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  1. I have just been hearing the cops have done a drug bust at a house in the north end of the toon. Any news who it is. PS Hope the B***ard rots in the jail.
  2. I would suggest Morgan Goodlad has found new fame. You could compare him with Ronnie Biggs another great robber. Then there are the GRAY'S although they never killed a man like the KRAY'S they have been the demise of many a fishing boat and also manage to empty the accounts of Shetland Enterprise and the some SIC Funds. (As per press reports). Like Marnie Baxter who is easy on the eye another foxy lady is Gillian Isbister.
  3. There are various people in Shetland that can deliver messages. There are some that also do healing. It is well worth finding out who they are, the next visiting medium is coming to Shetland in May.
  4. I am in favour of rehab in Shetland. But what you fail to realise is that the problem is acute before the services are looking at rehab on this scale. Its only a shame that the rehab unit won't be able to treat the Ostrich Syndrome that exists in Shetland.
  5. Is it ture that Montfield is to be used for a drug rehab unit. If so then Shetland has gone down the tubes already!
  6. Supposing the government legalise heroin. They could buy it from the same countries that are selling it now. The Britain would again be responsible for funding war around the world as these countries could continue to trade arms. One day they may even invade Britain - yes what a wonderful idea legalise the lot and see what would happen.
  7. Legalising something won't make a lot of difference. There will still be people that don't qualify for the 'scheme'. These people will continue to flout the law and turn to crime to fund their habbit. For example some people on Methadone trade it for Heroin, hence the reason why the majority have to attend pre-arranged appointments and consume it on the premises.
  8. I was not taking a cheap shot at somebody that has passed away. It was my intention to point out that a Heroin addict will take Methadone if they can't get hold of any heroin. This is not my view it is a statement of fact
  9. Peeriebryan said -"To clarify, it wasn't a heroin overdose that was the cause of death, it was Methadone, which had been supplied by a 3rd party, who themselves had obtained it legitimately under prescription. It had nothing to do with drug smuggling or dealing" To be given a drug by a 3rd party, constitutes dealing no matter how you look at it. Methadone is a Heroin substitute, (*** mod edit - keep your own personal subjective views of someone who has passed away out of this!! It is nothing more than a cheap shot! ***)
  10. In answer to the Dogs Against Drugs charity making access to soft drugs harder. The charity was set up after a Heroin user died from an overdose. I believe the aim of the charity is to rid Shetland of all drugs.
  11. I meant to highlight the unhelpfully melodramatic tone of that little outburst from da ness tattie man. I wasn't being melodramatic. I believe that this is a statement of fact. Over the next 12 to 18 mnonths I am sure you will see a big difference in Shetland. If you speak to some of the drug councillors which I have recently done (due to a family member) They are seeing what is happening and not liking it. For evey registered user they think there are two more unregistered. That is almost 1000 heroin user's that have to fund a habit of atleast £20.00 a day. Proof of how bad it is gets continually written on this very forum. Neddish behaviour, Trouble at Ladies Drive, young suicide rates in Shetland, etc, etc
  12. We can all sympathise with hat North has been through. I am not sure if that happend in Shetland or on the Mainland but the reality is it will soon be the norm in Shetland. Although the Police could do more I think they are fighting an up hill battle without the people of Shetland helping them.
  13. Would I be right in thinking that people who want drugs legalised are either taking drugs or living in a dream world, burying their heads in the sand and not looking at the problem. Heroin is going to kill Shetland!
  14. I think the only way to stop Shetland going down hill is to start telling the Authority's what we know and suspect. CRIME STOPPERS 0800 555 111 This service is free and confidential. I am not sure how many of you can remeber the time that a local business person phoned the police when she suspected her daughter to be involved in dealing Ecstasty tablets. I am sure this was a big step in saving her daughters life.
  15. Drugs will become a problem when the money starts to disapear from the Shetland economy. A herion addict on a £40.00 a day habit will use £320.00 a week. This is a lot of money for somebody that can't work to fund his habbit. So where does the user get his money - lose change left in a parked car - selling CD's left in a parked car maybe sneaks into a house left unlocked at night. You think about it and the user will have been there before you. A good example of this the electrical items stolen from a parked car in Market Street last week. That stuff could the user going for a day or two before he goes out stealing again.
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