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  1. I remember being told when I moved back here 8 years ago having got the gardening bug south that there was no point bringing any of the plants from my garden as they would never survive here. I nun the less dug up a piece of just about every plant from my garden & they are all doing fine. If you like it, try it. If you are after easy reliable plants you cant beat hardy geraniums. Hostas are also a lot tougher than people give them credit for. The thick large leaved ones in my garden don’t get nibbled by slugs at all and down south I grew them in bone dry conditions under a yew tree & they were fine. Personally I love Sea Hollies (Eryngium) mixed with Squirrels Tail grass & cornflowers and maybe some blue Aquilegias. They look amazing, prickly though so you dont want them next to paths. I have a new pergola that I am trying some climbing roses on. There isn’t much shelter around it so they haven’t put on a great deal of height yet but the rose ‘Golden Showers’ is doing well & was easy to get hold of mail order & not expensive. Until your rose gets going you could always have sweet peas. Good luck
  2. Ahhh....& its all getting complicated again. Like I said, don’t want to use Wifi to connect to internet at home. Husband has a laptop at home but I can never get near it as he is on it all the time. He isn’t on unlimited & I don’t want to be blamed for him not being able to get online/using up his download. Want something separate which is why I thought a mobile would be the answer. Thought everything they needed would be included in the phone but really I know nothing about it.
  3. Usualy get three or more yes. Will indulge in some retail therapy then & go ahead & order one.
  4. That was actualy the very phone I was looking at & yes one of the points I liked about it was keys, dont like the idea of a touch screen at all. Just would like to know if I will be able to get on line with it in Sandwick.
  5. Thinking about getting a mobile phone to go online with, for facebook really as I am getting nagged to set up a page, but I have no idea what to go for. I don’t think I will be able to use it through Wifi and I don’t know if the internet option on the phone will work without it. Vodafone's website says the internet speed where I am in Sandwick is poor/not available but I am with vodafone at the moment for my txts/calls & they are fine. I also don’t use my current phone that much so would rather have a pay as you go service but how would that work for internet charges? Any advice would be appreciated guys. (*** Mod edit - threads merged ***)
  6. As far as I nunderstand it for it to work efficiently you need to use thermal insulation boards under which ever kit you go for to reflect the heat upwards. Warmup's web site gives estimated running costs, www.warmup.co.uk
  7. Never came across anything here other than keds on sheep till our dog got a large tick last summer. Googled how to get it off & found one guy who said if you rub it anti-clockwise with a cotton bud dipped in chilli sauce they just fall off. Worked a treat. You apparently aren't meant to take them off with tweezers in case you leave the head in and it gets infected or squeeze them so hard they regurgitate which can cause disease in whatever animal they are attached to. That said the shock of chilli sauce might have the same effect.
  8. That's not my experience at all yep its not the case in this house either
  9. The latin name for the Daisy Bush is Olearia. It has leaves like holly but a more silvery green and is absolutely covered in white daisy flowers in summer. Have two in my garden and they are very tough. Berberis (Thunbergii atropurpurea) also does well in my garden, has purple leaves but also truly vicious thorns. Its easily available mail order. I also have Hawthorn which is doing fine. As the previous post said if you want windbreak shrubs with flowers the Hardy Fushia also does well here. Hebe’s & Rhododendrons will grow here but both do better with some shelter. Rosa Rugosa does creep a bit but the flowers smell lovely and I don’t find it too much trouble to pull out where I don’t want it. It is one of the few shrubs or trees that will still grow quite quickly if grown through grass. It is always better if you are starting a new hedge or planting a tree to clear the grass away from the base of the plant. I have two Hawthorns in my garden, planted at the same time & size. The one grown in the lawn is only two foot high and the one with the grass cleared from its base is six to seven foot tall. It really does make a big difference.
  10. Luckily my dog hardly ever barks (sends me to the ceiling when he does let out the odd one) but I did see on a dog training program someone advise not shouting at the dog to be quite just quietly shutting them out of the room with people in & ignoring them. As soon as they quite down let them back in & praise them. If they start barking again then straight out again. It seemed to work for them really quickly.
  11. I just ment in general I dont understand why he or anyone would judge someone by what they do for a living. To some people there are more important things in their lives than what they do for a living. So long as you do it to the best of your ability you should be able to take pride in whatever you do.
  12. aaaa and this brings up the point that someone earlier said they were surprised knowone had yet brought up...road tax. If cyclists are going to have their own track should they or motorists pay for it and its upkeep? Obviously not enough cyclists yet to pay for the costs. Personally I think using the old south road would be a good idea and would be happy for some of my road tax to go towards it. Anyone else?
  13. Degrading jobs? Personally a persons job is the last thing I judge them on.
  14. Education in prison-fine, counciling in prison-fine, right to vote-no.
  15. Road bikes with tyres less than an inch wide made of lightweight aluminium mean you can't mount every verge without buckling the wheel, you would have to stop and lift the bike on to the verge which I imagine I would do when some yahoo who is losing their rag behind me is almost knocking me off the bike. What you're basically proposing is a get the hell out of my way policy a cyclist can easily pull over in a passing place to let you by but be patient until they reach one. If you see a cyclist riding in the middle of the road or more than one abreast report it to the cops, I've been out training in groups that the cops have stopped because of it so it's not like they don't act if a cyclist is riding inappropriately. It's all about common sense and being reasonable if you're driving behind a cyclist who clearly cannot pull safely over to let you by then wait until they can. Would be great if they did but of the half dozen or so I see on the way to and from work there is only one that makes any effort to move off the road to let traffic pass and they do it in town where it isnt even necessary as they are doing roughly the same speed as the cars. Also most of the verges on the way down the south end anyway dont require 'mounting' they are level with the road. I have been tempted a few times....usualy by lunatic car drivers rather than cyclists to report someone to the police for bad driving but its not really in my nature. I usualy just remind my self that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes and that they will learn eventualy (hopefully before they kill themselves or someone else)
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