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  1. This news has made my day completley. Well done to all involved on the campaign.
  2. Woops, my apoligies sir. I guess i should've given prior knowledge of the grotesqueness of those lyrics. Il add a warning now. And thanks to the rest of you for feedback.
  3. A couple of not so great quality videos from my performance at Captain Flints on Friday night.
  4. I get the boat back tomorrow night. So im ready to resume Beasthead duties anytime ever!
  5. It wont be on any CD. It will be a PodRoast only track
  6. Dave is an all round legend. It was quite amusing hearing the presenter call Plaguery, Pluggery. Oh how the dutch amuse me. I've recorded the whole thing, so i`ll split it up into individual mp3s of all interviews and songs, and post it shortly after for those who missed it
  7. http://www.rtw.nl/ Just click on one of the icons (Media Player, Winamp, Realplayer) at the top of the page to listen.
  8. Hey there I just finished recording a bunch of acoustic songs which i've thrown together into a little ep. Its three original songs and six covers. You can listen to some of the songs the myspace. If you like, you can download the whole thing for free! The three original songs were recorded for an album i plan to release in the not so distant future, and i thought id throw them together with a bunch of cover songs just to make a fun little EP. Any opinions would be great. Thanks! Ronald Drives A Tractor - Knock Knock! Who's There? Its Ronald! EP 1. Cheer Up Bruce 2. In The Sunshine 3. Picnic on Jupiter 4. Ghost And The Wishing Well (Jordan Ogg Cover) - Go out and buy Before The Wind! 5. Sax Rohmer #1 (The Mountain Goats Cover) 6. Code Blue (TSOL Cover) - Contains lyrics of the vulgar nature. Discretion is advised blah blah 7. Leggy Blonde (Flight Of The Conchords Cover) 8. Tick of Time (The Kooks Cover) 9. Blame It On The Boogie (Jackson 5 Cover) Download http://www.mediafire.com/?znienk2jslt Myspace Link http://www.myspace.com/ronalddrivesatractor
  9. This could work and im pretty sure we will get enough people to have a good few games or so. Im definitely in, as you know, and will also ask about for other interested persons.
  10. Just added my vote. I also added a bulletin on Myspace for it.
  11. Make it as a professional footballer. But that was when i was young and athletic. Now im just unfit and lazy.
  12. Im really looking forward to playing. Thanks for letting Beasthead play Alan.
  13. James, i hate you. Im going to give you all the Kevin Smith DVDs i have so you can get them signed if you do infact meet Kevin Smith. Clerks 2 is absolutley brilliant. Im so going to see Snakes on a Plane when Beasthead play south next month. http://snakesonaplane.varitalk.com/
  14. So the finale just aired in America. Just watched it, and all i can say is Wow. I dont want to spoil it for anybody but seriously, i am now convinced that this is the greatest television show...........ever. In my eyes anyway.
  15. In no particular order after the first 3 1. Botch - An Anthology of Dead Ends 2. Dio - Holy Diver 3. Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go Raging Speedhorn - We Will Be Dead Tomorrow Tub Ring - Zoo Hypothesis Minibosses - Brass Machine Head - Burn My Eyes Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power Turisas - Battle Metal 3 Inches of Blood - Advance and Vanquish Sepultura - Beneath The Remains Will Haven - Will Haven Bathory - Hammerheart Carnal Forge - Please...Die Mong Hang - Debakata Iron Maiden - The X Factor..........Nah, just kidding, Killers. Every Time I Die - Gutter Phenomenon 30 Seconds To Mars - 30 Seconds To Mars Earthtone9 - Arc Tan Gent Horse The Band - The Mechanical Hand Bal Sagoth - The Chthonic Chronicles Add these two to the list as well
  16. This one too please http://www.myspace.com/crusadersofthe8bit
  17. We recorded our demo there (old Shoot The Messenger). If you go to http://www.myspace.com/ronalddrivesatractor , listen to Used Tampons, that was recorded at Weathersta.
  18. Just finished watching the new one. A pretty good episode, nothing real major, except Henry Gale continuing to munipulate Locke and Jack. That should be an interesting story when its all done and dusted.
  19. Im up to date with Season 2 also. Last episode was by far the best one so far, but overall, it pales in comparison with Season 1. There has been more mediocre episodes than there has been good, but weirdly enough, im still addicted. I just hope the last part of the season gets better considering how great i thought the last episode was.
  20. I use Bittorrent to download my music. If you download off a public site Torrentspy, its really slow, but if you have access to private torrent sites like Oink, its fast as hell to download. I always download CD`s before i buy them, just so i know i wont be wasting my money on a potentially turd cd.
  21. I most definetly will be going
  22. I have a Sony HD5. 20GB and 40 hours battery life. It does the job quite well.
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