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  1. It is very important IMHO to protect free speech. Surely if someone is spreading malicious information that cannot be substantiated then we all have the law to turn to. The right to express our personal feelings may upset some, but that is a right we in the western world must protect. Any comments on this or any other HYS site, lies purely with that of the correspondent , and surely should not be blamed on those who provide the web site.
  2. Most of us carry a driving licence with much of our personal information, so I personally would have no problem carrying a card to certify that I have been inoculated for Covid 19.
  3. Yes I certainly would, but would I be able to defend myself if I'm not allowed to speak my mind. Maybe we are all to easily offended nowadays, and lack the ability to "shrug our shoulders " and walk away and forget. I'm proud to be a "shelti" and have no objections being called one, but we have to be careful what we call some folk from other parts of the world as that can offend them.
  4. The very fact that anything is being "moderated " surely means free speech is censored. I was brought up to believe "sticks and stones could break my bones but words could never hurt me. Britain and the western world is surely drifting away from free speech ,we are no longer allowed to express our feelings freely.
  5. Tut tut ,hush hush this would probably mean new roads and more environmental destruction, just think of the opposition this would create.
  6. I can see this sorry saga continuing for many years, especially now when official departments are all strapped for cash mainly or partly due to the effect of this pandemic on the economy. There is nothing left at Skaw worth seeing and I doubt if anyone has the finances to preserve it and bring it up to a standard that would encourage many of us to go and visit it. Best that the space station project continues as it is of more benefit to the Unst folk than the old dilapidated war time ruins, although I personally still wonder why we require so many satellites An example of historical protected buildings is https://www.buildingsatrisk.org.uk/details/899918, and this has gone on for years, mainly due to all the red tape in trying to "do it up"
  7. The odd "boom" from a launching satellite IMHO will cause less harm to the bird population than the natural predators that are now protected and attack the birds coming in with feed for the chicks, and raid nests. Otters and birds of prey were shot by crofters years ago to protect lambs and provide an income etc, now that is illegal consequentially the population of those species are growing threating the survival of the likes of Terricks, and Puffins ,but I guess that is nature.
  8. Taking into consideration that the life span of batteries are approx 8yrs,and which are very expensive to replace I wonder if many will want to buy used vehicles that come anywhere near this age consequentially affecting the resale value. Taking this into consideration I wonder if it really does work out cheaper to go electric, might be for those lucky enough to afford a brand new car.
  9. I know folk who have cameras linked to their door bell ,calls the mobile phone when someone calls and well you can see who is at the door ,also works for security as it can be sensor operated as well. Da street cameras were a total waste of money as far as I know, but cameras are everywhere, dashcams ect ect ,no escape. Keep the hat weel doon and da mask weel up.
  10. Well what about the surveillance cameras, they don't lie.
  11. IMHO I think we should get our passports stamped to say we have received the vaccine, this might mean travel company's would deny anyone without the "jag" but I certainly would feel more at ease knowing that those on board a bus/plane or boat had been inoculated even though it is not belt and braces. I'm sure those measures would help the tourist industry, but I'm not going anywhere for a while yet. Those who chose not to have this vaccination should also be prepared to "isolate "themselves so as to protect us all . Every time we use our bank card ,go on the internet or use our mobile phones ,someone somewhere knows where we are so i have no problem with ID cards .
  12. I have no idea what is proposed , but feel it to be unnecessary, then again I might be pleasantly surprised .
  13. So the Council is going to spend some money "upgrading" the Tesco roundabout. As someone who regularly uses this particular roundabout not only driving, but occasionally on foot I fail to see any problems with it and cannot but be concerned about what difference any alterations will make. Surely there are more needful places where this money would be better spent
  14. With mobile radio masts just about everywhere providing 4G and 5G and just about everyone with a mobile phone and most homes with reasonable hi speed broadband nowadays ,the question is how much data do we really need and will we all have jobs, providing of an income to afford it all. Broadband and mobile phones do not come cheap ,can we all afford it. Surveillance tracking each and everyone of us seems to be the way things are going ,my mobile phone does that, as does my computer, guess some of those satellites will be doing the same justified by the claim of course to improve our lives by creating statistics which help us all. What is those new satellites going to provide me with that I cannot already do. ??? The positive side is it is creating work ,how much of it really necessary.
  15. Many of us complain about the cost of the TV licence, but eventually terrestrial TV and radio will be a thing of the past, and we will then be at the mercy of goodness knows who for our TV and radio entertainment . I would think that the total cost of various "providers" will total more than the TV licence annually, for a better service ???? As for communications I always thought that satellite coms was a problem due to the slight delay between send /receive. OK for receive only. And if satellite is going to be preferred to fibre why is so much effort and money being spent on the provision of fibre over copper. I'm still puzzled why we need so many of those objects in orbit, something fishy going on.
  16. It would be fine to see some justification, to the requirements of so many satellites. What their real purpose is and how it will affect us. As far as I can see no one is questioning what all those satellites will be doing, and the necessity for them. Some explanation wold be good ,I'm not against it in anyway but suspicious why we need so many satellites and even more curious to know how it might affect us all. Their not spending all this money, without gaining something ,point is where are they getting that something.
  17. Remember this being discussed when the wheelie bins were introduced, everyone was going to be "miracled" bins were going to blow all over the place, folk would have to walk on the roads to avoid them and get run over, it never happened so possible the same thing regarding cables .Ducts in the pavements?
  18. Wonder if all the new houses that are to be built on the Staney Hill , will each have there individual parking and charging points! Will the pavements throughout the country be full of "trippy lines" soon as folk try to get power to there cars for charging them. Some property's it is a problem to get a parking space so how's one going to get power to the vehicle to charge it . Will not be free for long IMHO, money to be made and I would think the entrepreneurs are getting ready to pounce.
  19. What is stopping the SIC from being a "service provider" and giving us all energy at wholesale prices. Why can Viking energy not sell directly to us all !
  20. I don't really blame the government ,but I do seriously think that those opportunists who screwed the system and ultimately all of us who pay tax ,should be held to account. As I said no one had time to get a massive supply of PPE properly organized ,such was the demand and urgency. If i was a member of a government in in a similar situation ,who knows I might have done the same ,but this does not IMHO get the PPE supplier of the hook. If the government had lingered about getting tenders in the middle of this urgency for PPE that would also have been wrong . The "sharks" saw an opportunity and moved in for the kill, and if any politician can be proved to have benefited from this ,then they should face serious consequences.
  21. In normal circumstances I would agree 100% ,but the government did not have time to put this contract out for proper contract tendering, such was the global demand for PPE equipment. Any government would have been in the same predictment. Also lets remember that a lot of PPE equipment has got a use by date so stocking up and holding large amounts in storage was not an option the NHS had. Hopefully lessons learned and UK manufactures now contracted to be able to up production to meet demands as and when required.
  22. I would have thought that somewhere near the Old AHS would be more suitable. We have to remember that to get adequate mobile phone coverage, necessitates the need for radio masts, no masts no signals no phones.
  23. There's still many eyes on what's left of our "oil "money and plenty of government officials who would like to see us spend it on projects, which should be government funded. Who knows possible the PM maybe has ambitions to help us spend this money ,to create some employment and he will partly fund it. Tunnels !! Iceland and Faroe ,have, is it 200mile and 70 mile exclusion fishing boundaries ,this led to the demise of Aberdeen, Hull, and Fleetwood ,the end of the British trawlers, when they could no longer fish in Artic waters the chances of Shetland ever getting our own exclusion zone, is slim and anyway with modern fishing techniques the amount of folk it would give employment to is probably very few, but still it would be good to have some controls over what should be our own waters. Never get enough folk in Shetland to all agree about anything to make it happen. Might be easier to identify all that is wrong and fix that before looking to go it alone.
  24. It's only a matter of time before all councils will be struggling even more for funds ,with the country now £2.5 trillion pounds in debt , or something like that, where is the money going to come from to fund all the many" hungry" departments . Something has to sacrificed, no money no honey. Tough times ahead mainly caused by this pandemic.
  25. I have no political allegiance to any party so the Prime Minister is very welcome, but doubt if I will go out of my way to meet him. I would hope he is not led up the "garden path" with the "hot air" from our local town hall political representatives ,while democratically elected do not IMHO present the views of us all. The bright ideas of many of our councillors and political "friends" are not necessarily shared by the wider community. They should remember that. PS. I would recommend a visit to Just Gents while he is here !
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