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  1. Has anyone else noticed that folk driving people carriers seem to be in a dreadful rush all of the time? Every time I drive in and out of Lerwick (always sticking on the speed limit) I get overhauled by a people carrier doing at least 80. Ford Focus C Max's and Galaxy's are generally the worst offenders. I know a person that has a C Max and they are always boasting that it has 180HP. Well, big deal! That's for lugging a boot full of shopping and 6 folk home with, not for seeing how fast you can push it! It's as if they are tying to make up for the fact the have bought the motoring equivalent of corduroy trousers. If you are carrying your kids you should be driving sensibly, and none of this "I'm a safe speed driver" rubbish. It doesn't scan.
  2. I'm pretty sure it was the LPA that decided where the barge was going to be sited, not Total. It isn't the prettiest but to be honest it doesn't bother me over much. I don't go out on the raz any more in the town (being a daddy and boring old fart) so can't comment on the night life impact.
  3. Can anyone help here, trying to post a pic using the format below but it doesn't seem to show up! Obviously I'm not doing it right. http://www.flickr.com/photos/98149912@N08/9150614628l
  4. How do you attach a pic from your computer on here?
  5. It was reminiscent of a scene from "Come Fly with Me"! British beuracracy at its best.
  6. Just had a strange experience when landing at Aberdeen this morning. The plane pulled up at the international arrivals stand and we were herded towards the UK border checkpoint. There was much confusion and muttering from the other passengers (and myself). Has there been a Coup? Someone remarked. The immigration officials seemed as mystified as the rest of us. The head bloke was spluttering that you couldn't come through without a passport, one of the more sensible immigration ladies suggested that a drivers licence would be sufficient. One of the passengers obviously decided that he had come to the wrong area and started walking back out of the room only to be yelled back by the ever more flustered head bloke. Eventually the sensible lady just started calling people forward and checking whatever ID they had on them whilst her boss spluttered and fumed demanding to know what was going on. Does anyone know what legal rights you would have in this situation, obviously you can be asked for ID, but what if you only had a student card? That may not necessarily show your nationality. I did actually have my passport on me but I was damned if I was going to show it!
  7. I live in Mossbank and am in Brae a lot, haven't seen any trouble. Lets be honest here, there were fights and other issues before the gas plant started to be built, it's not like the mid brae inn and lights were havens of virtue before 2012! My only complaint is the twits that pull out in front of me coming from the sella ness camp then proceed at 40 mph all the way to Brae! I'm sure they think the whole area from brae to Sullom Voe is their building site.
  8. I am sure there are some loonies up in hillswick that think they are witches, there is suppose to be a druid up there too. Takes all sorts!
  9. That can be a tad OTT IMHO. You can get blinded by the headlights reflecting on the rainy surface - something my driving instructor pointed out. Look at how many rainbows we get up here, for example - cloudy, raining yet bright sunshine! There seems to be some in Shetland who put their headlights, never mind fog lights, on for the teeny weeniest bit of cloud cover and others who never put them on even when blooming pitch black! I admit that having a light coloured car I'll put mine on when the light starts to fade but seriously, I've seen headlights on in total broad daylight with the sun shining and everything, and no, these were on older cars and not models with the automatic ones. I can understand that, to be honest. I have to admit I automatically switch the lights on as soon as I start the engine! Next car will have day light running lights... Fog lights however only go on when required.
  10. My driving instructed always said if you need your wipers on you should have your lights on.
  11. There are so many folk out there that seem to think it is necessary to switch on their fog lights as soon as they get in their cars. Not sure if they think it makes them look "cool" or it is just plain ignorance. There are also the tubes that don't switch them on when they should. Like most things, unless there is a crack down nothing will change. Very hard to change bad habits.
  12. Never had cause to complain about the fort, can hardly walk past the place without going in! Some folk are never happy.
  13. Kids have always done stupid and thoughtless things. Bottom Line- they need a smack then made to sit down in front of the families they have affected and explain themselves. They might learn that actions have consequences. There are no consequences now for misbehaviour, teachers and support workers are scared to even give verbal warnings for fear of reprisals (either from false allegations or stupid violent parents). I ken what my grandpa would have said about this (he was a policeman) - If he had caught the kids he would have given them a smack round the side of the head then dragged them to their parents who would have made damn sure that they were punished.
  14. The thing is, folk rarely think of going to the Legion unless they are a member. The committee needs to advertise its opening hours and admissions policy much better. I don't know what it is. A few pieces in the Shetland times over a 5 or 6 weeks, put out some flyers. What is the policy for non-members anyway? Can anyone walk in on a Thursday/Friday night for a pint? Whats that saying? Adapt or Perish? Look at other Shetland institutions that died off due to clinging to the past - Clives for one.
  15. You sad sad person. There are over 400 different species of mammal that exhibit homosexual behaviour. Also, male black swans have been known to pair for life. They even steal eggs from other nests to raise young (the young of the mail pairs are statistically more likely to survive to adulthood by the way). So to say homosexuality is not normal is just showing that you have no clue at all about nature.
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