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  1. Never mind when we are all electric ,then another problem no noise so we will never know they are there, need eyes in the back of our heads !

    I'm sure the law has the means to control noise pollution, no matter where it comes from. 

    Guess not enough folk complaining. 


  2. I cannot be the only one who is being disturbed by, presumably young enthusiastic motorists,  being restricted in what speed they can do, have now turned their attentions to see how much noise they can make.

    The rescue helicopter, landing /taking off , makes less noise than many of those modified cars. 

    Some of the cars have the ignition advanced /retarded in such a way the vehicles back fire regularly. 

    Modified exhaust systems

    It's illegal to modify the exhaust system to make a vehicle noisier after it has been 'type approved' (checked it meets environmental and safety standards).

    The police can also take action if your vehicle's silencer doesn't work in the way it was designed or if you're driving in a way that creates too much noise.

    So where is the police !!!

  3. 1 hour ago, hakama said:

    Everybody is concerned about Covid but I have just seen on the internet that over 9 million people die from starvation each year. I am sure that we could do something about that considering the amount of money that is spent on bombs and bullets. 

    As long as countries like Russia and China and many others are a risk to our security it is prudent for us to stay well armed.

    Much of the aid sent to those in need is "confiscated" and used to the advantage of those causing the problems and never reaches those to whom it was intended.

    With a debt in the UK of over £2 trillion pounds are we really in a position to help many.

  4. 1 hour ago, Davie P said:

    Depending on who you ask, and it's probably not a hugely useful comparison, but... Westminster (including the Commons, Lords and whatnot) cost £552 million in 17/18. The Scottish Parliament cost £99 million in the same year (source). So Westminster costs about 5.5 times as much as Hollyrood but has a lot more 'legislative throughput'

    Hospitality side seems to be very reasonable -:  https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/bar_and_restaurant_tariffs_and_m

  5. Cronyism is not unique to England it exists all over, even on our own shores and few can be happy with the health service just now due to the massive delays and turmoil caused mainly by this pandemic. 

    Freedom to chose who we like and dislike surely is something we are proud of in the western world, not being forced to accept anything we do not agree with surely is a blessing.

    But that is changing IMHO of course.

    Plenty of folk who have also worked extremely hard, and at risk ,throughout all this and are getting "{'f' it was funny in Father Ted 'eck'}" all, not that I grudge the NHS a pay rise. 

  6. How many £millions does Holyrood cost us annually, and I often wonder if we really need them .

    I can think of very little  I'm getting from Holyrood that I  would not get from Westminster . Friends in England who appear to be quite happy.

    In fact I'm managing just fine and I do not for one minute give that credit to the SNP.

    Guess Holyrood is just a place to create a few well paid jobs at our ,the tax payers expense.

    A bit like £800 rolls of wall paper a bit OTT.

    But society seems to think we require it !!!

    If The English had a vote would the majority vote for Scotland to remain !

  7. 1 hour ago, Capeesh said:

    There’s a small country who found oil at the same time and have extracted around the same amount of oil as us a few hundred miles away.

    Norway now has a trillion dollar sovereign wealth fund, the UK spent the lot.

    Now was that Scotland's fault or was it entirely England.

    I could tell a few tales of our own councils extravagance  and the way they "threw away money" but certainly not on here.


  8. Let us all remember that without the help of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and many other country's besides the North Sea oil would probably still be lying under the North Sea.

    If the expertise required to recover the oil had been left to Scotland I doubt if we would have succeeded so well, but thanks to the efforts and technical abilities of many countries 

    Britain gained from the North Sea oil as did many others.

    This is just one example where it is better to work together as one.

    How many different nationalities were involved in building Sullom Voe.

    The way the financial gains from oil were squandered is another story and many of our own councillors of the time should surely hang their heads in shame. :wacko:

    This is a time when sticking together as one nation and trying to be as "equal" as possible is so important to us all.

  9. Do not believe anything that our prospective politicians are promising, let us remember that this country and the whole world has to recover from the terrible results financially that Covid19 has brought on us all.

    I will bet we will see more austerity throughout the country irrespective  what party is in power,simply because we do not have the resources to fund it. 

    I see big cuts in our "services" looming ahead because we will not be able to raise enough funds to support them.

    The government did well to support furlough,although it did not help everyone,but this money will no doubt have to be recouped and only You and I ,the taxpayers  can do that. 

    Good luck to anyone who in five years time can say they got what they voted for. 

  10. All sounds good until the living standards between all the different nations become disproportional,will we in Scotland put up with paying more tax, say than our neighbours,different levels of health service, or different standards of living.

    Pension rates could be very different for folk in England,Wales and Northern ireland to those in Scotland.

    We will not have a national health service because everything "National" will be no more, we will have a Scottish Health service and look at that track record so far.

    Education will be different ,will it be better . 

    Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

  11. And what about the funding required to keep our NHS, Education,Universities, Colledges Pensions, County Councils, and all the many other benifits and grants.

    Folks investments ,agriculture and all its complexities.

    At the moment many different companys communications, Health, Aviation, merchant Marine, etc etc share training facilities .

    If anyone thought brexit negotiations were complicated wait until the divorce between Scotland and England starts.

    The only folk who will really benifit from all this will be the legal profession.

    "Whar is aw da money coming fae"

  12. The UK is over £2 Trillion pounds in debt,if Scotland were to go independent it would have to take with it a share of this debt .

    Where is our wealth ,the oil industry is gradually being phased out in favour of reducing our demands on fossil fuel and this was an industry that provided a livelyhood for thousands of people.

    Someone remarked that the "green" industry would support all those jobs but I cannot see that able to pay the wages that were available in the oil industry.,or anywhere near the number of jobs.

    Also every litre of fuel oil that is sold has a very high rate of tax ,as the sale of fuel deminishes so will the revenue from that tax.

    The SNP wants to kick Trident out,this will also be a kick in the teeth to many of those employed to maintain it, and how does the SNP intend to provide our military presence that is necessary to keep us all safe.

    Fishing will IMHO become even more important to us as the years go by,but if the SNP rejoin the EU then all our fishing rights will once again go .Now we are out of the EU as time passes we will hopefully gain our waters back to ourselves or at least have more control who can fish them.

    Scotland cannot survive on whisky and wind turbines,and the income from a few tourists, we need the support of our neighbours and they need us together it is best,who wants a border between us .

    And what about the Scottish Pound,will we all be losers as the pound changes to the Euro.

    Think the best we can do is bide together.

  13. 1 hour ago, Evil Inky said:

    You don't think there's any chance that Lord Brownlow, the guy who donated £58,000 to decorate Johnson's flat might be expecting something in return? I mean, it could be that Lord Brownlow is just a very generous man, but if so, why not donate the money to a slightly more deserving cause, say a muscular dystrophy charity?

    Many a good business deal has been done "you scratch my back and I scratch yours"

    Bet here in Shetland it's going on all arround us most of the time ,but if any politician is proved to gain personally from this type of behaviour then let the axe fall.

    When Boris has to move ,and that may be soon lets see what furniture he takes with him and let us see the receipts if necessary. 


  14. Strange how all those "Boris" allegations should suddenly appear when we have an election going on.

    If this is all the Labour and SNP can muster up to try and persuade us to vote for them they are mistaken ,because this is just "tittle tattle" coming from the mouths of disgruntled staff who cannot get there own way and should keep the mouth shut as they are under the official secrets act.

    Boris flat belongs to the government this is not his own property,so if someone wanted to fund the decoration of it ,bigger fools them .

    I'm no Tory supporter but this nonsense makes me lean more towards them,in a time when we have far more important things going on in the world that require attention rather than this nonsense. 


  15. Mr Carmichael where do you shop ?

    Do you like the majority of us try to save a bob or two and do most of it at the supermarkets.

    To late for government intervention now this should have been addressed many ,many years ago. when the country areas had loads of shops up an down the whole UK.

    Only if the manufactures sell goods to everyone at the same or similar price will the small country shops be able to compete, and I do not see that happening anytime soon. 

    Guess we all want a bargain.

  16. 1 hour ago, Colin said:

    All fair comment, but like yourself, I do not want to pay any more than I have to.

    I have noticed that some country shop charge a 'premium' on some items, and it is not unknown to be charged a whole £1 extra for a packet of ciggies.  I don't like price gouging anywhere, and I only get burned (sic) once, preferring to go without until I can get into co-op/tesco.

    Strange really, because the country shop then loses out on the other stuff I might have bought at the time.

    As for 'price marked' goods, there are still plenty about, but at the same time, I know of country shops that refuse to stock them!!!

    The moral is that some country shops need to try and meet their customers halfway instead of treating them as a resource to fund a comfortable living.  If they were to do that, then they might stand a better chance of surviving.


    The truth is our country shops and wholesalers are struggling to compete with supermarket prices and I would bet that any "add ons " in the country shops are probably well justified with extra delivery charges. Why would any shop owner in the face of strong competition charge more than they have to and chase away there customers.

    Just take an assistants wages ,say £300 they would probably have to take in about £1500 to cover that plus all the other overheads ,electic ,heating ,phones ,insurance etc,etc.

    The small local shop is a god send but if it is to remain we will all have to be prepared to pay extra for our errands, because they have to pay extra to get them as well. 

  17. The demise of the country shop has more to do with price than anything else, it is impossible for local businesses to compete with the large supermarket conglomerates who are able to purchase large quantities at reduced prices, consequentially are able to pass it on to us the customer.

    Sandwick area used to have 4 shops ,and Burra also had 4 shops ,Scalloway had several, and if we look at Shetland as a whole most of the small shops are gone.

    Wholesale businesses also cannot buy the quantities required to give them a reasonable profit margin for themselves and for there customers and we the customers are not prepared to pay extra just to keep them in business.

    I have been surprised that many country shops have survived at all 

    I don't want to see anymore shops go out of business as a result of those new proposed coop supermarkets, but I'm not going to lie and say that I'm prepared to pay more for my errands to support local business and I would guess that is much the same for most of us. 

    Maybe we need to go back to the good old days when many items had the price marked on them by the manufacturer, then it was a level playing field in some respects.

  18. 2 hours ago, Davie P said:

    Out of interest, which Christian values do you agree with that you feel are in opposition to the values of other religions? (from my understanding, most religions are based on very similar core values)

    And what is preventing you from voicing your opinion? Is that not what you're doing here?

    No one can voice there true personal points of view nowadays, such is the restrictions regarding almost if not all that one discuss, without being branded ,racist ,homophobic ,selfish ,greedy the list is endless .

    To discuss the morals that I accept from Christianity would certainly open up a can of worms, I'm not going there. 

    The point is many of our freedoms are being taken away ,we really do have to be careful when we "express "ourselves .

    We are all different with our own points of view ,that's what makes life more interesting, but you can only do that in ones own home, or with friends certainly not in public.

    Good old days folk were able to speak freely and have a fun, but not now. 

  19. In Britain we no longer live by Christian values, our churches are empty ,many being sold off, yet other religions are thriving, Mosques are plentiful for instance and as far as I am informed well attended.

    Now I'm never been a regular church goer but many of the Christian values I do agree with, but society is drifting away from those values, to me it would seem to appease groups whose believes and moral standards are unacceptable  to many of us, but society will no longer let us voice our opinion.

    We are all gradually being forced to accept "standards" that in principle we are opposed to.

    This country is now under middle eastern influence, whether we like it or not. 

    That is not being racist or anything else but a real fact IMHO. 

  20. 1 hour ago, Davie P said:

    You haven't answer my question @Urabug, but is it fair to say that you believe anybody should be able to say whatever they want wherever they want to whoever they want unless it is illegal, and then it's up to an individual claimant to take legal action?

    And by extension, do you believe all Have Your Say websites should be completely unmoderated?

    I don't want to have a go at you directly, I'm just wondering if you think there's a middle ground somewhere.

    The very fact that HYS sites are moderated means "free speech" is no longer free.

    If we do not say what the moderators agree with then  it is deleted, guess it's their prerogative.

    I feel that here in Britain we are all be "gagged" and only allowed to say what so called "society" allows us.

    If news channels are also being controlled in what they say, then where lies the truth. 

    Time to crawl back into my den and shut up in case I upset someone.

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