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  1. Well bought a bag of new "ness" tatties Friday at the Coop and sorry to say the taste & quality are terrible. I know what a good "ness" spud tastes like and these ones are rubbish. Guess they want quantity, but it's the quality that really counts!
  2. One should never judge unfinished work but I" doot shus" got all the mascara she's going to get & the next couple of days will be a manicure & some lipstick to make her look like a road!
  3. It's good to see Knab Road open again,but why have they only resurfaced part of the way & not continued up to the top of Gressy Loan. Definitely an improvement but seems a shame the whole road could not have been done while they were at it
  4. Is this council so strapped for cash that they cannot maintain the crossing lights anymore ?
  5. I,m confused http://www.confused.com/car-insurance/articles/parking-on-a-pavement-watch-out-for-new-laws
  6. I was always told that pavements were for pedestrians. Has the highway code changed! Parking on pavements is illegal & if caught by an ambitious Policeman will lead to a fine. I do not want to see everyone who parks occasionally on the pavements fined, only those who do it all the time without any concern for other users .
  7. When is the police going to clamp down on these "pavement parkers" In some parts of the town it is nearly impossible to squeeze past them & it also means pedestrians must take to the road with prams ect,putting themselves at risk of being run over!
  8. Are they not going to use them for charging points for these modern electric cars & buses!
  9. What if England should decide to go for independence if Scotland says NO?
  10. The access to the existing AHS is very limited & it is very sensible to build on a new site rather than cause total chaos at the Knab with contractors trying to bring materials on & off site ,while trying to keep a school operating on a building site at the same time. Never the less it is a pity to see the Caravan/camp site & the emergency landing site,that cost thousands of pounds ,being demolished at Clickamin to make way for the new shoool. If this school had been located at it's original "planned" location at Clickamin then these fantastic facilities could probably have remained. The traffic on Lochside will increase during the building & after when the new school is operational & looking at the plans I'm not sure there is all that much room for the number of buses that will be necessary to get pupils to & from the building twice a day . I would like to see Westerloch Road extended round the loch to Clickamin centre/Lochside,this would provide another route to & from the school on the flat which would be helpful in the winter when there is icey conditions. There is some suggestions that Cunningham Way is going to be upgraded but fail to see what help this will be to anyone driveing to the school. Who wants to drive down the steep Stanyhill Road when its icey! & it would cost more to keep it gritted. I hope the folk who are planning all this are listening to all these solutions & not ignoreing everyone. Broonies Taing was a typical example --when it was being planned seafarers who knew the area advised against ,but the job went ahead ,but was never used for the purpose intended simply because they could not berth ships there easily!
  11. No pain no gain. Think of the extra buisness this is bringing to us creating employment for many that might be unemployed otherwise . So if there is a little bit of bother from time to time,as long as it is not to serious what's the problem . Surely anything to bad will be dealt with by the police and the culprits thrown of the islands. Some folk just have to moan all the time and cannot bear to see anyone else make an extra bob or two. Thinking about taxi drivers ,pubs, restraurants ect.
  12. Urabug

    Road Works

    Cannot see any big changes,considering the road was closed for, what was it-3weeks!
  13. Well Karlos it's probably better to be dazzled than comei face to face with someone with no lights at all. There is many things that influence one's driveing ,nothing worse than the sun in the early morning ,or as it sets at night . Now that can really dazzle
  14. The council allowed 3 caravans on this site many years ago. They were badly damaged in a storm & only one was re-instated which was occupied by a well known person with a drink problem. If I remember correctly things came to a head when a murder was commited on or near this location. Never mind fresh seaweed should be available on the menu very cheap! Looking at the plans,it's no very big !
  15. Karlos--- It is less off a problem if you are driveing a bigger vehicle,as you are normally sitting higher up and looking down on the lights.
  16. Daytime running lights (sometimes referred to as DRLs or daylight running lamps) are low-wattage bulbs that are fitted to a car to improve visibility during daylight hours. As of 7th February 2011* DRLs have become a mandatory fitting to all new type approved passenger vehicles (except trailers). DRLs must switch on with the vehicle ignition and switch off when the vehicle sidelights are switched on. They can also be made to function as front position (side) lights, which operate at a reduced intensity when the vehicle sidelights are switched on. You may have already seen DRLs out on the road - many manufacturers such as Audi have fitted them to new models. They can usually be found just below the car's main headlights, and normally switch on with the vehicle ignition and off when the vehicle sidelights are turned on. Found this article in Halfords website
  17. So we can import /export oil & gas, also telecommunications through many miles of pipes & cabling to & from these islands, but cannot import/export electricity because of extortionate charges on the necessary cable required to do the job. The rest of the world must be laughing at us with all this stupid regulations that only work against everything that we try to do.
  18. And of course you might still catch a virus
  19. So its just a change of use . Think it would have better served the community as a toilet
  20. I see Shetland Telecom applying for planning permission to convert the Grantfield toilets & the Lochside toilets into hubs. Never saw these buildings on the market for sale,but I may have missed it. Always thought that Clickamin Centre should have taken over the Lochside toilets but obviously they do not want them.
  21. When the GBH was opened I'm sure it was the "bee's knees",but we only have to look at our own homes & how they have changed over the years,better insulation,double glased,windows, heating ect. Over the years a lot of money has been spent on the GBH to modernise & improve it. While I do not dispute that changes to modern medical practises probably require better facilities which cannot be fulfilled in the existing building, a new building is required,but 52 years is not that old for a building surely. Will the Clickamin Centre ,Museum ect; all require new buildings at the age of 52? What about all the Council houses!
  22. Shetlander- you are correct we have all benifited in one way or another,but it is unnecessary use of outside consultants,legal fees,& compensation ect; that has probably cost the council most. As to Daveh --the unions have done a good job in getting better working conditions for there members ,but they have to be careful and not go back to the good old days when hey killed the goose that laid the golden egg. If the cost of labour gets to much then employers will find alternative means . We know what happened to the car industry,ship building, merchant navy. coal industry ect.
  23. Shoogler-- It is a very old saying ,but very true. One mans loss is anothers gain. The council has lost millions which I am sure has found it's way to many pockets. The Question is,who has benifited from the councils mis-management ?
  24. So one mans loss is another mans gain---who gained
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