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  1. If anyone is interested, The Bop Shop is open tomorrow (Saturday) and the first Saturday of each month after. We sell 2nd hand vinyl records and music/merch from local musicians. It is located at 9 Harbour Street
  2. The Shetland Rock Festival returns for its second year after last years Legion event sold out and nearly 500 people came through the doors for the Mareel night.. Featuring local and visiting acts such The Revellers, Spoothawk, Semperfi & Nomadia, its going to be shetlands biggest rock weekend of the year. You can get your tickets at http://www.shetlandboxoffice.org/whats-on/the-buffet-2014 (extremely limited, not alot left)
  3. This thread reminds me of children telling each other tales of the boogieman Some of you have horrible, horrible views
  4. Amazing music scene up here at the moment. Put on 5 gigs at the Legion last year and all sold out. The Rock Festival at Mareel drew over 450 people and Oxjam at Mareel last month was a very near sell out
  5. Ahh brilliant. Well this was the first Shetland rock festival that is going to be turned into an annual event to fit into the music calendar along side the folk, jazz and blues festivals The weekend was a massive success with Friday at the legion being a sell out and 400+ coming to Mareel on Saturday!
  6. Oh? I wasn't aware there was a festival called The Shetland Rock Festival before now. When was this?
  7. The first Shetland Rock Festival will take place next week on Friday 23rd August at The Lerwick Legion and Saturday 24th at Mareel. Featuring the best in local rock acts and some amazing visiting bands, this is going to be one of the best music weekends of the year TICKETS Legion (As of today, 10 tickets left) http://www.shetlandboxoffice.org/whats-on/the-buffet-2013-the-legion Mareel http://www.shetlandboxoffice.org/whats-on/the-buffet-2013-mareel [/url][/b]
  8. http://sphotos-e.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/542759_4931121989746_853060538_n.jpg The launch night for the run up to The Buffet 2013: The Shetland Rock Festival (23rd August at The Lerwick Legion and 24th August at Mareel) A night of metal, rock and revelry. Headliners, Bitumen River, a giant of the Shetland music scene will be head lining. Supporting acts include the Revellers, one of Shetland's biggest exports, and Christ Alive, fresh from their EP launch. This gig will also be the debut of Shetland's new and exiting musical collaboration Lyall vs. Murray. DJ Lyall Halcrow and drummer Murray Arthur combine to battle beats against beats. March 23rd 2013 ALL AGES £8 Featuring Bitumen River The Revellers Christ Alive DJ Lyall vs Murray Arthur Buy Tickets HERE: http://www.shetlandboxoffice.org/whats-on/bitumen-river Or you can buy them in person at Mareel or at Isleburgh
  9. A short documentary about shetlands DJ Lyall Halcrow. Come see him play every thursday night at Captain Flints. Some strong language at times
  10. Heavy Metal Buffet is a brand new weekly metal related podcast playing the best in metal, and trying to promote the local alternative/metal scene in shetland. We will soon be having live sessions with shetland bands, so if you want to be involved in any way, get in touch! You can listen to the first 2 episodes on this page http://www.facebook.com/HeavyMetalBuffet
  11. Yeah, i just saw them listed as a visiting act on the folk festival website
  12. Any information on when the tickets will be going on sale. I've been a fan of this band since back when they were called Brother Louis Collective and applaud whoever arranged to bring them up Anyone else a fan?
  13. Good thread As far as sampling goes, i use Ableton Live. I use it to make mashups and sampled hip hop beats. Its a pretty amazing bit of software, and alot of people i know use it mix and match beats live, although i havn't really gotten the grasp of that aspect yet. Im no DJ though. I use FL Studio (formelly Fruity Loops) when it comes to making original beats/songs. I've used it for years, and it still holds up. The samples that are included sound reletively cheap and nasty, but with VST's and collecting your own samples to use, its pretty powerful.
  14. Surely it would make a difference if you actually liked them
  15. Even though their last two albums have been, to put it kindly, balls, they still put on one of the best live shows ive ever seen.
  16. If i cared about the charts in any way, shape or form, id buy that
  17. I really enjoyed Screenplay. The Maddrim screening was brilliant. My personal favourite was Heima though. Im a big Sigur Ros fan but seeing that on a big screen first was something quite special.
  18. Can honestly say Vunk Fest was the funnest gig i've ever played. The energy coming from the audience during our set (Ten Tonne Dozer) was absolutley amazing. Dave deserves some kind of shetland knighthood for the work he puts into the Shetland rock scene.
  19. Is there an mp3/studio recording of Final Fight? Song is fantastic
  20. I dont mean to sound like an ass, but isnt this just the original with distorted guitars dubbed over?
  21. Faith No More reforming is pretty much the greatest thing ever. I might just go down for the night they are playing on. Seeing Limp Bizkit live would be great for nostalgia reasons.
  22. Im not sure if its full time yet. At the moment im just filling in for last nights show and tonight at The Moorings in Aberdeen.
  23. Played at The Ark in Edinburgh tonight, and they streamed the whole gig live online. Heres the video below for those who might be interested http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1062251 Skip to 35-36 minutes in for the start of the TTD gig
  24. Ronald Drives A Tractor is still active. Looking to record the full length album in the new year, followed by some gigs in the Glasgow/Edinburgh/Dundee region. http://www.myspace.com/ronalddrivesatractor
  25. Any news on who else is playing? Should be a great night
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