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  1. Well to be fair lock the beasts up for life with their own ilk and NEVER let them be near a bairn ever again. That'll take care of both sexes and give them all the time in the world to put an apeal together if they are victims of a miscarriage of justice. And it'll be more use since bairns can as you point out, be abused by other means as a functioning c**k.
  2. Yeah, well lets see how they feel about it after a beast has been at their bairns.
  3. Surely well brought up bairns have as good a chance to do well what ever school they go to, bussed in or staying at a hostel.
  4. And while I'm about it homosexuality should not be dragged into a disscusion about beasts. The two topics have nothing to do with each other really and it just muddys the waters. What we are talking about here is a beast taking a bairns sweet inocence, tearing it from them sh***ing on it and crushing it under their heal before leaving them to stumble through life emotionaly scarred and dissconected....Not same sex relationships!!!! Got that!!!!!!!!!! Sorry had to edit that for swearing.
  5. Those against have probably got no first or even second hand experience of the effects of the crime. That would make it easy to side with possible wrongly accused over the victims and bairns that will become victims. Because society gives so little weight to this crime and like to keep it swept under the rug survivers can have to endure a horrid backlash if they do dare to speak out. Many people would rather let the pedophiles continue about there ways than face up to the horrors of this crime. I can't see many people falsly accusing when they risk all there family and friends turning against them and siding with the beast as happens so often to the survivors who do try to get their abuser outed. I would urge any survivor to tell the police even if they don't have the currage yet to go to court or even tell anyone else. For there is one thing you can almost guarantee, the beast will have many victims and many more if no one puts a stop to it. Putting a stop to it can be a major step in the transition from victim to survivor, and you may save more bairns from having to endure the physical and mental torture that is child abuse.
  6. The life of their victims is often utterly ruined to the point of killing themselves. At the very least it takes many years and often half a lifetime to start recovering from the effects on the mental and emotional developement inflicted by such abuse. It would be fair to say a lot of survivors never get over it but just learn to live with the damage. So personally speaking I would see pedophiles burning in hell but in the mean time castration would be a step in the right direction along with much longer prison sentences
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11660210# Might be of interest in this debate
  8. You all reply attacking whit bobdahog is sayin, but nobody has picked up on the above statement yet. Simply not true and an insult to Shetlanders! Well it might not be so far off the mark if they were still all paddling in the same gene pool. Inbreeding is no laughing matter and it's effects should not be ignored IMHO as a crofter not a genticist that is
  9. People who are relocating are always going to have some reason to settle in there chosen area. Wether you are leaving or coming to Shetland you will have reasons. If some come to enjoy a better care service that's fine as it's not like every person moving into Shetland is just here for that. It's a ballance. I can't think of a single person I've met that's moved from south just to take advantage of the services and put nothing back, though I've not vetted everyone off the South boat. Lot's of Shetlanders who move away are doing so for something which isn't available to them here....does that make them bad people? I think not, so I can't very well judge people moving the other way as bad IMHO.
  10. Welcome George. You are the first person I've seen on Shetlink that has used there own photo. Admirable openness Seo you are a spammer so no welcome from me
  11. And lets not forget how inbred the population would be by now without some fresh blood settling here now and again.
  12. While my own child would receive an education of sorts by being taken by a criminal gang to another country and forced to work in a field, it's not exactly the sort of education I would prefer him to receive. If that's narrow-minded, I would be happy to be described as such. That would not make you narrow minded unless it was the only option you could conceive of. Or I might say you were narrow minded if you took everything you read in the press as 100% the truth, but more likely I would describe that as gullible. I prefer to view the press with a degree of scepticisim and as I read the story my open mind could also see that there were other ways a child could find themselves working in a field, not only the picture of child trafficking painted by the text. Since I have not spoken to any of the children mentioned I do not proport to know how they came to be there. So without any real facts I try to keep to general discussion of possabilities and my opinions thereof. It is my opinion that being trafficked and forced to work would not be most parents choice of education for there child. Some parents might think they could do a good job of educating there own children and that they could do so while working there way around europe as a family, experiencing much on the way. Just a thought
  13. I agree. Ministers and the like are busy folk, not just tending their flock on sunday. Visiting the sick and elderly, funerals, weddings and more take up a good part of the week. Also agree that spiritual healing should absolutely not be coming out of the NHS coffers. It's rediculous and makes me think one of the people responsible for creating this post must have friend or family newly in the spiritual healing job market
  14. Well Inky you do have a funny way of taking what is clearly intended and twisting it to fit your own humour.
  15. But you do think that poor, disadvantaged, and foreign children should be denied an education. Still, as long as you get your cheap spring onions, why should you care? You should not presume to know my mind Inky. But there was a clue earlier. And while we are at it....No they should not be denied an education but I am not so narrow minded as to think education is only availably within the walls of a school, Mon - Fri
  16. An opportunity to learn English perhaps? Now I'm always hearing how classes are too large for the teachers to do a decent job for all their pupils and you think they will have inclination and time to dedicate to teaching a few, transitory bairns english ?
  17. ^^^ the bairns are from another and poor country the odds on them speaking english is pretty low I'd think, so what do you think they would get out of school in England exactly?? I didn't say we should abandon schooling all together.
  18. ^^^ Does this mean I shouldn't get my 3yr old out helping on the croft....he'd be very upset if he couldn't feed the animals anymore It's a fine line as I see it and no do gooder is going to tell me how to bring up my bairns. Just take a look at the state of society and then tell me all these rules are helping. Bairns should deffinitely get to experience work so they can learn the value of things. Not working day in day out, week in week out though. And since these bairns have just been 'swooped in and rescued' one afternoon and the story blurted to the press we will likely never know what was really going on in that onion field.
  19. Bollox (Damn, must remember to be polite) Wrong! The pre industrial level of CO2 was 280 ppm. The current level is 390 ppm. This means 40% of the current CO2 in the atmosphere is man-made, not 7%. That kinda changes your conclusion, doesn't it, Gorgo? And if your source can't even get the basic facts right, how can he be trusted with anything else? Tell me how is it that you are proving all of that 40% increase in CO2 has been man-made
  20. At 9, given the choice of going to school or spending the day in a rig, even an industrialised one, school wouldn't have seen me that day. School is vastly over-rated, I certainly learned more in a few hours in a rig, than in weeks at a school, but maybe that's just me. Beng Romanian, would there be any point in being in a UK school anyway. Aren't people like these very likely to be migrant, and move on as soon as the season is finished, as likely to another country with another language, as anything else. If so they're not here long enough to learn enough of the langauge to get any good in a school, and how much of what they did learn of the language they'd still remember even if they came back next year is probably both variable from individual to individual, and debatable. Point taken though, if they were being forced to work all day with nothing to eat or drink, that's not on in this country in this day and age, whatever age the person is. I just don't think the length of the working day, or the fact they're not being sent to school in and of themselves are anything that will necessarily be harmful. Well put GR. The bairns are likely learning a lot more useful stuff about the world than they could in an english classroom.
  21. Didn't know there was a slaughter house in bigton. Have you tried Boddom?
  22. This must be why America has so few different kinds of chocolate bar compaired to us.
  23. To be honest It matters not a jot which rag you quote. I trust none as they are all about selling papers above all else. It may be true but It's no wonder this stuff goes on when people in this country wont pay enough for their food to pay decent wages that some of the greedy workshy Brits might get off their butts to go out and work for
  24. Is it not the school holidays? I very much doubt they can afford child minders on what will no doubt be a pittiful wage so why not take them to the farm and let them earn some pocket money. As to reports of no food or drink, might just be sensationalism you know. To the english they might have appeared under dressed for the weather but is it not -30C in Romanian winters, so it may not have seemed that cold to them. The facts according to the Dailymail...I wouldn't trust them And perhaps if we had our british bairns out working in the fields they wouldn't grow up thinking money is so easy come by!
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