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  1. Absolutely!!! Who runs the show hosts and hostesses. A group of people who give 100% and throw the best party! Ultimately I think they should have a say in this whole ugly debate. If they didn't want the change squads wouldn't be invited to the halls, the halls couldn't work at half capacity and close.
  2. You have no idea what kind of life I have lived and this is an example of bullying. I have my own opinions as do you but I wasn't rude or obnoxious towards you.
  3. Does onybudy else feel that it's inevitable its going to change but not by choice of the majority. The debate has turned cruel over the last few years and I feel sorry for the committee men, they must be suffering terribly with this. Up Helly Aa is something that takes so much commitment and the squads, guizers and committee should not be bullied into making this decision.
  4. The Lerwick Up Helly Aa is a tradition. There are many traditions all over the world that don't have as much hassle as this. Women are involved in the whole thing and it's getting so tedious and repetitive that every year Christmas is finished, new year is finished then what a surprise they start on about this equality bruck. I am a woman, I am a massive Up Helly Aa supporter but only for it to remain as it is. If it changes I will wash my hands of it all together and know many who feel the same. If women are so desperate go to a country festival... there is plenty of them!
  5. Has anybody heard the saying if you do the crime you do the time?
  6. My goodness me! I am just amazed at how people can turn like this. Up Helly Aa is a tradition and something that will continue no matter how many people complain. There is things that happen on up helly aa night that cannot go unnoticed, if a guizer is acting drunk and disorderly it has to be brought to the attention of the committee. Much rather that than the police and sheriff having to be involved.
  7. I am personally negative about the mareel, I have heard many a story about the building/planning etc and to be honest it doesn't bother me in the slightest, I think it doesn't matter if we express wir feeling on this now or whether we'd done it when it was first in the pipeline it was going to be built regardless of our opinions. I still have my original feelings about the whole thing and would be happy to share it as an opinion the council made a backside of this "White elephant" there is so many other things the councils money should have been spent on such as a new Eric Grey Centre and to help keep money in the council funding then maybe we wouldn't be struggling with other money problems. This is only my opinion.
  8. This forum is for people to express their feelings, whether positive or negative it is opinions. Working in a place where the stress levels are sky high and people are constantly complaining to you must be terrible especially when there is nothing you can do about it. I know if it was me having people constantly moaning and complaining to me it wouldn't put me in the best of moods, good on the receptionists for doing the job their doing, without them can you imagine the shambles???? The appointment system is a joke! Absolute joke! 2 days of walk in appointments or phone calls and the calls are limited?! I think a better plan is needed.
  9. Let me ask a question? As far as I can see Shetland has racism yes but no where near as bad as south. I have a friend who was seen by police making a "racist" comment but let me ask where was the justice when the police clearly witnessed him call my friend a Scottish (bad word) Is that not racism too?! I also have a childhood memory of my head teacher at school calling me a racist?!? Due to some petty girly fall out and being pulled into the head teachers office for a meeting (scariest moment of my life) I was then branded a racist for saying my friends Asian mother cooked better fish and chips than my Shetland mother. What the Christ is that about!!! Also a small rant, my parents have recently got new neighbours not from Shetland, they were welcomed and seem friendly enough but..... They have 6 cars and take up all parking on the street. They then took to writing letters saying it was there private parking. They also park so instead if fitting 6 cars in one stretch of road they can only fit 3. Now where is the justice in people coming into the community and taking charge and making people feel uncomfortable?? The last comment was suppose more of a rant and just ignore that one but the racist at 8 years old because of fish and chips?? I didn't even know what it meant until my mam stood up and "gave dem laldy"
  10. I have had many an experience of the GBH whether it be outpatients, ward stays or A & E and there are some very positive things about the place and on the other hand things could improve, i feel that is the case with anywhere because nowhere is perfect but i have never had one complaint about a member of staff and i think because it is a much more relaxed atmosphere everybody seems more relaxed?! (I may be wrong on that) One particular case was of my son when he was just 4 months old, i am forever greatful to the 2 doctors who made the decisions and saved his life but i was slightly disappointed because of the lack of pediatric care and knowledge. Due to the lack of funding, space and medical prefessionals we ended up in Aberdeen making the experience all the more stressful. Although don't get me wrong the GBH were AMAZING and i can not fault any member of staff!!! My only major complaint about the GBH is when staying on the ward then on the doctors rounds there are about 30 (slight exaggerated number) or so doctors who make the rounds, i am all for letting people learn but when they stand above you forgetting you are there speaking amongst themselves and ignore you it can be very intimidating and sometimes embarrassing discussing your problems infront of a bunch of strangers (other patients)
  11. Me and my husband have been trying to sell our 2 bedroomed house sandwick and have had no luck and have decided the best thing would be to rent it out but we have no idea what to do? Can anybody give advice to us? About getting a tenancy agreement, registering and who we have to register with and just any other advice we may need? We have been told it is possible to do all this without a solicitor.
  12. I was 22 when I had my first and 23 when I had my second. Only 11 months between but definitely the best thing ever! X
  13. Geez northernxposure I understand you feel passionately about this from reading your posts but I was only saying my opinion. You can't change the fact some people wear their poppy one day and forget about it the rest of the year but there are others who feel a great deal of respect all year round, for the poor men still fighting and should be home with their families.
  14. As somebody who has been brought up with stories and tales from the wars I feel very strongly about remembering and paying respect to all the men who fought for our country past and present. I will wear my poppy with pride and hold my head high and think and remember all the men who have fought, lost their lives and all their families.
  15. My opinion on this topic is the man/beast had destroyed so many lives and caused so much torture and heartache that if he was to drop down dead of a heart attack everybody would still be happy but people will be happy knowing he suffered, it may even bring some relief to them. As far as I'm concerned the guy is dead now and I'm over the moon! One less beast to cause pain to others!
  16. I have to agree with Kavi Ugl 100%!!!! Took the words right out o my mouth and expressed them better than me!
  17. Firstly it's nice to see somebody who likes to ask the questions before just assuming! I consider myself a true born shetlander, as far back as all my family trees go we have always been in Shetland. I do have ancestors who lived it caithness and got chased out for stealing sheep and moved to Shetland but that's the only connection my family have to the mainland, alot of my family have emigrated but mostly to America and new zeland. I also have Nordic connections a piece down my family tree. I'm unsure whether it's because of my love for Shetland and the history it holds or not but I would never consider myself English (no offence, my father in law is English) Scottish would be my second option but I feel I'm definitely 100% shetlander!
  18. I believe in them 100%. I have never done it myself and would never consider doing it after i heard stories from family members and even my husband who played it himself and has never done it again. For those who are skeptical that is a matter of opinion but in regards to the previous comment from before about the burns then i have to agree it is not coincidence everybody playing that night recieved burns after the game spelt fire.
  19. I have to say a massive thank you to Davie G for all the effort to get Matt, it's a shame there was no chance of a meet and greet with him but it is completely understandable because of his record company and rules etc. It doesn't matter how long the boy plays for, he's no had years of experience and he was here to promote his album with his band, not to do an xfactor show. He was amazing and the atmosphere was fantastic! Thanx to Davie and co we who want to see him and enjoy every minute of it don't have to spend £100's to get sooth, accomodation, ticket prices, food and general spending money. I can't wait to see the next lot thats brought up and Davie don't be put off for the fabulous job your doing because if it wasn't for you shetland wouldn't even be considered for music like that!
  20. Bluemire

    Johnny Cash

    sadly, no. why do you ask?
  21. I don't understand why you are being so negative. They never asked for the bad things, it would be good to know bad parts about shetland but you have to think about all the positives too and frankly i think there are way more positives to negatives!
  22. Hi there and welcome to Shetland when you come! It is a fantasic place and you should enjoy it, i've lived here all 24 years of my life and you couldn't pay me to leave. I have lived in the town and the country and i prefered the town because my family is there but Whalsay is a lovely place, if you are looking for somewhere quiet and relaxing it would be ideal! Just want to touch quickly on a previous comment that not all people from town call themselves Toonies. I was born and brought up here and my family have been here for generations, I don't consider myself a toonie in anyway. I am a SHETLANDER and proud. Look forward to meeting to hearing how you get on. Best wishes
  23. Bluemire

    Johnny Cash

    I was wondering about in Shetland?
  24. Bluemire

    Johnny Cash

    Is there any Cash tribute bands going around?
  25. I have to say this topic really makes my blood boil! When shopping at tesco's with my 2 babies and i can't get to the door it is an total nightmare trying to get control of shopping and a trolley. I wish people who don't have children or who have older children capable of walking would consider that some people would benifit more from the parent parking. I also have to include that i have a family member with special needs and when people use disabled places without a blue badge it really is pathetic. For people who are capable of walking that little bit farther i really think they should think twice before using disabled parking!!!
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