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  1. Heya guys as I promised here's a 2hr 40min live mix of me last nite on www.subbassfm.com . Feel free 2 download.... hope u enjoy all da best xxx
  2. No worries .... Yeah can be crazy at times talking to the chat room reading pms n receiving txts for shout outs all while trying 2 mix ....but its all good n fun
  3. oh n a lift there n a lift back home lol
  4. Thx again zebbidy n Num 7 for locking on.....hope u both enjoyed n be back again also Twerto hope 2 see u back again 2 xxx
  5. Big Upz DnB Lovers.....It's Thursday nite again........Catch me DJ Flutter only on www.subbassfm.com 10pm-12am join me in chat for live shout outs n lots of giggles ) hope 2 see you guys in chat again Smile x
  6. Thx Num 7 I try n get some of me mixes post on here sometime. x
  7. Thx guys for locking on hope u enjoyed n be locked on again..... had a laugh with u pair. Give ur selfs a Big Upz x
  8. Big Upz \o/ \o/ I well enjoyed listening to ur mix nice 1..... hope u lock on Subs n come in the chat for a shout out .
  9. LOL Of course u can www.subbassfm.com u should check it out theirs a lot of good Djs n tunes on Subs. My slot is 2nite 10pm-12am \o/ \o/ .
  10. LOL it was the same as jungle n garage (which i still love) it never took off in Shetland. It is a shame cos I do think if some ppl listened 2 a bit of DnB n Dubstep I think they would like it. I also do a bit of hard house, hardcore, old skool happy hardcore,scouse house,trance n funky house. DnB n Dubstep is very big and in down south theirs lots of cds out at the min tesco r selling 1s at the min (bass in yer face), (ministry of sound-the sound of Dubstep) n (Ministry of sound-Addicted to bass) which i see ppl buying so maybe they are hope LOL
  11. Big Upz Twerto good 2 see another DnB lover up n Shetland . I was thinking i was on my own lol. I mix on a live DnB internet radio site. I would love 2 do a spot up here but i don't think theirs enough DnB lovers up here .
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