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  1. And really all I see in that first photo is sparrows (flying mice) and one blackbird. The blackbird would be as thankful if you turned over a bit of earth in this weather! Put out other things, the fat off the roast in something hanging will do more for the small birds in this weather, they need the extra calories! Robbins in particular, they don't go for seeds.
  2. And wild birds also get ringed if they fall into the clutches of a bird botherer, but the rings will be diferent.
  3. look like rock doves to me. Very tasty Put a net on a frame and balance it off the ground at one side with a prop that has a long string attatched. Put food under it and when they are all under it pull on the string to pull out the prop from the comfort of your house. Once you have them captured you'll be able to identify if they are wild or homers by any rings they are wearing. If no rings assume they are wild as I would hardly imagine a homer would be aloud out without I.D. If wild... get the pastry out Or if you just want them to stop coming you will be making elaborate feeding tables covered with mesh small enough to keep them off. Once the food suply dries up they will give up... eventually.
  4. I mind when they were first put in and they took so long you would see a couple of gaps in the traffic before the changed. I would often cross before the lights and then felt bad for the poor folk in their cars having to stop for nobody. Much better now for all concerned IMHO
  5. Thinking about some of my single friends and they would be mortified I think so I'd have to say, bad idea. Love is not something that can be rushed. People find it when they are ready IMHO
  6. Never had any trouble with LBC apart from once they sold me some unsuitable plumbing fittings but that was as likely to have been down to my poor discription of what I needed than a failing on their part and I'm sure had I gone to the bother of taking them back they would have seen me right I'm quite sure. The shops are all extreamly busy at this time of year and it can't be easy trying to deal with double the work load when the staff numbers remain the same. Perhaps Nortmin2, you could try to be a bit more patient and understanding as I dare say you would not appreciate it if any tiny mistake you were to make was then plastered over Shetlink!!
  7. Think if you do a search you will find there is already an austerity thread.
  8. used IE for years but found it was getting slower and slower, and froze with monotonous regularity. So switched to firefox and have had no problems since, using avast and regworks to keep things safe and tidy. Not much of a downloader though so that might be a factor.
  9. That would be the winter I ended up having to burn the kitchen chairs...didn't like them anyway
  10. That would explain the need of two showers a day
  11. Another thought...Double or single glazing? With single it's a loosing battle!
  12. That's the problem then. You're going to have to fork out on more heat or a dehumidifier. A heated towel rail would be my choice as then you'll have both a dry and cozy room
  13. The other thing to say would be try turning the heat up in the bathroom. If its even a little on the cool side that wont help. A bit extra heating will cost much the same as running a dehumidifier I'd say. I'd also say clean the extractor and run it for longer, more like 15-20 mins after you have left the room. Try that before rushing to the shops as dehumidifiers are not cheap to buy or run. If you spray silicone on anything you will probably struggle to ever get a coat of paint or varnish to go on properly after it so I wouldn't recommend it. All it'll do is move the problem along anyway. Dry the frame out as best you can and give it a good varnish/paint. Diluting the first coat with thinner, if you've got it back to bare wood, will help it really soak in which will help preserve it.
  14. Definitely get an extractor fan if you don't already have one and don't waste your money on cheap dehumidifiers.Buy cheap, buy twice! Get a decent mains one and keep it outside the bathroom, but as close to the door as possible, as it is clear the damp is decoming a spreading problem. Also mind and keep the toilet seat down to minimise the dehumidifier sucking the water from the bowl.
  15. First link is absolutly spot on IMHO. In this age of desensitisation it takes that kind of no nonsense graphic display to get through. Everyone who drives should watch that now and again, thanks Mogling.
  16. Mattie, I was refering to Smarts comment as quoted above my reply. You have not offended me at least
  17. ^^^And yet again you are useing religions to back up your position, and worse than that you disregard religions which don't follow your dogma. What is the right to personal freedom if another can impose their beliefs on you in the effort to remove your right to free choice. If you don't want euthinasia don't go that way, but that does not give you the right to choose for everyone else.
  18. ^^^There is an air of troll about him, I'd agree.
  19. When I was a bairn we put ours up on xmas eve and took it down the 12th night. Would love to keep that going but I fear the OH will insite a mutiny among the bairns
  20. G-d & Euthanasia, I don't see the connection? How not? And no need to get mad about it! You have repeatedly used religion in your arguments and the religious texts are oppossed to euthanasia on the whole 'no taking of life' jist. I don't get the connection with your reply and my response to the previous post...think you may have missed my point
  21. ^^^ And next Smart will probably tell us that would be Gods retribution for sinful pride
  22. ^^^So basically since you don't want euthanasia you don't think anyone should have this oppertunity.....
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