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  1. I've had this idea for a while now# To have one large shop that stocks everything that Shetlanders produce# Be it food, drink, crafts and anything else made locally# I like to buy local as much as possible but find it really hard to find all the products available because they are scattered around so many shops# Now I know that supporting the local ecconomy is not everyones first priority but surely if it was easier more people would buy more local produce instead of seeing our wealth dissapearing out the Sooth Mooth# If you could go to the One Stop Shetland Shop and pick up half your weekly shop there instead of buying from Tesco, would you? I would like to see all the busses swinging by it so those who do not drive could make use of the shop as well# I would like to see it filled with tourists every summer, spending more because they get to see EVERYTHING we have to offer# Not just keeping our money here but adding to it# Seems like a good idea to me but I would like to know what others think and if there is anyone out there who might make it a reality# p#s# Before anyone asks my full stop died in an unfortunate hoovering incident so Hash has had to fill the breach#
  2. Was wondering if there are any organic veg box schemes in Shetland...
  3. ^^^ We got ours from Evans and found them good to deal with.
  4. Gostrider, I'm delighted to hear you favour revolution. I feel i should point out though that armed revolution is pretty pointless as the revolutionaries will be the new controlers. Look at Egypt. They had the army fighting for them but once the army took power they wouldn't give it back to the people, instead they have changed the rules in their favour and organised a sham election to try to quiet the people. It's not working! Revolution will only be truly successful when it happens in the minds of the masses. A global awakening. We are the 99% and if we want a fair world all we need to do is leave our fears behind us and go for it.
  5. I feel that a lot of people are missing one big point of the National strikes. The real issue here is that the government is doing this to divide and manipulate the masses. If they can get everyone squabbling over the this they wont notice that all the money is being wasted on immoral wars, tax breaks for the rich, subsidising big business and trying to patch up a collapsing and corrupt economic farce. IMHO we should all get behind the national strike. If every person who could turned out to protest we could really make a difference. Forget about the failures of the past and embrace a new future which could really be fair. You wont see much about it in the news but all around the world people are occupying in protest. If we all were to stop fretting over the little things and just believe that now world peace is closer to our grasp that ever before... All WE HAVE TO DO IS STAND IN SOLIDARITY AGAINST THE TYRANNY OF THE OLIGARCHS, instead of squabbling over the scraps from their table. Got it yet? Just MHO of course.
  6. Why do some people think everything is a Government consiracy?! Maybe they didn't study physics
  7. To make the roads safer I have a simple answer....Explosives! If every vehicle was fitted with an explosive that would blow the driver to smitherines if they crash. I think we would see an instant improvement in everyones driving
  8. ^^^Exactly that. ^^^ ^^^And that.
  9. I had never realised rudeness was a concern before.
  10. ^^^ Well I've not spoken to him or read the tabloids but it just smacks of sensationalism to me. Whether that is just down to the press or JW himself is infinitely debatable without much conclusion. Can anyone shed any light on whether this has stopped him from being able to represent constituents on the matters that concern them?
  11. I'm not irritated, just surprised that such a story can pull 7 pages of disscusion. If you reread, I also didn't say i support him either, just that I understand that people are prone to making blunders and that I for one can be understanding about this and not get dragged into the tabloids self serving lambasting.
  12. Only sat it once and failed. Never tried again, got a bike instead and passed on that no trouble Once i had a bike I never wanted a car
  13. Being scared of a dog is def going to make a person more likely to be bitten since all that nervous energy makes the dog nervous. Simple don't sit next to the dog. I would be delighted if pets could go on busses, since I come from an outer isle I can't keep a car roadworth on the mainland just incase I might need to get to the vet. And yes the vet can come to you, but it's not so easy for them to get to the outer isles and could prove very costly. If some of the busses alow pet they are presumably not that much of a problem and the other companies should do likewise and if they wont do it put it in the next contract so they have to.
  14. WOW I can't believe this has run on for 7 pages! Given that the gutter press never report anything without making it out to be more than it was so that folk'll want to read it; for the sun's buyers are not going to spend their money on humdrum; it seems to me this is just an unfortunate, laps of judgment on the part of JW when he has in a frustraiting disscusion. It comes as no surprise to me that such a gesture would be what comes to his mind at that 'moment' so soon after holding the silence, simple assosiation slipping out when it would have been better held in. I'm sure a lot of us have found ourselves doing and saying things we later regret when faced with disscusions that are frustraitingly going nowhere. Look to ourselves befor passing judgment on another..... To err is human....
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