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  1. I've never seen this before.....It explains everything. ' There have been reports that Bin Laden has been moving around the area on horseback' LOL The american tanks better watch out for that !!! A horse can give a hoor of a kick. In all fairness he's likly just nippin out for a loaf.
  2. ^^ LOL…Yeh right enough KOY.. This was all devised and orchestrated by a man living in a cave.
  3. A very difficult question to answer from a band who has written so many diverse songs. Got to be Heartbreaker. Page’s riff is pure style.
  4. Fanman

    Download Festival

    Or Korn for Faith No More !!
  5. My son likes 'bullet for my valentine' I'm a techno head me sell !!
  6. The mighty Celts do it again with the last kick of the ball. Celtic 3 Aberdeen 2 How frustrating for the poor Dons.
  7. Another person needing to get out a bit more ^^ Good wrist technique ???
  8. My god Bri ^^^^^ Your needing to get out more.
  9. Fanman


    Absolutely Teenie !! Canna wait !!
  10. Send them to their room and ask them to think about why you have done so. Once you both calm down your then in a place to speak about it. It's worked fine with my two.
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