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  1. Classifieds for me are the winner. Being out in the sticks it's hard to get to the shops so I was doing most of our shopping on ebay. It's great to be able to get stuff local now and everyone is so helpful about getting things to us, Thanks everyone Forum also great for advice or just to pass a wee bit of time and get the crack Thanks Shetlink for enriching our lives
  2. Been gardening most of the day. The bairns are asleep. I'm going back out to the garden.
  3. I know this is straying from the original topic a bit but here goes anyway. Can anyone tell me if Shetland kye will do well out on a heathery / rushy hill? At the moment the kye are on the inby land and there are two Shetland ponies on the apportionment. I don't want the ponies to get in on the grass and they are doing very well on hill. I would like the kye on the hill as it would be better for their feet to have the rough stoney ground and more area to roam, but I worry there wouldn't be enough nurishment for them.
  4. But you’d be perfectly happy to use ~30% of nuclear generated electricity that will come came along the cable from the mainland UK when we get connected to the national grid? Well no actually I wouldn't as I live on Foula which has it's own power supply as the national grid isn't interested in giving us any of their power. Wind, hydro, solar and wave power might not be ideal but if a windmill falls to bits I won't be loosing sleep about the health implications for me and my family. This is a very tricky subject as the 180+ pages stands testimony to but as I watch the news this week I cant help but feel that oil and nuclear are not our friends so yes I'm leaning towards the far from ideal alternatives and thinking folk would need to try to lead less power hungry lives....not easy
  5. Well right now I'm thinking so long as they don't want to put a (insert your own choice of expletive here)nuclear reactor here, how bad can it really be....
  6. Seems to me if the council turned off every other street light through the small hours of the night when hardly anyone is out 'n' about anyway, that could save them a few quid and reduce light polution
  7. Seen this before. When they are too old or ill to keep fishing some come inland to die. Had one in my hay rig a couple years ago and was able to walk right up to it and get hold of it. It was in very poor shape.
  8. For pittys sake what are things comming to Will this mean every person with a pony or horse will be hearing from the planning dept. ? As i see it a pony can be agricultural, if I use my pony to work the croft....So is he going to be equestrian or agricultural
  9. Make all your gates open into your property and hang them so they swing shut themselves. Latches are availible that will shut automatically. That should drematically reduce the risks of your animals escaping Access Scotland might even help you with the cost of installing access points that work well for both you and visitors.
  10. I mix mine with sawdust, peatmould or coal dust then pack it tight into milk cartons and they go great guns in the rayburn
  11. five hours sleep (no big yawning emoticon so surprised will have to do)
  12. Graveyards cost, gardens are free I had been given to the impresion that you couldn't get burried in unlicenced ground but perhaps it's different if you own the garden in question?
  13. ^^^ absolutly agree. It took hours for me to download one page from a planning aplication. Though if it means creating a new position and doing a feasibility study just forget it.
  14. Out of interest GR do you find your lack of religious belief makes you amoral? I only ask as most religious folk apear to believe society would collaps into sin without religion. Something I happen to think has happened with the help of religion.
  15. Cuts have to be made. Objecting to every cut wont help though. If public toilets are to be closed perhaps a close, empathic, community could consider being less possesive of their own toilet. If someone came to my door bursting for the toilet I would have a hard time justifying turning them away and I hope that if I find myself caught short I could ask to use any toilet without fear of being turned away. And if you are turned away I remember hearing you have the right to relieve yourself in their garden by some old bylaw Hard times coming our way and better to just deal with it than whine and moan about every little thing....Focus on the bigger picture folks Try thinking outside the box and come up with some helpful money saving ideas One thing I would add though is that the public toilets in town should stay open untill well after the last pub shuts it's doors and pubs need to stop serving drunk people. That might be a rant for another thread....
  16. ^^^ Yes quite so. God forbid anyone says anything about them
  17. I pop into Shetlink most days and think it's a great site, covering everything you care to think of so big thanks to the folk who keep it going
  18. Well done on the stopping smoking SP. I gave up for 8 years, till I met my smoking husband. Gave up again a few months ago and I hope for the last time! Good food and exercise are very important but so is lowering your expectations. Too many people get caught up in the advertisers mill and spend their whole lives chasing the unatainable....Happiness through consumption. Also I would say good company is very important
  19. I do not like the organised religions for a lot of the same reasons that I have already seen here. The only time I go to the kirk is for weddings, funerals and the harvest festival. The first two are out af respect to the individuals concerned the latter is just my way of publicly showing my thanks for our harvest. It is not that I believe in christianity or that that has bearing on my harvest, just that I know that there is more to the harvest that what i can put in and since it could all go so horribly wrong it seems fit to celebrate a harvest somehow. if we didn't have a kirk but some other temple I would likely still go there to celebrate my harvest. I could go on and on about the faults of religion and reasons why the kirk is loosing ground but i don't think that would be helpful to anyone so i shall refrain from that rant
  20. Well the chickens have just killed and eaten another wild bird. Should i tell them to get a life and sod off?....or report them to the authorities?....
  21. Thanks to the Direct Flight crew at Tingwall for trying to keep a service going and fielding a huge amount of calls with good humour
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