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  1. Used to visit the castle at lunch time while attending SJHS in the mid to late 80s. It wasn't locked then, but I think they began locking it after kids started jumping out the second story windows for fun.
  2. I was wondering what the reaction to her editorials would be like. I have read several of them online and having been in her shoes where I had to adjust to the lifestyle change from Scotland to the US, I have found it quite interesting.
  3. We don't have as many flavours as you do for crisps over here in the states, but our soda (or fizzy drink or pop or whatever you want to call it) has become quite ridiculous. I went into one of the fast food places here (Taco Bell) and they had about 8 choices. The only 2 normal choices were diet pepsi and pepsi. Everything else was something I had never heard of before...Baja Blast? As far as crisps go, I still long for smith square cheese and onion or salt and vinegar!
  4. I am just happy for Sachai that he has been able to experience the support that he has because it would be sad for him to have to go back to Thailand to a place where he really doesn't know. I moved to Shetland around the same age as Sachai and went through primary and secondary school there and even though it wasn't the most ideal experience growing up, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I was able to experience so many things that I wouldn't have been able to had I grown up in the states.
  5. I agree that people often have a hard time when they relocate to new areas and that is something that I have done quite a lot in my lifetime. The place that we, as a family, had the hardest time being accepted was shetland. I don't know if this bothers you, but that is my experience with shetland. Like I said before, I hold no resentment because I have several generations of family from there going back to great, great grandaparents. I was just sharing my alternate perspective in response to the original poster (who's opinion is based on "save sachai").
  6. I have to admit that when I first learned of the Sachai situation, I was quite surprised, but not in a bad way. I was just happy that someone from the outside with seemingly little association (no blood relatives) to shetland was being supported in such a warm way. I thought that things must be quite different than they were when I was there. Now reading about your circumstance I can see that it seems to be situational type thing and it probably depends on your friends more so than your roots.
  7. My mum and her parents were native shetlanders, but my dad and siblings were always referred to as "yanks". I would say that my sister and I were welcomed more so than my father was since we grew up with the other kids. My parents both tried to be involved in the local youth club and various other activities in Nesting, but it just seemed that my father was always on the outside looking in (especially in nesting). He was involved with sports in lerwick and seemed to be more accepted there.
  8. My family, not including my mother, were never really welcomed in Shetland and I would have to imagine that had I been in the same situation as Sachai, there would have been no "save skellister" rally . Just from reading these forums and various news articles, it seems that Mr. Makao managed to penetrate his way into the local clique and has almost been adopted as a local! Good for him. I don't hold any resentment towards the people of Shetland because I know that is just they way it is and probably always has been. I still think fondly of my time in Shetland and I know that I will return one day to show my family where I grew up.
  9. Jack Johnson on iTunes. Someone at work has shared their iTunes library.
  10. "Arguing on the Internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded." Anonymous
  11. Pressing Alt+F4 can get rid of this "white noise" Actually, Ctrl + W works better to control (Ctrl) the white (W) noise.
  12. I understand what you're saying pooks. I never thought they would build a new school in nesting myself. I am sure the population hasn't grown enough there to warrant a new building. If anything I thought the school would be closed down by now due to lack of students.
  13. I attended nesting primary in the early 80s and I can say that I don't think I received much of a educational foundation there and when I first attended Scalloway JHS I felt that I was behind other pupils coming in from various primary schools. Although we had a high pupil/teacher ratio at nesting, something was lacking. It is interesting to know that a new school was built. While I was there, there were 2 teachers (primary 1-4 and Primary 5-7 in separate porta-cabins), and 1 full time cook. One teacher in particular was more interested in music than teaching maths, english, and science.
  14. That may very well be true, but why would they not strive to practice to perfection for their live performaces as well?
  15. I saw them a few years ago at an outdoor venue near Washington, DC and I am sad to say they were terrible. They sounded very, very bad and you wouldn't have even known that it was them.
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