friendly and its years since we last ate a tourist!
  16. Oh Dratsy, now your talking. Gets my vote!
  17. So you haven't heard about the fourth wise man and the gift of a cucumber then?
  18. Loved gin ever since my mother tried to abort me 62 years ago whilst sat in a hot bath swigging a bottle. But there's gin and then there's gin. So Hendricks Gin and the glasses kept in the freezer, good 'full fat' tonic kept in the fridge, a slice of cucumber and no, repeat NO, ice in the G and T. The odd olive to nibble is good too!
  19. Eagerly awaited, bitterly disappointed! Possibly the most pretentious rubbish that I have ever sat through. How could so many actors of such ability shoot themselves in the foot by appearing in this. Brad Pitt has the distinction of having been in my favourite film of all time (Fight Club) and this twaddle!
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