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  1. So a few Wheelie bins blowing about today in the strong wind. Who pays for the damage when they land on our cars,or even worse cause an accident?
  2. Wid she no need a smelter, if der wis ony left.
  3. I when the heat in the kitchen gets to much --leave. Guess most would have stayed,put out the flames cleaned up the mess & started cooking again & would eventually have got a menu to there likeing. What would Maggie Thacher have done faced with the same situation .She certainly would not have walked away! Seems to be the way now a days if you cannot get you own way just get out.
  4. Would anyone be stupid enough to fill in all your credit card details & send off to purchase tickets for the folk festival as detailed on the leaflet that came with the Shetland times today ! Not sure the banks would approve this. Surely useing Paypal or some other more secure means of payment would be better.
  5. So those that have spent all there money will get there care provided free, while anyone who has been prudent & laid a little by for that rainy day wll have to pay. So what we all have to do if we have anything of value ,is spend it now or it will be taken from us , No sure that is fair !
  6. Is there a hill in Shetland where the wind do'es not blow. I have no idea if all this wind turbines will be good or bad , but I do know I like everyone else would not like to be without electricity. My main point is do we need goodness knows how many high "weather masts"simply to tell us what has already been proved at Burradale. I see this as a waste of money, but at least it is keeping a few folk in work.
  7. Well yes you are probably correct,but I doubt if all this data will really influence the positioning if these turbines . It is more likly to be public opinion & opposition. The Burradale turbines seem to find plenty of wind and I would think that up on top of any hill in Shetland would be very similar. Yes it will vary with direction ,but will a few meters one way or the other make all that much differ on top of a hill !
  8. Yes of course the wind is greatly affected by obsticals, but there is not many at the height of these masts, although the wind will be influenced by the ground. Once the 130 or something like that, turbines are in location then that in it self will surely have some affect and will vary depending on the direction of the wind . I’m sure this data is very interesting but not convinced it will really contribute an awful lot to the final plan as they will have to put these turbines on top of the hills anyway. The efficiency will all depend on the wind speed & direction and I doubt if they will find a location up these hills that varies all that much over time.
  9. One thing that puzzles me,is the need for so many anemometer masts. Surely the wind cannot vary that much at these heights ,over an area the size of Shetland. Is this another way of squandering money, it all has to be paid for .
  10. I have BT Vision and think it is great! Had one or two problems ,but swich the box of /on and this has always solved the problem. I use ethernet to link up to the modem. think this is the best way.
  11. As I said earlier it is up to those who operate the fuel pumps to refuse to pay these extortionate prices to there suppliers. If this was any other commodity, milk ,cornflakes ect & the wholesaler raised the price to much , then it would be no thanks , & there would be no milk or cornflakes for sale in that shop . So simple refuse to buy in this expensive fuel & put up a sign --SORRY NO FUEL. When the transport system comes to halt & everyone starts to suffer then the government will have to listen. This would have to be a national thing .to really work .
  12. If all those selling fuel ,joined together & refused to buy in fuel at these prices then when everything came to a standstill surely something would be done.
  13. Its all to do with nature. People who study nature know what is normal & what is not ! The bible is purely opinions of people who lived at that time , but time has changed . Never the less those who live by the bible, usually are decent honest folk.
  14. We live in a country where we are able to express our views freely. It is called free speech,so why should we condemn someone who has a different opinion to what we want to hear. The gay community is definately a dictatorship .they want everything there way or no way ! Man & Women is normal, but same sex couples are not . Should GAYS be treated diffferently, OF COURSE NOT ,but there is a time & place for everything. Somethings are correct & others not .
  15. They should build the school at Clickamin on the original proposed site, leaving the caravan/camp site where it is. This caravan /camp site is well used in the summertime & I think most users would pay a little extra to support this fine facility which is well located. When the houses were built at Norstane,Soldian Court,Voderview & Stanyhill was the rock removal such a problem! What about the houses recently built at Arheim, they soon shifted the rock there. I do hope that the planners & the architects do not place this new building in the wrong place to save a few bob & regret it for ever after.
  16. If this school is built on this site the traffic in the Lochside area will be something else . As has been pointed out to me ,one way to reduce this a little would be to extend the road from Westerloch around the loch to Clickamin & joining up to lochside . If they build the school on or near the campsite ,then I doubt if this will be an option as there will probably be no room for the road . This needs a bit more thought before the final decision is made .
  17. What massive amount of data is required today that was not required many years ago . Could simple "emails" not cope with most of it ? Will this new cable mean that offices require less staff? I think the whole lot is being overrated & far beyond what is really required. Do we get instant results when we "email", sometimes a letter would be far more effective & a lot cheaper than having to buy computers & rent braodband lines & all the rest of the attachments that goes with it. But will agree it nice to have it !
  18. Could this project end up in the same way as the schools, toilets, bus station ect, no longer affordable .! The money spent on this cable would have helped to keep some of these more essential services going.
  19. Do you get lesbian cows & gay bulls ? Don't see many ewes without a "blue" behind !!!
  20. Perhaps a 'Gay rehabilitation' centre could be set up on Papa Stour to 'cure' gay fowk...... No chance Papa Stour is just no big enough to hold them all !!
  21. Marriage is for man & woman. With the idiots we have trying to rule this country now --God help us. Seems we now have a "Gay Mafia" dictating & we must do what they want or face legal action ---human rights ect!
  22. Guess the pony sales will be down this year!!!!!
  23. ArabiaTerra:--If I had my way I would go for another Nuclear power Station. Technolgy has come a long way ahead & many lessons have been learned from the problems with the old installations. There would not be a plane in the air if it were not for the hard work of the accident investigators & now look how safe it is to fly. Wave & tidal energy is the way forward but it needs a bit more time & a lot of finance. The cost of electricty will always increase as long as it is depending on oil & gas. In the not to distant future oil & gas will be a distant memory ,as it get scarce the price will rocket & only the very rich will be able to afford it . This is why we must get a new reliable alternative source now & I do not want to be without power be it ,nuclear,wind or tidal.
  24. ArabiaTerra:-- I was thinking more along the line of tidal & wave.
  25. MuckleJoannie:--- Looks good but I think it will need to be a bit more substantial to stand up to the weather the like of what we may experience in the next couple of days I do see compressed air being used . I would not think that high pressure tanks would be any more danger than say the gas plant at Sullom Voe' Compressed air tanks could be buried say in old disused quarries out of sight & would cause minimal damage if they ruptured. I would think the necessary contraptions required on shore to top up these tanks would be less obtrusive than say 103 wind turbines Allsorts of problems with this methoud ,moisture in the air ect, but I'm sure it could be overcome.
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