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  1. Becky


    Hey Stone I'm no airsoft expert (haven't played but have watched a few games). But this website is where my mate goes in South Wales and the site has lots of videos and pics. http://www.dragonvalley.co.uk/
  2. I really like the spoon theory...and I too really miss the wonder that was having a never ending supply of spoons! I suffer from Degenerative Disc Disorder and have just had my first operation to try to relieve some of my leg pain caused by the sciatica I have. So far I'm aware of some improvement, I can move a bit more freely but I still have intense pain and am struggling to wean myself off the huge amount of medication i have been on for the last year. At 27 I find it hard to accept that I can run out of spoons before I get out of the house somedays, and that on those when I am lucky enough not too, I can sometimes find myself using all my spoons for tomorrow before tomorrow comes! I know that I have a slight disability in comparison to others but the effect it has had on my life in the last 14 months or so has been devastating. And currently all I have is the hope that I will feel better for long enough to actually get a job...and maybe even get out and enjoy myself...before I slip another disc! Thanks Malcolm for the link, there's a few folk I know who will benefit from that!
  3. Thanks so much for this...exactly what I was hoping for! B
  4. Hi I was doing one of Lynda's beginners Pilates classes not so long ago, but had to quit due to going in for back operation. I am pretty sure Lynda doesn't run a class in the summer but I was wondering if anyone knew of any classes that do run in the summer. I would also consider Yoga...just something to get me back towards fitness after the operation. Thanks Becky
  5. I hope you're right Fleabee, they are trying the discectomy on me first in the hope I don't need fusion (I'm only 27 and they try not to do it too early). Have you already had the discectomy?
  6. Just found this thread...am being admitted to Ward 9 on Tuesday 2nd. Any more recent advice or "reviews"? How did your recovery go Francis? I'm getting a discectomy on the 4th and I am PETRIFIED!!!
  7. Yeah I failed to get into town due to being in too much pain from my stupid bad back and sat listening to the engaged tone til 9.45 by which time they were sold out. gutted!
  8. So if there are more tickets going on sale on Friday do I phone repeatedly or drag my ass into town and queue at Islesburgh like a moron?
  9. I see what you're saying Shetlandcars but the information on the Loganair operated Flybe flights differs from the standard Flybe flight baggage guidelines which is why I still have some hope that Carlos may be right... I will let you all know tomorrow!!
  10. Cheers Carlos!! £10 i can cope with, if you add that on to all the bargains I bought I'm still better off than shopping at home! Merry Christmas!
  11. Does anyone know what Flybe charge for excess baggage? According to small print on E ticket it is £10 for bags weighing over 20kg...is this one standard charge or is that per kilo over? Anyone ever been charged? I'm heading home from Edinburgh tomorrow and one too many presents is weighing me down (this is a lie...I just shopped WAY too much). Thanks B
  12. Basically the only bit I know for sure is that my uncle sold his house without advertisement through word of mouth...but he (well actually I) did pay for a normal survey to be done which was around £350 anyway by the time they had charged for milleage and such like. But that is around half the price of a home report pack so...it could work out for some. The sale has gone through a lawyer with no problems so I assume this was perfectly legal, however I cannot advise anyone in any proper way as i'm certainly not a lawyer myself, only talking from very limited experience!!
  13. Hi everyone Just been diagnosed with early onset of the above condition, wondered if there were any fellow suffers up here? Becky
  14. I can't find anything online to back up the fact that shetland is exempt...I suspect I may have fallen for an urban myth!! But there are some exemptions, if you google search "Home information pack exemptions" they are listed and I am right about the private sale bit. Hope all goes well. Becky
  15. That price is absolutely correct. I have however, heard that shetland may be exempt from this process, although this has been kept very quiet from house sellers by the surveyors. A friend of mine was told this AFTER she handed over a cheque to a surveyor for a home pack. You should maybe research this a bit further, however, I imagine as a buyer the appeal of a house with a home report supplied in comparison to a property where you have to pay for your own survey would be different. If the house is not going on the open market, i.e. being sold via word of mouth or privately rather than through a lawyer a survey and energy efficiency thing they do is sufficient. That costs around £350. Hope that helps.
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