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  1. Malcom Bruce thinks we shouldn't worry about it, because everyone does this and the SNP. https://soundcloud.com/spectator1828/malcolm-bruce-lots-of-people-in-public-life-tell-lies Someone should remind these people that they are talking to the public.
  2. I have been absent for some years from Shetlink, but I have dusted off my old account to post in my capacity as a committee member of Transition Shetland. We have been in contact with Ghufar throughout the process, he has been nothing but supportive of our plans for the glasshouse - what he said regarding this in the above post is fully in line with our understanding of the situation. The discrepancy between the valuation conducted on our behalf and what Ghufar is willing to accept for the property is only one aspect of our decision to stop pushing forward with the project. The valuati
  3. I really didn't mean to cause any offense with the questions regarding access to electricity, and apologise from me to your colleges if they took it as being condesending because it really wasn't intentional. Currently it is estimated that 2.4 billion people don't have access to modern fuel products and 1.6 billion, about 25%, of the worlds population have no access to electricity. I had recently read these figures and balancing these against what you said it just didn't ring true. That is why asked the questions regarding access to electricity. My questioning of your statement is quite
  4. The law of conservation of energy states: Energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.
  5. Can you please supply some sources for your arguments because it is becoming very difficult to believe some of them for example; a lot more people in the third world are getting food poisoning because they can't afford a fridge to refrigerate their food in, and this is because of the ban on CFCs! This is a new one on me, how many people in the third world have fridges or ever did, and how many even have electricity? Also per capita petroleum production peaked in 1979{1}, I understand you work in the industry, but please explain why oil companies would underestimate the amount of oil they h
  6. So you really are an environmentalist at heart, I agree that you shouldn't take anything that any organisation says without some measure for critical analysis. I also think that there wouldn't be this level of discussion or awareness regarding environmental issues if it wasn't for the green lobby. I actually think we agree on the important issues. If anyone doesn't form arguments based on reasoned study and depends on emotive issues it shouldn't really be tolerated, and this is something both sides can be accused of. If you want to build your case you should try and quote/reference some sou
  7. I am still dubious about the billions figure sheepshagger, and I am aware of the goings on in charities having worked for some, but I agree with droilker that they have an important role to play that I would encourage them to do, I have found my view of the problems we face are even worse then their predictions. As for aid it is a quite a different thing from environmental charities, and I agree with the abuses going on with regard to aid distribution, aid can de a disaterous thing to give to country because of the effect it has on local food production. True, there can never be true objec
  8. I use Linux and my license fee is going to MS to build a price of software I can't use. Grrrr... No, IPlayer should not be encouraged.
  9. OK I picked a few of the largest off the top of my head, these are their incomes from their annual reports: [*:70ac40bd5e]£5.8m - UK Soil association [*:70ac40bd5e]£182m - WWF [*:70ac40bd5e]£88m - RSPB [*:70ac40bd5e]£5.1m - Friends of the Earth [*:70ac40bd5e]£85.5m - Greenpeace international These are large figures if you want to buy a house but they don't really come near the billions that you predicted, and when you see that BP spends £4,405m on refining and marketing alone plus the weight they have because of the major part they play in the economy of this country, it makes it ve
  10. Being funded by an environmental groups who's aims are to study the effect our interaction has on the environment of the planet is quite different then being funded by a corporate group who's aims are to increase market share and acquire wealth for investors. Charities are by their involvement in our current economic system forced to act in certain ways, but I would be dubious about the billions figure, if it is calculable at all, and the main purpose of the organisation gives it a fair about more objectivity than its corporate sponsored brother.
  11. well we all seem do be in agreement that shrink wrapped neeps must be stopped, I have a tote bag that i got a few years ago that can fit in my pocket, it stops use of plastic bags. I agree with the idea of leaving plastic wrapping at the supermarket, haven't done it yet, but the more I think about it "every little helps" hehe. But I do think this problem has a deeper cause, that may not be as easily identifiable as walking out of supermarkets with double plastic wrapped food. My own view is the effect that our current system of economics where every actor is designated as a wealth maximise
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