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  1. What is stopping the SIC from being a "service provider" and giving us all energy at wholesale prices. Why can Viking energy not sell directly to us all !
  2. I don't really blame the government ,but I do seriously think that those opportunists who screwed the system and ultimately all of us who pay tax ,should be held to account. As I said no one had time to get a massive supply of PPE properly organized ,such was the demand and urgency. If i was a member of a government in in a similar situation ,who knows I might have done the same ,but this does not IMHO get the PPE supplier of the hook. If the government had lingered about getting tenders in the middle of this urgency for PPE that would also have been wrong . The "sharks" sa
  3. In normal circumstances I would agree 100% ,but the government did not have time to put this contract out for proper contract tendering, such was the global demand for PPE equipment. Any government would have been in the same predictment. Also lets remember that a lot of PPE equipment has got a use by date so stocking up and holding large amounts in storage was not an option the NHS had. Hopefully lessons learned and UK manufactures now contracted to be able to up production to meet demands as and when required.
  4. I would have thought that somewhere near the Old AHS would be more suitable. We have to remember that to get adequate mobile phone coverage, necessitates the need for radio masts, no masts no signals no phones.
  5. There's still many eyes on what's left of our "oil "money and plenty of government officials who would like to see us spend it on projects, which should be government funded. Who knows possible the PM maybe has ambitions to help us spend this money ,to create some employment and he will partly fund it. Tunnels !! Iceland and Faroe ,have, is it 200mile and 70 mile exclusion fishing boundaries ,this led to the demise of Aberdeen, Hull, and Fleetwood ,the end of the British trawlers, when they could no longer fish in Artic waters the chances of Shetland ever getting our own exclusion
  6. It's only a matter of time before all councils will be struggling even more for funds ,with the country now £2.5 trillion pounds in debt , or something like that, where is the money going to come from to fund all the many" hungry" departments . Something has to sacrificed, no money no honey. Tough times ahead mainly caused by this pandemic.
  7. I have no political allegiance to any party so the Prime Minister is very welcome, but doubt if I will go out of my way to meet him. I would hope he is not led up the "garden path" with the "hot air" from our local town hall political representatives ,while democratically elected do not IMHO present the views of us all. The bright ideas of many of our councillors and political "friends" are not necessarily shared by the wider community. They should remember that. PS. I would recommend a visit to Just Gents while he is here !
  8. IMHO immigration is now beginning to bite into politics in a big way. How different religions view democracy and free speech, is now beginning to have an effect on our politics. We are no longer mainly a Christian nation ,upholding Christian views, but a nation of mixed religion and mixed views that will oppose each other more and more in the future. Because we have this mix of political opinions ,Parliamentarians will be subject to more and more diversity ,creating more and more divisions in our society.
  9. Could be the SNP are trying to use the Westminster refusal for an independence referendum, for political point scoring reasons only and do not really intend to have a ballot on this issue at this point of time. Many SNP supporters will see any refusals, as interference from Westminster and thumbs down to the Tories in Scotland, hopefully giving them more votes . It would seem crazy to have an independent vote at this time when the the world economy is in crisis, and the UK is just getting accustomed to all the new Brexit arrangements, I'm sure the SNP also see it that way but as I sa
  10. Jo Swinson declined to respect that the Liberal party had a number of supporters who were in agreement of Brexit ,which she was very much against, and IMHO this cost her,her place in parliament and the Liberal leadership. Nichola Sturgeon would be well advised to take into account that not everyone who votes SNP necessarily want independence and may as a result vote elsewhere to her and her party cost.
  11. How does an independent Scotland intend to deal with defense, will we have to make an annual payment to what's left of the UK and carry on the same,if not what happens to all the military establishments throughout Scotland including Saxa Vord. Cannot believe that we would not have some form of military security,but it certainly would not be as robust as it is just now as a National entity. Would we charge "England" to rent Saxa Vord and all other sensitive sites, or just kick them out. Will we have our own fishery protection vessel. See nothing but problems looming ahead.
  12. I wouldn't put my trust in the polls,did they not predict a Labour win at the last GE and the Tories won with a big majority. The silent majority out there,who knows which way they will vote, but neither Brexit or Covid will influence me at an independence ballot box, there is many,many other issues to consider.
  13. Probably a foretaste of whats to come when we have to export/import across the English/Scottish border.
  14. Most of the restaurants and hospitality sector are closed or restricted just now,here in the UK and throughout Europe so who is buying our fish and meat .
  15. Nichola Sturgeon would be well advised to take a good look at Jo Swinson's election results and why they turned out the way they did. It's very wrong to assume everyone is thinking the same way as you,as was proved when Jo lost her seat and leadership.
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