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  1. Trying to be as unbiased as possible, but judging from the demos i`ve heard, i think Northern Rage were the best band from Shetland that i`ve heard. My current favourite band from Shetland are Ten Tonne Dozer. As for the worst, i have no idea.
  2. a band having their own set?? preposterous! how can they have the audacity to carry on playing their songs like they've been paid to do when there's some inhebriated knuckle-draggers wanting to hear 'knocking on heaven's door'? no offence, like. but playing what everybody wants to hear isn't a terribly progressive approach. if everybody did that every band would be a tribute band. a band isn't there to entertain you, they are there to do their thing. if you don't like it you are free to leave. You said it best
  3. Other than Ten Tonne Dozer, is there actually any other metal bands on the island? Because i sure as hell havn`t heard any.
  4. Listened to the songs on his Myspace. Im not saying he isnt talented or anything, but i just find the songs boring and pretty generic, nothing that really sets him apart from alot of other singer songwriters out there. His voice doesnt appeal to me either.
  5. I cant be arsed to name every single band, but current favourites are Botch Minus The Bear Will Haven Skin Charlie Alive Turisas Boris
  6. Download Festival at Donnington. Greatest weekend of my life.
  7. I play guitar, used to play in Shoot The Messenger, and just like JAS, i try to sing also. I also aim to become a master of the Panpipes.
  8. Botch - Saint Matthew Returns To The Womb
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