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  1. i kinda agree with you but i also think that if a young person, or any person dosent fall into boy/girl partnerships, then the 'streights' start asking questions, whys that? he/she must have something wrong etc. Piling tones of extra pressure of the person. its hard enough at it is - partictualiy here i think, with tough men being men etc. id never come out if it was my decisition to make for the hassle folk would give. Unless i happend to find a partner then, only then i might tell folk.. What people do in their love life or in their own home is nothing to do with others. but they can be a witch hunt to out some folk wheather its the press, some stright, religous folk and even gay people feel its their right to fine out then critisize. i think if we all had a nothing to do with us attitude then we would all get on better.
  2. I passed proberly the same guy coming in the north road at 1pm in the thickest mist we get, i was nearly apon him by the time i seen him. thank god i wansa going fast or he might of had it! Then i would have got it all on my sholders. No lights and in dark clothes, propper cyclest clothes, so i would have thought that he would have been more aware of saftey on the roads etc. Yes they are bad car drivers out there ( plenty of them going without lights in the mist too, or with tiney side lights on noone can see) but we have to reconised they are idiot cyclest too. Which let the side down on other cyclists arguments.
  3. I think the whole area should have affordable housing. If that happens bet all the people in the area who complained and moaned about the new AHS when it was to be constructed there will be wishing it had gone ahead! I'd suggest a new primary school replacing Bells Brae, (or both lk primary schools) using the bits like the games hall, asn dept, and parts that just need refurbed, and removing the bits thats knackered. As the building is vacant then they can do it all in one go, then move the school/s in a one'er. Then there is no chance of the local plan or use of the buildings. They have always been a school there so it should make no difrence to the locals too. Although i would change the front of the school to around the back where their is more room for drop off's. unlike the front of the AHS just now Then the old bells brae can go to something else
  4. thanks for the info, im not convinsed that fat pavments or bottle knecks do anything on roadsafty, unless you meet another car and you cant realy fit through the space without going slow. All other times the daft drivers just bomb through the middle with no difrence to them at all. Stand at the 'pregnant' pavement on Gilbertson park that is the daftest roadmarkings iv'e ever seen in my life and just watch the cars go right doon the middle. The bottle knecks at the Espanade make no diffrence eather. both areas i have never heard of any accedents in the past- unless anyone else knows?? (Although i think its a ploy by living lerwick and the harbour trust to make it as hard to get there as they can. Or so you buy a ticket to go on the peir!) I think someone in Roads and Transport had nout else to do!!
  5. I wish you luck, i myself will never go there or advise anyone else if the repersentitive on here is an example of the kind of vile 'people' that unfortuantly repersent cristians views there. they are lots of things in the bible that can be picked out of it out of context and used to justify some horible actions.
  6. Take the shuttel bus from the airport into the town, then get it back when your are finished. It goes into the bus station which is directly behind the big shopping centre. its easy!
  7. have i notised a creaping fat pavment come back in its return? the council seem to be into fat pavements all over the place, in the name of saftey of course! only thing is folk just ignore it and go just as fast through a smaller place, which actualy makes it more dangerous than it was before. just watch the one at the gilbertson park gates and the number of folk that drive over the lot completley ignoring the lines etc. On the Knab Road though i couldn't remember if it was fat in the first place?
  8. i think they are online groups/webpages and phone apps apeaired in that 5 years
  9. company cars that can be clamed back on the tax maybe?
  10. they have them at the bike project to hire
  11. last i heard was the Bressa School was on the edge of closing down because of the number of parents that put their kids to the lerwick schools.
  12. well i for one get workmen in and around my house. personally i dont give 2 hoots if the pay VAT or not. thats between them and the tax man. i cant beleive any traidsman has never done a chash in hand homer. As I've said before I've seen their work and the end result are excelent. and they turn up when they say they will - not so great with local firms. Local firms rather then moaning about the loss of trade why not buck up and offer the same kind of service. then you might get more customers. their all in prices seem to be good too, with no added suprises at the end of the job
  13. you are right we need to train folk here so they dont have to go elsewhere so after being trained they are a high chance they will stay here, live, work, etc. But when offering training we also need to offer real jobs to get after the trainning has finished. To pick a couple of cources out of the hat - music and art - wheres the jobs coming from after the cource has finished? teaching? sound engenering? pruducers? artists? I really don't think they are that many jobs here and most of this folk will end up having to go south to find work or at least to sell their products. Baring in mind this cources are on every year and pump put lots of students every year. Where any of the business or trades kind of training will last for years what ever jobs they get.
  14. This will not make you friends. agree totaly with you there. Coming with a 'be gratefull' i'm here attitued will see you back on the boat with no friends and/or no customers if your offering any kind of services. One thing Shetlanders (or anyone else to think of) Can't stand in any way is junked up folk coming here to show us how to do things. We have had thousands of that kind of attitude here in the past and they all end up going back where they came from. So don't plan staying for long unless you do it the Frances way. I can think of a few folk that had shops/businesses here over the past 20 years, none live here now. Flash in the pans. so please come, live, join in, but dont try and take over.
  15. I've heard from £500 to 20k. It depends on how much you need. You just ask for a quote. Even if you ask for a quote so you have it in mind for next year
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