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  1. OMG you could rescue a cat with 4 legs and feed it for life for that kind or money.... Sorry. It's the hard line crofter in me. I would never consider spending that kind of money on an animal. An animal is only worth its wieght in meat to me. That's not to say I that I don't care about my animals because I really do, it's just that's where i have to draw the line.
  2. Peat really only makes sence if you have your own bank, time to work it and the means to get it home. You'll be warmer burning coal that's for sure. hope this helps
  3. Hi all. Only discovered Shetlink a few weeks ago and i'm hooked. Still finding my way around and since i had stumbled on this thread thought the desent thing would be to add my bit. No surprise I'm a crofter called Amy. Born in Shetland lived here all my days and have no intention of going anywhere. I am also wife and mother of two. Have lots of other interests but no time for them. Like straight talking.
  4. Oddly the bluetack worked on the blue crayon but not the brown... wonder if you can get browntack...
  5. So let me get this right you have had this cat for 14 years, think enough of him to use his likness for your avitar and now after a 'wee' accident you are loking him out!!!
  6. For the cat pee I would try the steam cleaner followed by a liberal dose of bicarb o soda left overnight before hovering it and hopefully smell with it. Definatly avoid smelly cleaning products or the cat will be drawn back to remark his corner
  7. Now that sounds caustic, will get some. Per chance do you also know how to get the bairns doodles off the wallpaper? A nice selection of crayon, colouring pencil, and most feared...biro
  8. Thanks for those. I do have a steam cleaner but am a little unsure about using it on an electrical apliance. Have tried vinigar before but found it of little use even with salt in. No nail polish remover in the house. Anyone else got any ideas?
  9. Is there a way of getting the fatty mess off the outside of the deepfat fryer without deploying tools from the shed? Would gladly see the thing in hell if i thought i could get away with it.
  10. People on the really hard to get to isles dont shoe so everything else should be easy enough to take on the plane. I dare say when the islanders heard a farrier was coming they would find enough work too fill the time between flights and that will spread the cost of travel aswell.
  11. Not to my knowledge, ever. In desperate cases the vet is called to trim but he is soo busy when he's here and really just has time for the most pressing work and since my pony is sound I can't justify taking his time away from far more needy animals just to fine tune my trimming.
  12. Now the way I would look at a 'sand paddock' is winter exersize ground for my working horse. Even if you are only using the horse for checking your boundarys instead of using a quad that surely makes him part of your agricultural activities. therefore as an agricultural 'building' so long as it is over 25m from the road it shouldn't need planning permition. I'm just a crofter not en expert in planning so please check this idea out with them. And by the by, horses and ponies are included in the agricultural census. If you were to 'diversify' your 'croft' activities into say B+B with trecking there possably could be grants for that if not from the C.C. then maybe some kind of new business grant... Is it barefoot trimming you have trained in or traditional? you might well find extra income from that. I have a pony and have been trying to teach myself barefoot trimming from books and seem to be getting the hang of it but would love to have a trained person check my work and I doubt I'm alone in ths.
  13. Been thinking on getting some comfrey in my garden, can anyone sugest a veriety that would survive in the most exposed, salt laden garden known to man?
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